A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 15 - The rectal ultrasound

The huge ultrasound probe lay on the examination couch, right next to it a monitor. Ida sobbed. So the last station had come - now her poor bottom was to be examined with such a huge ultrasound wand. This part was much bigger than the vaginal ultrasound wand that the 18-year-old already knew from her previous examinations in the gynecologist's chair. Why did her buttocks in particular need to be examined so thoroughly and accurately? The gynecologist hadn't found anything abnormal in her butt yet, and yet the unpleasant examinations almost seemed to increase. And why on earth is it necessary to insert a larger and thicker rod into her clearly narrower butt hole than into her vagina? The high school graduate could not find an answer to all these questions. She just wanted the last part of her rectal examination to end as soon as possible. "Climb on the couch one last time and stick your ass out, you'll be fine, Ida," said the 18-year-old's inner voice. As Dr. Koch re-entered the room, Ida again assumed the humiliating position on all fours - her bottom stretched toward the foot end of the examination couch. "So my dear, the final part of your comprehensive butt examination is now upon us, you're almost through it. I admit that this ultrasound probe here is actually not that well suited for your age and stature. The wand here is actually too big for your anus. However, we have no other choice...our smaller rectal ultrasound wand that we use for our 18 year old patients here has not been working properly since the last exam. Here, we had foolishly not cleaned a young girl thoroughly with an enema and so there was then way too much feces hanging from the ultrasound wand. That was Lisa, I think you know her, because she had mentioned that you are good friends and both come to my practice."

Hearing this, Ida almost froze to stone in her awkward position. So her best friend Lisa had recently endured the same humiliating butt examination. They thus shared a quiet secret: they both knew that they both went to Dr. Koch's office for their gynecological exams. And they both knew that after their 18th birthdays, they would be due for their rectal exams. So both of them knew at the same time in all details what exactly Dr. Koch had done to each other's teen asses. The only difference so far was apparently that Lisa (for whatever reason) didn't get as thorough an enema as Ida and as a result had then "broken" the rectal ultrasound probe with her poop. So indirectly, Lisa was now to blame for Ida having to be examined with the too-large rectal ultrasound probe. "Ida, unfortunately we can't spare you the fact that it hurts again now. Since Marie is supposed to be learning during the exams, she's going to do the ultrasound exam on you now and insert the probe into your butt right away. She will put a lot of lubricant on it again. Please try to keep your anus very loose and not to tense up. You can also push slightly so that your butt hole opens up a little. The front part of the probe is like a little club and therefore a bit thicker," the gynecologist prepared her patient for her final butt examination. Ida lowered her head a little more and put her knees a little further apart.

When she felt the slippery examination instrument against her butt hole, goose bumps once again covered her whole body, which was now fortunately covered by the examination shirt again. She really tried to relax her asshole, but the brutal penetration then came without any warning: With merciless force, Marie pushed the thick rod completely into the 18-year-old patient's butt with one jerk. Without regard for Ida's sensitivities, the doctor's assistant didn't even give the high school graduate's rectum the chance to get used to the huge intruder bit by bit. There was really no question of slow and careful insertion during your procedure.

Ida was left breathless at the moment of the rough insertion. The first shock was followed by a strong burning sensation and a tremendous pain in her butt. Her anus became warm, pulsating around the foreign body and her body inwardly resisted the butt ultrasound with all its might. In the face of the insane pain, the 18-year-old began to finally hate Marie for it. Ida screamed like a banshee in the face of the fiery stake in her ass, twisting her butt agonizingly from side to side and crying bitterly. In her lower abdomen by the whole pain now some rotation had come in, what Marie did not see gladly and Ida annoyed with the flat hand with proper force on the left buttock hit: "Now hold still, girl! I can't do anything about the fact that we have to stick this huge thing up your butt.

But we still have to do the examination now. I can't very well forbid you to cry and scream, but you'll have to stop wriggling, because we don't want to have to fix you here. Dr. Koch only watched the spectacle from the side, but then said: "Now Marie has already rammed the probe completely into your bottom, the worst is over. She is trying to hurry up with the examination, we can already see most of it on the monitor. But since you have enough to do with yourself now, I'll spare you further explanations." Ida sobbed and cried continuously, while the doctor's assistant continued to work on her rectally with the ultrasound wand and rotated the probe in her rectum. The 18-year-old only felt the pulsation of her overstrained sphincter and the almost unbearable burning sensation that spread through her buttocks. To make matters worse, the thick rod was now beginning to vibrate in Ida's bottom.

"In order to get accurate ultrasound images from your rectum, I need to turn on the vibration function for a moment. I know the feeling is very strange, but is also all over in a moment," Marie said. In fact, three more minutes passed, excruciating and painful for the teenager, during which the monster wand vibrated in her ass and caused her burning pain. With relief, she noticed how the vibration was turned off again and Marie pulled the ultrasound probe out of Ida's ass much more carefully and slowly this time. Powerless and still wailing and sobbing, the 18-year-old slumped on the examination couch. The horror of her thorough, albeit very humiliating, butt examination was finally over after a little over an hour. Faced with her aching ass, however, the teenager had little to look forward to - the feeling of shame, embarrassment, humiliation and pain that had permeated all components of her multi-stage rectal exam still prevailed too much.

"There were no abnormalities on the rectal ultrasound either. There is nothing wrong with your buttocks and rectum. And you've been a very brave girl despite the discomfort in the last hour. Marie has already put your clothes back in the room. You may get dressed again. I'll quickly finish the documents for your rectal examination certificate and the examination report. Sit in the waiting room for another ten minutes, then I'll call you in for a very brief final consultation and give you your documents. I will also give you a soothing suppository for your irritated bottom, which you can insert yourself at home this evening," Dr. Koch concludes.


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