A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 11 - The manual emptying

So there was an eerie silence in the examination room while the 18-year-old was asked by her gynecologist to stand up. Ida saw Marie place the brown anal speculum in a bowl and Dr. Koch simultaneously provide a large tube of lubricant. "Ida, now please turn around once obediently and bend over the couch nice and wide like before and stick out your bottom for me," the gynecologist instructed her patient who was trembling with excitement. In the next few minutes, the pretty high school graduate was to have her poop manually removed from her perfectly formed buttocks. Wordlessly, the naked girl bent forward, her belly including bra again touching the cold leather of the examination couch and her face staring towards the wall. "Don't worry, we'll do this very carefully and I won't push my whole hand into your anus at once, but we'll do it bit by bit. Marie will you please come over here and help me pull Ida's butt cheeks apart? Then I can concentrate fully on emptying you," Dr. Koch explained. Ida would have liked to sink into the ground with shame when she felt the touch of the rubber gloves on her buttocks, which otherwise covered her little butt hole so well. And again, that eerie feeling of the cool air of the exam room rushing past her so intimate and vulnerable spot.

"Please spread your legs a little further apart and tilt your pelvis a little more and stretch your butt out towards me," the gynecologist kindly ordered. In the meantime, she had also put on the typical yellow examination gloves that she usually wears during gynecological examinations. And already the 18-year-old felt something cold and slippery at her rear end again - a feeling that had been so surreal until a few hours ago, but which is now becoming reality for the umpteenth time: "Don't be alarmed, Ida, I'm about to insert two fingers into your bottom, your anus is already well pre-stretched. Marie will spread your buttocks wide open in the meantime, the important thing is that you don't cramp up". Before Ida could think much about it, the two fingers parted her sphincter again and thanks to the lubricant they slipped through her narrow tunnel into her rectum. Restless, the young girl moved her abdomen again and also her upper body could not keep still because of this strange and humiliating feeling. A sound, half moan and half scream of terror escaped Ida, who, dressed only in bra and socks, felt stuffed by the examining fingers of the doctor. At the same time, deep inside her, she felt Dr. Koch's index and middle fingers making their way through her fecal masses. For about a minute, the fingers slid back and forth inside Ida's anus before the doctor announced the addition of another finger. "As I said earlier, I need to insert at least four fingers, if not my entire hand, into your bottom to manually clean you out. Now I'll put the ring finger in as well and try to pre-clean some feces already, just stay relaxed," Dr. Koch explained. And the third finger elicited another sharp cry from the 18-year-old and a noticeable wriggling of her buttocks, which the receptionist, who was energetically holding her buttocks, nevertheless had well under control.

The young patient could feel the doctor digging in her rectum...in her poop, which she herself would have liked to get out under her own power while still in the bathroom. "Oh, I'm making better progress than I thought and can already grasp some things with three fingers. I'm going to try right now to get something outside in the first go. Just stay like that and take a deep breath, I'm about to get the first load out," Dr. Koch announced. Meanwhile, the pretty high school graduate's face, gazing down at the leather of the examination couch, had turned fiery red one time or another. Ida, unable to say anything in this incredibly embarrassing situation, felt the doctor's fingers slowly withdrawing from her ass again... "Oh man, that just feels like pooping," Ida thought at that moment, as she forced herself to keep standing there without much wriggling. And indeed, with her three fingers, the gynecologist was already able to bring the first mass of feces from Ida's butt to light, while the high school graduate had to be careful again to pinch her anus together again in time before a fart or even something solid left her butt unplanned. Marie continued to keep her butt cheeks spread wide while Dr. Koch smeared the poop that had come out onto the cellulose towels that had been provided.

Ida could now not only see the contents from her rectum with a sideways movement of her head, but also smell them. "That already worked well, so we'll continue right away, but now with four fingers, so I have an even bigger scoop for your rectum. And there's another portion of lubricant," said the doctor, who generously smeared Ida's cleft and also her four fingers with the slimy substance. Ida couldn't react that quickly and already her index and middle fingers were stuck in her bottom again, followed only a few seconds later by the gynecologist's ring finger and little finger. Despite the speculum stretching earlier, the stretching by four fingers again seemed to be the maximum for the young patient's small butt hole - startled by the sudden insertion, Ida moved her back up a bit and wanted to stand up. However, Dr. Koch pushed her patient back down with her free hand, so Ida was quickly returned to the "bend over the couch and stick your butt out" position.

A stretch of four fingers clasped by her pulsating sphincter muscle was now endured by the young woman's bottom. Her entire anal area had by now become quite wet and slippery from the lubricant generously applied by the doctor. When moving the four fingers in Ida's butt, the rubber gloves sometimes emitted a smacking sound, which was relatively loud in the silence of the gynecologist's examination room. Meanwhile, with four fingers digging into the teenager's pops, Dr. Koch had good news for her patient: "I can manage well with the four fingers in your rectum and can grip and push the feces well. That's why it looks like I won't have to insert my whole hand, including my wrist, into your tight anus." Little relieved by this news, Ida merely acknowledged this circumstance in her predicament with a quiet "Mhhhh".

After Dr. Koch had once again vigorously rooted around in Ida's bottom, she used her examination glove covered in brownish poop to deliver another portion of poop out through the teenager's sphincter. The moment the gynecologist pulled her fingers, stuck far up her bowels, out of Ida, the 18-year-old couldn't help but get goosebumps all over her body in addition to another rotation with her butt. Every square millimeter of her young, almost completely naked body felt ashamed and inwardly resisted this procedure. Dr. Koch, meanwhile, smeared the next load of feces on the pulp laid out on the couch. Ida also noticed that her belly, which was bent over the couch, seemed to stick to the leather of the examination couch. But there was no way she was going to get up again until the doctor gave her clear permission to do so. "How many times do you have to go in my butt and get something out?" the 18-year-old asked shyly. Dr. Koch replied that she was making good progress but would certainly need two more "digs." Resigned, Ida once again dropped her head on the couch - her long brunette hair by now mostly fell into her glowing face, but it didn't matter anyway given the situation.

And so the game continued, with Dr. Koch inserting her well-lubricated fingers into Ida's ass for the third time, while Marie continued to access Ida's filthy portal. The massive foreign object inside Ida made her experience for the first time in her life the feeling that she had just surrendered control of her body to a stranger. So the third "digging" also unearthed some feces from the virgin bottom, which made the pile on the couch grow bigger and bigger. The pain of stretching didn't get any less each time, even though Ida had long since given up trying to fight it and just let it happen.

Only a short time later, when Dr. Koch applied her fingers to Ida's anal entrance for the fourth time and had already pushed a few centimeters through her anus, the door of the examination room suddenly opened. What a unique image for the surprisingly entering observer: A pretty 18-year-old stands bent sheepishly over the exam table with her buttocks stretched out wide, in that except for her thumb the whole hand of the gynecologist has disappeared, rummaging in her dirty insides and bringing poop out. And right next to it, a not inconsiderable mass of poop that has already been freed from the patient's rectum.

Now who stepped in the door so suddenly and unexpectedly? ;-)