A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 14 - The brown bomb brings relief

More and more restlessly the naked girl moved her butt back and forth. Mercilessly, the enema solution gurgled through the tube into her anus, which had been completely virginal until an hour ago. When Ida could no longer suppress a quiet moan after a little more than 12 minutes, she realized that Dr. Koch and Marie were watching her all the time via a camera and thus had to see her increasing suffering. Suddenly a voice mingled with the sound of the gurgling enema solution, obviously coming from an almost invisible loudspeaker on the ceiling: "You're doing great! You're almost there, Ida. In two minutes, the entire crowd will have disappeared into your butt. Just keep standing there, I'll come in and pull out the hose. Then you have to keep the cleansing enema in your bottom for another five minutes". Ida reacted to this announcement with another, somewhat louder moan and began to tipple a bit on the spot. Her face became increasingly contorted and with amazement she observed that her belly continued to bulge. Never before had she felt such enormous pressure in her belly and at the same time she was disgusted by how far the gynecologist had pushed the thick rubber tube inside her. She didn't even like to imagine how many young women had already been in this awkward and humiliating position and had to endure their very first enema. At that moment the gynecologist came in, which immediately brought some relief to the young patient - she turned the dial back and so at least no more fluid flowed into her ass. Dr. Koch announced that she was about to pull the tube slowly out of Ida's buttocks, and that she should under no circumstances push or squeeze.

Whining, Ida replied to the doctor, "Doctor, I don't think I can possibly hold this, I have to go sooooo bad. I can't stand the pressure in my bottom much longer". While the gynecologist slowly pulled on the rubber tube, she replied, "To get even better self awareness of the inside of your butt and bowels, please plug your butt hole now with your index and middle finger. This will go very quickly, just give me your left hand, I'll make sure nothing goes wrong here". Reluctantly and with narrowed eyes, the 18-year-old stretched her left hand back towards her butt. Dr. Koch stretched her index and middle fingers and purposefully brought them up to her sphincter as a package. She didn't have to add extra lubricant, since there was still more than enough in the teenager's bottom. "And take a deep breath," the doctor prompted as she pushed Ida's finger rather rabidly into her anus. In response, the 18-year-old let out a loud scream and rotated her ass once again. At that moment, a previously unimagined emotional explosion of deepest shame and embarrassment spread inside the girl again: She had never had her own finger in her butt before, and now, to make matters worse, she was being coerced into preventing a premature explosion of her filled bowels with her own fingers. Both her fingers had disappeared into her rosette as far as they would go and she didn't dare move them minimally either. Too great was the fear that the enormous broth from inside her would break its way anyway. "Now we'll let that soak in your bowels for a while. I'm going back next door. As soon as the soaking time is over, I'll call you over the loudspeaker and then you can take your fingers out and let everything out here uninhibitedly. You don't need to be ashamed, make yourself really free with your emptying. We observe your emptying behavior on video, we also have microphones in here and so we can then assess whether everything is okay with your emptying in the bowel. This is again very important for your butt checkup," said Dr. Koch before she left the small room. Shocked, the naked girl stood in the middle of the small, tiled room. "Oh man, in a few minutes I'm just going to poop all over the room here because I can't take the pressure anymore. I can't believe it, I just have to shit in a room here and I'm under medical observation," Ida thought.

Nervously and very carefully, she took a small step forward without daring to move her fingers in her bottom even a millimeter. The abdominal cramps were getting stronger and stronger and also the laxative and cleanser didn't seem to miss its effect - at her fingertips she could already feel the liquid counterpressure from her rectum. The feeling of holding back the liquid poop in her butt only by her bare fingers triggered a previously unknown feeling of disgust in the 18-year-old. All that gooey stuff in her teenage ass - just disgusting. In her belly it seemed to gurgle and rumble properly. Almost like a volcano about to erupt. In this case, probably more before a brown explosion. Minute by minute, the 18-year-old whimpered and moaned more. Out of pain from the abdominal cramps, tears were now also streaming down her cheeks...when is redemption finally coming?! She screamed, "Auaaaaa! I can't take it anymore! The pressure is too much!". Slowly, the teen seemed to panic as she squirmed her abdomen harder and harder. Another 30 seconds passed when finally the redeeming signal sounded from the loudspeaker, "You did it, Ida. You may now pull out your fingers and empty yourself."

In a flash, the 18-year-old pulled her two fingers out of her anus. Within a fraction of a second, a brown jet shot out of her butt hole, which now completely gave in to the force of the bubbling liquid. A loud, splashing sound spread through this small room, whose tiles were getting brown splashes all around. Ida reflexively bent her knees slightly and held her butt pretty much over the drain hole in the floor in the center of the room. Several more brown gushes of the enema solution followed before Ida's anus, neatly stretched by the discharge, then slowly closed again after some farting. Dismayed, the high school graduate carefully looked around the tiled room - almost the entire floor and even some parts of the tiled wall had gotten something from her emptying. Even though she was extremely ashamed, she was relieved to finally be rid of the great pressure in her bowels. Shortly afterwards, Dr. Koch and Marie entered the room, who praised Ida for her bravery and also ascertained that everything was fine with her evacuation: "Your intestine was able to absorb the amount well and so the upper intestinal regions were also thoroughly cleaned. We couldn't find anything unusual in your emptying. Your anus will close again in a moment". Only now did Ida notice that a considerable amount of the brown enema had also run down her legs from her anus to her plastic feet. "That's not bad, Marie will clean you up briefly with a shower hose down below and then you may put your examination shirt back on before we continue," the gynecologist said. Without any significant reaction, the 18-year-old had her butt and legs rinsed with warm water by the physician's assistant. She then handed Ida her examination shirt again, and she was also allowed to exchange her plastic booties for new ones. Ida could hardly imagine what was to come next. In her opinion, the gynecologist now knew the inside of her ass inside out. Marie, meanwhile, accompanied the 18-year-old across the hall to the examination room opposite.

"You're almost there, the butt checkup is almost complete. The doctor just wants to do a machine exam with your clean bowels now." At that moment Marie opened the door. In the room there was only a normal examination couch in the middle. On it lay elongated white rod with a club-like thickening at the front of it, which was obviously also intended for Ida's buttocks. "This is a rectal ultrasound wand. We're going to use it to examine your bowel again in a clean state and see if we can find anything abnormal on the ultrasound. We'll do this examination again in the dog position on all fours. It's probably better if you don't see us inserting the wand into your butt. But you can watch it live on the screen. You can climb up on the couch, Dr. Koch will be right there," Marie opened the (hopefully) final inspection of Ida's butt.