A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 7 - A plug for the anal virgin

The almost completely naked 18-year-old sat up again, so that she was again sitting on her just maltreated butt, which was directly touching the leather of the examination couch. Meanwhile, Ida still felt some lubricant in her rectum, which Dr. Koch had applied not too sparingly to her fingers. The excitement, however, didn't subside, but rose again as Ida's gaze roamed the exam room...so many drawers and cabinets that could hold more things destined for her bottom. "What might be coming?" wondered Ida inwardly, with words from the gynecologist like "take a closer look at her butt" already giving her some anxiety.

However, after a short breather, Dr. Koch pulled Ida out of her thoughts again: "So, Ida, you have survived the rectal palpation, even if we have already unintentionally uncovered something brown. One of the findings of this palpation is, as I said, that your buttocks and anus are still very tight. Unfortunately, we will not be able to avoid stretching your rectum a little during the upcoming examinations. However, in order to avoid too much at once and thus too much pain, I would suggest that we first stretch you with an anal plug and then give you a short breather. Do you know what a plug is?". When the young lady heard the word "anal plug," she inevitably had to hold her breath - the doctor was now going to put a plug in her tight ass, too? Another horror scenario for Ida, but she answered anyway: "Yes...well, I already know what that is. Something like a plug that you put in your butt. But if it has to be done to me, then please use a small one that doesn't hurt me so much."

In response, Dr. Koch instructed Marie to get a "nice" plug for the young patient. Marie then opened a drawer and handed the doctor a small metal anal plug that was obviously suitable for a tight anus. The attached note read, "SMALL - Suitable for young patients, tight rectum, anal virgin." When Ida saw the plug, she briefly thought she would topple off the couch in shock. The teen had a hard time imagining that this awful-looking anal plug was about to disappear into her full butt. Just the sight of the plug caused Ida pain, though of course she could understand that her tight anus could be stretched like that for medical purposes. However, she was just as worried about the fact that her urge to defecate felt like it was getting bigger and bigger due to the excitement, and that she would now have to endure the insertion of the anal plug with her bowels full. "I hope I don't have a mishap and accidentally poop at Dr. Koch's feet," the young patient thought to herself. The gynecologist didn't seem to want to let any more time pass and asked the almost completely naked patient to get up from the couch and stand: "So Ida, now please stand still for once, put your legs a little wider apart and bend down low with your bottom in my direction. Grasp your ankles with your wrists and stick out your butt so that it is at the highest point and points steeply upwards. Marie will then spread your buttocks nice and wide for me and I'll insert the plug very quickly - as short and painless as possible."

Ida nodded wordlessly. She knew she could not escape the impending metal butt invader. She turned around and assumed the posture Dr. Koch had requested, extending her rear end to Marie and the doctor. Marie almost impatiently grabbed Ida's buttocks and pulled them wide apart so that the 18-year-old's anal cleft was perfectly exposed again.

"Ida, the anal plug is really not big and is one of the smallest medical anal utensils we have here. I am preparing it with a lot of lubricant so that it is as comfortable as possible for you. You don't need to be afraid, such a medical anal dilation is quite normal and especially common during my thorough rectal examinations with girls like you. Just let your butt hole loose again, you can also press lightly against it, then we'll get it in easier," the gynecologist said. Dr. Koch didn't even wait for a reaction or even an approval from her young patient, but sank the anal plug into her butt with a quick and strong hand movement. When the thickest part of the metal plug opened her rosette and briefly stretched it open as never before, Ida could not suppress a sharp cry. Involuntarily she wanted to straighten her upper body and even made a small hop forward with her right foot. But Marie still had her hands in Ida's anal area and, with a certain severity, pushed the girl back into the correct position and prevented her from rotating her bottom even more: "There, there, Fräulein, stay here. The doctor has already placed the plug in your rectum, please stop wriggling, it's useless anyway".

When Ida's rosette had firmly enclosed the end of the plug and Marie's and Dr. Koch's fingers and hands had removed themselves from her genital area, Ida straightened up again. She could clearly feel the foreign body, which was large by her standards, deep in her bottom - a very uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling to have a stuck object back there. Nervously, the young patient paced and moved her buttocks back and forth. It was obvious how uncomfortable she felt: "Ouch, the plug is really pressing in my butt. When can you take it out again? Please as soon as possible. Ow...ouch."

Dr. Koch replied to her teenage patient: "Now you have to keep the plug in for ten minutes so that the stretching also has an effect for the upcoming examinations. So you now have a little breather and will sit in the waiting room for that long. For the waiting time, you can also put your examination shirt back on. Marie wordlessly handed Ida the shirt, which she quickly put on. When she bent over and straightened up, and generally with every movement, Ida felt the metal creep in her rear exit in an unpleasant way. With every step she contorted her face when she felt not only her anus tightly nestled around the plug, but also the feces pressing against it from the sides of her rectum.

Before Ida was to take a seat in the waiting room for ten minutes, the gynecologist explained to her again in more detail the purpose of such a thorough rectal examination: "Ida, I understand that the whole procedure is very strange for you and especially for your anus. However, as you can tell, I attach great importance to this rectal examination. It is not without reason that a thorough examination of the buttocks is required for young patients like you shortly after your 18th birthday and is also supported by the health insurance companies. I intentionally perform this examination much more thoroughly than many of my colleagues because I consider it just as important as the vaginal examination. Why can't you have anything on the butt hole or in the anus? Many gynecologists neglect rectal exams, especially for young girls. But even if you have never had anything stuck in your butt like you have, such a butt examination can be done thoroughly and conscientiously. You can be glad that you ended up with me, because I really check with my young girls if everything is healthy back there. And if now and then something brown comes along, then that's no big deal. Other colleagues just take a quick look at the buttocks from the outside and quickly insert a finger into the buttocks of their young patients - but there's no question of a thorough rectal check before the age of majority!

Ida listened nervously and turned towards the door, dressed in her examination shirt, while Dr. Koch said: "Take a seat in the waiting room and take a breath. Marie will then bring you back in after ten minutes. We'll use the time to rearrange the examination room a bit for your upcoming rectal examinations. See you soon."

Hastily, the 18-year-old left the examination room, where so far such nasty things had been done to her butt. In the waiting room, she carefully sat down on a free chair, audibly drawing in air as the plug became clearly noticeable again in her previously tight butt hole due to her body weight while sitting - it was pressing so immensely in her virgin butt.