A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 8 - Thoughts in the waiting room and return to the examination room

So she was supposed to wait ten minutes in the waiting room until her butt got used to the stretching of the metallic foreign body. Her bottom still hurt, her rosette felt strangely warm to Ida, so the young patient nervously distributed her body weight from one buttock to the other on the chair in the waiting room, jerking back and forth again and again. She should not sit normally, because then she would feel the pole in her still virgin rectum most intensely. In Ida's world of thought, pretty much everything had gone off the rails when, with the clinical thermometer, she had the first medical device stuck in her butt about half an hour ago. Not in her worst nightmare could the 18-year-old have imagined that Dr. Koch would examine her bottom so thoroughly. Slowly, she realized that she had probably come to a gynecologist who was very particular about the rectal tract of her young patients.

At the same time, the question of what was in store for her rear end was germinating more and more strongly inside her...her butt was still filled with poop and she didn't like to rule out that her gynecologist would push other medical examination devices through her tight ass. Ida's anal pubic had always been very large, which was why she never let her boyfriend get close to her backdoor. Only once, out of sheer curiosity, had she tried to insert her middle finger into her butt while masturbating. But she didn't get far then, because she quickly stopped the action again - it just hurt her badly. Ida's eyes wandered around the waiting room, where only two other women were sitting next to her. No one said a word, and fortunately no one seemed to notice that Ida was naked under her examination shirt and had a plug stuck in her shapely ass.

At the same time, she kept wondering if and how her friends had survived such a rectal examination. It was clear to Ida by now that the other gynecologists probably didn't even begin to perform such an invasive butt examination as Dr. Koch did in her practice. She only knew from her friend Lisa, who was about the same age, that she also went to Dr. Koch. So there were really only two possibilities: Either her friend was still about to have this "special examination" or she had already had it and had not yet said a word about it. "Oh man, what is this going to do to me today," the increasingly restless teenager said to herself. The plug was pressing so immensely in his butt. And what did Dr. Koch actually mean by "remodel for the upcoming rectal exams"? What else does she want to convert in the room with the examination couch? The question marks just shot through Ida's head. Absorbed in her uncertain forebodings, Marie approached the 18-year-old again and said, "So, dear Ida, the ten minutes of stretching time for your bottom are up. Please follow me back to the examination room, we will continue with your rectal examination in a moment". Tense, Ida got up from the chair and ran after the doctor's assistant dressed only in her socks on her feet. The plug in her butt hole hurt with every step - the insides of her clean-shaven buttocks also rubbed noticeably against the part of the plug that sealed her anus from the outside.

After Ida and Marie reached the door to the examination room and it was opened, the young patient frowned and at the same time got a little more scared. Next to the examination couch she was already familiar with, there was now a large monitor with several cables running from it. On a trolley at the top there were apparently some objects, but they were covered with a white cloth. In general, Dr. Koch now seemed to have brought in more equipment, which of course dashed Ida's hopes that her butt examination would soon be over. Meanwhile, as Ida looked into the remodeled examination room with her head red, Dr. Koch spread another paper sheet over the entire examination couch, which thus covered the white leather over the middle section. "Ah Ida, there you are again. We've just finished rebuilding here. Now we're about to continue with your rectal examination. We want to be thorough with the buttocks of the young girls after their 18th birthday and make sure that everything is in the green area. Of course, I'll explain everything to you again in detail so that you don't have to be afraid," said the gynecologist to her young patient. So everything was ready for the continuation of the intimate examination.

Marie closed the door and said to Ida: "Now please get naked again and take off your shirt. Then you can climb onto the examination couch right away. Please be in the knee-elbow position and then stretch out your pops nice and wide." A little hesitantly, Ida followed the instructions of the receptionist, undressed and climbed onto the couch. She didn't know which position she should find more embarrassing, but to be at the doctor's mercy in the doggy position, so to speak, and to expose her ass to her, which was locked with an anal plug, was a new humiliation. "I hope that the plug was not too painful for our young patient. Anyway, I'm going to pull it out of you right now. Please stretch your buttocks a little more steeply towards me and go down with your head," the doctor directed her patient into the correct position. Ida's heart pounded even faster in the face of shame and she asked in a shaky voice what Dr. Koch planned to do next with you once the plug was out. "Well Ida, as soon as I get the plug out of you, I'm going to move right on to the first real examination device for your bottom. I'm going to insert an anal speculum into your anus and use it to stretch it open a bit more so I can look nice and deep inside your butt. Then I'll be able to see exactly where your feces are and whether your bowels are working properly, or whether everything in your rectum is healthy," said Dr. Koch, heralding the next examination.