A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 10 - The anal speculum provides deep insights in the virgin bottom

Now the 18-year-old patient was kneeling on the lightly rustling paper of the examination couch with an anal speculum in her rear body opening, which held her virgin buttocks wide open. For Ida, several sensations she had never known before mingled during this humiliating procedure. On the one hand, her bowels still felt terribly full, but on the other hand, she noticed cool air entering her anus from the outside and thus reaching her poop located in her rectum. At that moment, she noticed Marie turning on the adjacent monitor. Intuitively, Ida turned her head to the left to look at the monitor. But at the same moment, the 18-year-old was not at all sure that she wanted to watch the upcoming "demonstration" so closely.

Meanwhile, Dr. Koch had paused a few centimeters in front of Ida's stretched sphincter with the examination rod with integrated camera and lamp attached to the cable and said, "Now you can see what this looks like from the outside. With our well-equipped technology here, you have the unique opportunity to take a look inside your butt yourself during the exam." Indeed, at that moment the high school graduate saw her wide-open buttocks on the monitor - between her plump buttocks the speculum protruded like a monstrous monster made of metal. Clinging to it was her rosette, which seemed to be spread to the maximum. The light beams of the examination rod made it possible for Ida to catch a glimpse of her bowels even in this position. As the gynecologist continued to steer the camera wand toward her buttocks, the 18-year-old recognized how the metal blades of the speculum nestled against her bowel wall. Dr. Koch directed the integrated light of the camera rod a little more favorably, so that Ida could now see her wide-open butt hole on the monitor as a portal to her dirty interior: "Here you can now clearly see what insights such an anal speculum offers me into your intestine. I can now look at your entire anus from the inside and of course also a rectum. Of course, this allows me to draw conclusions as to whether your digestion is intact or not. Have you had any problems lately when you go to the toilet, i.e. constipation, diarrhea or other problems, or is everything working normally back there?"

"Oh man, now I have to answer questions while the doctor looks up my ass, it could hardly be worse," thought the young patient as she tried to stretch her buttocks, which were aching from stretching, a little higher again, as requested by Dr. Koch. "With my bowel movements, everything works out normally...so...um, I go to the bathroom once a day in a big way and I don't have to squeeze much either, I think everything is fine there," Ida replied anxiously as she watched on the screen as the gynecologist pushed the wand further inside her bottom. For the high school graduate, it was inconceivable to see how her pink intestinal walls became more and more visible and the rod had apparently already disappeared several centimeters behind her butt hole. But all the more shameful for the young girl was the fact that the light beams also revealed more and more poop in her rectum. Resigned, she briefly lowered her head onto the paper of the examination couch when she noticed the smell of poop in her nose.

The smell she was familiar with from her bowel movements mixed oddly with the characteristic odor of a medical exam room. It just didn't fit - A very intimate smell that only she got under her nose on the toilet, she now smelled here also with her ass stretched far upwards at her gynecologist, who however didn't seem to mind: "It's not bad at all if it smells a bit Ida, I'm quite insensitive there. Believe me, I have already looked into many girls' bottoms here and it is quite natural that a certain scent comes out. As you can see, I insert the rod with the lamp further and further through the speculum into your butt and you thus also see with your own eyes how full you are in the back. Everything looks normal, the consistency of your stool is okay, not too hard and not too soft, it's just a lot. So you see what it looks like at the end of your bowel when it's all processed and the body is ready to expel the feces through your anus again. I'm going to put it a little further into your rectum, then we'll see exactly where the feces is located in the back of your intestine.

The anxious patient only answered quietly with a "Mhhhh" when she saw on the monitor how the camera wand slid further into her buttocks along the seemingly endless metal speculum. The 18-year-old was shocked to realize how deeply the doctor had pushed the examination instrument into her small buttocks. Deep in her butt, Ida also recognized remnants of the lubricant with the help of which the metallic monster made its way into her innermost being against her will. At that moment Ida thought she could hear a soft gurgling coming from her open butt... "she's just looking at my ass like it's the most normal thing in the world and now she's seeing all my poop", the girl thought. Meanwhile, she regretted so much that she had not started this painful examination with empty bowels. The examination wouldn't be more pleasant with an empty butt, but at least it wouldn't smell so bad and the doctor wouldn't see all the poop in her butt.

Again and again, Ida let out a short cry of pain like "Ouch" and she nervously slid around on the couch with her knees from time to time, which became noticeable with a rustling of the paper. In the meantime, Dr. Koch had invited Marie a little closer so that she too could take a close look at her spread teenie butt. Dr. Koch couldn't get much further than that with the examining wand, and even the monitor showed almost nothing but brown stuck in Ida's bowels. "A prime example of a filled rectum in a young and healthy girl. Your bowels seem to be working flawlessly, the feces look good in both color and consistency. But now let's briefly talk about your eating habits again. From your bowel movements you can draw conclusions about your diet. What did you eat for breakfast today, for example?" asked Dr. Koch curiously as she advanced the camera to the end of the speculum in Ida's rectum. Embarrassed, the 18-year-old replied, "Well, like every morning, I ate cereal with milk. But what does that have to do with my butt now, can't they finally take that thing out, it really hurts!", Ida said in a whining voice.

The gynecologist calmly explained to her that eating habits have certain effects on the consistency of bowel movements: "Look closely at the monitor, now you can clearly see the grains of your cereal in your feces. Your intestines can't digest it completely, so it comes right back out with it. You can also see how the peristalsis in your intestine works and pushes your feces further and further into the rectum. So it's high time we did something about it and cleaned your bottom thoroughly. Ida actually saw the remains of the grains on the monitor. In the midst of the brown balls of excrement, lighter particles could be seen. At these words, many question marks shot through Ida's head again, what was "thoroughly clean up" supposed to mean again? Ida hoped that the matter of her full bottom would now finally be settled when the doctor finally let her go to the bathroom to poop. Impatiently, Ida asked, "So now I can finally go to the bathroom in a big way and empty myself?". While Dr. Koch slowly pulled the examination camera including the light out of Ida's full bottom again, the gynecologist said, "Well Ida, I'm afraid I have to tell you that unfortunately we won't be able to avoid a thorough enema. For the further rectal examinations we will have to clean your bottom thoroughly from the inside. However, you have just enough feces in your butt that an enema without further pretreatment would not be very effective with this really normal consistency. It's more likely to help with constipation, when the fecal masses need to be loosened first. Marie, you were able to gain some experience during this examination, what would you suggest how we should proceed with Ida's full bottom?“

The doctor's assistant looked again with interest into the still open buttocks of the 18-year-old and inserted her gloved finger through the anal speculum into Ida's buttocks. For Ida, she noticeably stroked a spot on her intestinal wall and thus took out a little bit of poop on her index finger. Meanwhile, Ida's head was spinning again after the doctor's announcement about the enema: She was also supposed to have a liquid pumped into her poor buttocks in order to empty her bowels. She had never had any contact with an enema and couldn't imagine how something like that should feel...a long tube with water or whatever running into her full butt. Marie, meanwhile, had seemingly completed her brief reflection period and announced her recommendation to Ida: "Since the feces in your butt is neither too hard nor too soft, and it's still quite a large amount, I would recommend that Dr. Koch perform a manual evacuation on you. Your butt hole is now well pre-stretched by the anal speculum and so it would be no problem for the doctor to carefully insert her hand into your butt and then get your stool out with a few pulls. Don't worry, Dr. Koch is not doing this for the first time - on the contrary, if such conditions as with your bottom are present, it is even often the case that the rectum is emptied manually during the rectal examination of young girls. It's a little uncomfortable to have someone digging around in there with their hand and then pulling out a lot of brown stuff, but emptying is simply most effective this way and it's relatively quick."

Dr. Koch nodded appreciatively and agreed with her receptionist, "Very good, Marie! I see you are learning quickly. That's exactly how we do it. I'll first get most of the feces out of Ida's buttocks manually, which will certainly be a somewhat unfamiliar, albeit necessary, experience for our patient. After the manual evacuation, we'll still do an enema to make everything nice and clean." Shocked by these remarks, the 18-year-old started to get up from the couch (still with the anal speculum stuck in her butt), "That...well, no! I won't let you do that to me, I can go to the bathroom, but I won't let you take the poop out of my ass with your hand," the high school graduate protested loudly. But Marie quickly pushed the patient back down so that she rested her hands on the couch and admonished her: "Now now now, stay calm. It has gone well so far and we have announced that we will have to examine your bottom thoroughly today and that is part of it. For many girls, their very first rectal exam is a remarkable experience that, like their first vaginal exam in the gynecologist's chair, will be remembered for a long time, but in the end it's all for your health. Please stay on all fours for a short while, the doctor wants to pull the anal speculum out of your buttocks again".

With tears in her eyes, the 18-year-old forced herself to continue in the humiliating knee-elbow position. Dr. Koch instructed her to keep her butt hole nice and loose, not to tense up, and to push along lightly while the examination instrument slid back out of her young bottom. Centimeter by centimeter, it made its way out - Ida meanwhile had the feeling, as she had during the digital palpation examination, that she would poop on the doctor's couch. "Pffffffff," as the last bit of metal left Ida's battered butthole again, some air escaped with it as well, making itself known in a stern-smelling fart. Almost a piece of poop also got outside onto the examination couch, if Ida had not reflexively pinched her sphincter shut at the last moment. After this tension Ida literally collapsed on the couch from tension, so that she lay naked as she was with bra and socks sideways on the examination couch. At the same time she looked at the doctor who was wrapping the completely brown anal speculum with some paper. "You see Ida, there is quite a bit of feces stuck to the anal speculum, just as there was on my finger earlier. Now it's high time that we clean you up in the back. Don't worry, I often do this manually, especially with young girls who haven't been to the toilet before their first rectal examination. You will then bend over the couch and I will take out the stool with my hand," the doctor said calmly.

Ida felt nothing more than her aching anus at that moment, which had apparently lost some of its original tightness and virginity, at least temporarily, in light of the hearty stretching. Her butt hole pulsated and the 18-year-old felt some lubrication ooze out. But Ida was given only a brief respite, as Dr. Koch was already donning new gloves, heralding the manual evacuation of the teen's bottom. Marie, meanwhile, had laid out some medical wipes and a small bowl. But Ida's fear that not only two fingers or a metal tube, but a whole hand was about to disappear in her poop-filled butt, grew from second to second.