A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 9 - The anal speculum penetrates Ida's butt

When Ida heard the announcement of the anal speculum, she panicked a bit more and so the naked girl slid restlessly back and forth on the examination couch, but tried to keep her butt up. "Let go for a moment, I'll quickly pull the plug out of your butt now. Meanwhile, Marie is already preparing the anal speculum with lots of lubricant so that it can go on right away," the 18-year-old heard behind her, who in the meantime had lowered her head and was just staring in disbelief in the direction of the exam table. And already the young girl felt the gloved hand of the doctor at her backside again, who spread her buttocks briefly and then pulled the plug out of Ida's anus with a quick movement. When the thickest part of the plug passed Ida's sphincter again, she gave a short squeal and stretched her anus a little further towards the gynecologist out of reflex. "Well, there you go, getting it out of your pops again. I can already see that your anus is not as tightly closed as it was at the beginning and we were able to stretch your rosette successfully, great! Look, this is what an anal plug looks like when it's been in a full girl's butt for a few minutes," Dr. Koch explained, simultaneously holding the visibly brown butt plug in front of Ida's nose. The 18-year-old looked to the side in embarrassment and again felt very ashamed when she saw parts of her bowel contents stuck to it.

At the same time, Ida heard a metallic clatter behind her - that must be the dreaded anal speculum Marie was preparing with lubricant. Indeed, Ida's teen butt felt properly dilated, nevertheless she doubted that this pre-stretching should spare her the pain before the metallic butt-spreader. However, Ida lacked an idea of what the instrument of her terror even looked like. The doctor had not uncovered the cloth with the objects underneath until Ida was already kneeling on the couch and thus unable to see what was being prepared behind her buttocks.

"So, Ida, now it's getting serious, I'm going to push the anal speculum deeeeeeep into your bowels and then open it. I purposely don't show my young patients the instrument before I insert it into their bottoms, I don't want to scare you unnecessarily. But believe me, if you don't tense up, it will be half as bad. Just let the butthole go completely loose, then I'll push it in for now and then I'll explain everything else to you," the gynecologist explained. "Okay...yes, I'll try to let it go, but please do it gently," Ida replied softly.

Then Dr. Koch already gave the command for the start: "Marie, please pull our patient's buttocks apart so that I can insert the instrument. If she gets restless, please hold her until I'm all the way in. No sooner said than done: Ida's clean-shaven butt crack was once again exposed. In the middle was her pink, flawless anus, nervously waiting to have a metal instrument pushed in for the first time ever. The 18-year-old felt the cold tip of the instrument against her anus, which became more and more parted as the metal was pushed further in. The lubricant did its job, allowing the speculum to enter the depths of the teen's butt without complaint. More and more inches the anal speculum bored into Ida's bowels, who couldn't suppress a scream, "Auaaaa! That hurts...ouch...my butt hole". Restlessly she rotated her virgin butt back and forth, but Marie held it with both hands with a certain severity: "Well, hold still now. You are not the first and not the last, which we spread here the first time the butthole. Now it is already fully inside".

In fact, the speculum now seemed to be fully seated in Ida's anus, as the outer end with the set screw was now resting directly against her butt hole. For the 18-year-old, it felt enormous to have just had a huge metal tube rammed in the back. But Dr. Koch knew no mercy and continued immediately: "It's quite normal that the speculum hurts you a little when it's inserted. But you are a brave girl. Now the speculum is at least sitting in your bottom with its full length of twelve centimeters. But I can't see much yet, first I have to turn the adjusting screw and spread your anus so that I can see deep into your bowel. Only then can we start with the detailed inspection of your intestine, that's what the monitor is for, but I'll explain that to you in a moment."

In order to prolong Ida's suffering unnecessarily, the gynecologist slowly but steadily screwed the speculum up several centimeters in her young patient's anus. The teen accompanied this process with a steady whimper, a few tears rolled down the pretty 18-year-old's cheeks out of pain and dripped onto the paper on the examination couch. "My butt...ouch...it's soooo tense," Ida whimpered. When the metal monster (at least that's what it felt like to Ida) was turned up about five centimeters, Dr. Koch was satisfied for the time being and finished adjusting the examination instrument by snapping it into place. For her young patient, it was frightening how wide open her bottom, her most intimate part, felt. The unyielding metal spreader had completely taken away the 18-year-old's control over her butt hole. It was precisely this virgin butt hole, which until a few hours ago had been completely intact, that the examination instrument clutched convulsively and pulsated. Through the five centimeter wide spread, her filthy insides were now clearly visible to Dr. Koch and Marie, open for them to access at will.

At that moment, the gynecologist picked up a cable with a light attached to the front end, which moved toward Ida's open bottom. "Now let's slowly shed some light on the darkness of your bowels. You can watch everything live on the screen in a moment if you turn your head a little to the left. I will explain everything to you in detail and you can learn a lot about your own body, your digestion and your intestines. Marie will switch on the monitor in a moment," Dr. Koch rang in the examination, which was humiliating for Ida. The first rays of light from the lamp, which also housed a small camera, traveled over the metal beaks of the speculum deep into Ida's rectum: "Eieiei, our patient has a large pile of feces back there. As I was able to feel it earlier, now I can see it with my own eyes: A lot of brown in this young butt. But don't worry, we'll fix it!".