A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 13 - The enema begins

Reluctantly, the naked girl bent forward while the doctor's assistant again pulled apart her plump ass cheeks with a certain rigor and approached Ida's anus again with a good portion of lubricant on her finger. Almost routinely, the 18-year-old let the intruder pass through her sphincter - her anus was again thoroughly prepared with lubricant both inside and out. While Ida was still standing in the little room with her upper body bent far down, she knew that the moment of her first enema was getting closer and closer. The thought of the thick, red tube that was about to disappear into her bottom visibly frightened her, even though she had already had quite different things stuck back there during the day. But so far her rectum had not been pumped full of liquid. The high school graduate was torn from her thoughts of the upcoming procedure by Dr. Koch entering the small room. "Ah, I see your pops has been prepared for Marie's enema again in exemplary fashion. You don't need to be afraid of the enema, other schoolmates before you have already survived it. And afterwards everything comes out again in this room anyway, as Marie has already explained to you. So that nothing gets dirty, you are now completely naked.

But the room has a pleasant temperature, so you won't freeze," the gynecologist explained, while she took the red tube from its holder on the wall. A slightly thicker attachment was attached to the front end of the hose, and the back end disappeared into the wall next to the knobs. The gynecologist carefully turned one of the knobs so that a little of the slippery enema liquid emerged from the hose, which she let run onto her gloved hand and then pointed demonstratively in the direction of the naked Ida: "You see, the enema mass that is about to go into your bottom is not completely liquid. The cleansing enema is a bit more viscous and gel-like, because it is a mixture of soap, water and a special laxative for young female patients. You will now receive 1.25 liters of this in your bottom, so that the upper bowel regions are also thoroughly cleaned for our upcoming examinations. Please stand with your legs wide apart, your buttocks stretched out towards me, face the wall and hold on to the bars on the wall with your hands. Do you have any questions?". The frightened patient quickly complied with the doctor's instructions and clutched the handholds that were on the wall directly in front of her face. Despite the warmth of the room, Ida was again overcome with goosebumps of shame all over her body, her feet, sweaty in their plastic slippers, nervously sliding back and forth. "Well, um, I don't have any more questions. But please be careful, I've never had an enema before and please don't put too much in my bottom," Ida replied. Dr. Koch only assured her that the amount of enema was appropriate for her body and for her age and that she would be able to endure it.

"Take one deep breath, I'm going to push the enema tube into your butt. Don't be alarmed, the first piece is a little thicker and may pull a little for a moment," the gynecologist explained as she applied the thick piece to the 18-year-old's butt hole and jerked it over the hurdle of her sphincter. "Pfffff" - right at that moment Ida farting out of excitement from the long penetration into the tube, which the doctor left uncommented though. As expected, Ida reacted to the further invasion of the long tube with some wiggling of her butt and a short squeak - nevertheless, the doctor pushed the red tube rather briskly further into the inside of Ida's bowel - much further than the anal speculum or a finger could have reached before. With amazement, the naked girl thought at that moment of how many inches of tube her virgin ass had inevitably absorbed in those seconds. While the tube was inserted, a soft smacking sound was perceptible in the small room, produced by the many lubricants around the rubber tube. Stoically, she gazed against the tiled wall and held on to the brackets, which gave her at least a minimum of stability in this humiliating situation.

Shortly thereafter, she realized that Dr. Koch had probably inserted the hose far enough and let it off again from her buttocks, between which the red rubber now protruded. She now apparently set the flow rate on the rotary controls. "So Ida, now I can leave you alone for a moment, I have adjusted everything and in the next 15 minutes the enema will now flow nice and slowly into your bowels. Don't worry, it's quite normal if the pressure inside continuously increases and the whole thing becomes a bit uncomfortable. Your belly will also bulge a bit, but that's not bad either. Try to relax a bit and think of something nice. Marie and I will be waiting in the next room, but don't worry, we will have you in view at all times via the video camera and if anything happens, you can make yourself heard by calling out. But remember: stay calm and don't panic. And don't pull the hose out of your butt on your own, because then we'll have to start all over again. We have already had a few cases of patients doing this...in this case we would have to restrain you and then force the enema into your buttocks, which would be much more unpleasant for you. Either way, you won't get around the 1.25 liters. But I think we can manage that without any major complications," Dr. Koch concluded. Before leaving her young patient alone with her enema, she assured Ida that she would be back in fifteen minutes to remove the tube from her bottom. Then Ida would have to hold the liquid for a while before being allowed to empty herself in the little room. The gynecologist thus left the room, leaving the 18-year-old all alone with her ass sticking out and facing the wall. With great concern, Ida noticed how the pressure in her bottom was increasing by the minute - the viscous mass was mercilessly making its way into her ass, which did not yet know how to deal with this completely new, previously unknown feeling. Quite clearly she heard a gurgling starting from her belly, which became louder and louder as the amount of enema increased. There seemed to be a lot of rumbling in her intestines.

Nervously, she moved her bottom ever so slightly, her hands began to sweat on the holders - not to mention her feet in the plastic booties. Time just didn't seem to want to pass, an endless enema that made her slender belly swell a bit. "Ida, you have to pull yourself together now and hang on," her inner voice said. The consequences would be too incalculable if she pulled the tube out of her butt before the allotted time was up, because she simply couldn't take it anymore. The consequences of this would probably be far worse, because "fixing" and administering with "force" sounds less tingly to an 18-year-old who already has to endure an intensive butt examination lasting over an hour. The last 5 minutes will be decisive, while the first cramps are getting stronger and stronger. And then, after all, she has to hold the enema for a few minutes before she is allowed to empty herself...