A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 12 - The change to the enema room

Startled, Ida turned her fiery red head towards the door. This just couldn't be true, Ida thought...now another person is witnessing this degrading procedure - looking directly at Ida's dilated butt hole, from which poop is being taken by Dr. Koch's hand. "Oh, I'm sorry to bother you now. I just wanted to see how long you're going to be, because I've already got another patient in the next room who needs me to take her temperature. There is no other room available right now," said the woman in the doorway. It was the nice receptionist, in whose direction the 18-year-old stretched her bottom.

While Dr. Koch answered, she continued to dig into Ida's rectum, preparing another load of feces for manual removal from the teenager's ass: "Oh, it's you Nadine. No problem, we'll be done with manual evacuation of Ida in a minute. You can see what we've been able to get out of here already. Ida has quite a bit in the back of her butt, but she doesn't need to be embarrassed about that. We'll clean her up right away with a thorough enema". Interested and also somewhat fascinated by this spectacle, the nice doctor's assistant Nadine stepped a little closer to the teenager bent over the couch, whose buttocks were still spread wide by Marie. She, too, now saw Ida's extremely wet anal area - the lubricant that had warmed on her skin had by now spread all over her intimate area. "Puuuh, the stretching by four fingers is not insignificant for such a young anus. But if you're done right now, I'll quickly help you clean up the feces and then clean the room so I can take the next patient's fever rectally here," Nadine spoke into the room. At that moment, the gynecologist signaled that she was now going to get the last load of feces out of Ida's bottom.

"Finally," the 18-year-old patient moaned in relief from this redemptive news, only to feel the doctor's hand withdraw from her anal canal. Out of reflex, however, Ida inadvertently squeezed along and forgot to pinch her sphincter. The consequence of this reflex was inevitable and happened in a split second: A loud fart was followed by semi-solid and semi-liquid brown chunks that virtually shot out of Ida's bottom. With a splashing sound, the 18-year-old's excrement landed on the PVC floor of the examination room. Even Dr. Koch couldn't react that quickly: "Oh, now you've had a little help. Well, it's not bad, your little brown mishap. You'll have to get used to it at the next station in the enema room anyway. Ida didn't dare say anything more, she remained motionless with her upper body lying on the couch, her hot head lowered into the cool leather. A tear rolled down the high school graduate's cheek as she realized that she had just pooped at the feet of the doctor and the two physician's assistants. She'll never be able to tell anyone, not even her boyfriend. "Hold it right there for a second, Ida, let me clean your butt up real quick," Marie replied to her as she ran a couple of wet wipes through Ida's butt crack, wiping away the brown residue that had mixed with the lube. Marie also gave her an encouraging pat on her plump butt cheek and instructed Ida to sit up and take a big step out to the side so Nadine could clean the floor of the lumps of feces and clean up the other lumps of feces on the couch at her leisure. Meanwhile, Dr. Koch was on her way out the door when she informed Ida about the next steps: "I'll see you in the enema room in a minute. Nurse Marie will prepare you and take you to another room. Don't worry, the worst is already out of your bottom. I have to go to the gynecology room. See you soon."

Shy Ida stood motionless in the back corner of the room, where it smelled noticeably of her poop, which had just been taken away. Fortunately, her gray socks just did not get anything in this mishap. There was still no end in sight to her nakedness, unfortunately, but at least the hope of her exam shirt nurtured again as Marie summoned it. "So, at the enema room we don't want your bra or socks to get dirty or wet somehow. Therefore, please take both off now as well and get completely naked. You will then get plastic booties and your examination shirt from me before we go into the next room together," Marie said again a bit more strictly. Ida's gaze froze and she didn't move, hesitating and standing motionless in the room for the next few seconds. Marie, however, gave her a prompting look and pointed to her bra and socks, "Come on, undress now. Completely. You'll get your shirt back in a minute and then we'll continue next door." The 18-year-old said nothing and reluctantly took off her socks and bra - now she was stark naked. With hands sweating with excitement, she pulled on her plastic booties and then put her examination shirt back on. Her butt hole still felt strangely open and sore. To her sensation, her tight sphincter had closed again, sealing her bottom, but the after-effects of this invasive treatment were still noticeable to the high school graduate.

With small steps, Ida followed the physician's assistant, who led her out of the examination room and took her to another room labeled "Treatment Room Enema." When Marie opened the door, however, Ida was surprised at how small this room was - it was just a small room tiled with white tiles. Basically, this room resembled a small shower stall. There was a regulator on the wall, as well as various small compartments. On the side, in a bracket, was a long red hose with a slightly thicker attachment, which could be moved flexibly. Ida swallowed, "and with this hose I should now get a liquid pumped into my ass, which I then poop out again...What kind of sick ideas can you come up with and do that to a young girl". Marie meanwhile forced the continuation of Ida's treatment: "So, then please take off the shirt once and give it to me. The booties stay on. Dr. Koch will be right back to give you the enema and explain everything to you. As you can imagine, we will push this red tube here far into your anus and then run an enema solution into your intestines so that we thoroughly clean your insides." Ida nodded wordlessly and took off her shirt. She finally asked where the toilet was for the subsequent emptying. Marie promptly replied, "You won't need an extra toilet. It all happens completely in this room. From a medical point of view, Dr. Koch would like to observe how you react to the amount of enema or how your bowels deal with it and whether everything is okay during your emptying process. So you'll have to come to terms with the idea that this time, for once, the elimination of the enema from your buttocks will take place under medical observation, which is, however, normal for this rectal check-up."

With a snap, Marie put on rubber gloves again before taking a tube of lubricant in her hand and preparing her patient for the next step: "Then please turn around once with your face to the wall and buttocks to me. Put your legs nice and wide and then bend down far to the tips of your toes. I will prepare your butt with lubricant until the doctor comes back, then it will be serious. After all, this is your very first enema".