A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 6 - Two fingers in full teen butt

For Ida, the announcement of the rectal palpation that would now follow was the next blow - a wave of nervousness came up the 18-year-old and she noticed that her palms began to sweat and her face became warm and probably red. "One, two fingers deep in the butt", the doctor had said...Ida had to admit to herself that this was the part she had most likely expected, although it was hard to believe that this thought was about to become reality for her virgin butt hole. She was already dreading what this was going to be like with the finger in her poop-filled butt. So Ida stood in front of the exam couch, still covered with her examination shirt open at the back, and hesitantly said, "Oh okay, and should I bend over the couch there like I did just now?" "No, we're going to do the palpation exam on the couch now. I want you to lie down on your back and bend your legs for me. Marie will then help a little if necessary, but in this position I have good access to your anus. Hop onto the exam table, and I'll explain everything else to you," Dr. Koch instructed the nervous high school graduate.

Ida first sat down on the couch and tried to lie down, but her examination shirt seemed to interfere with her assuming the desired position, to which Marie replied, "Oh, it's really a bit awkward with the shirt in this position. Please take it off quickly, it doesn't make much difference if you are naked now. You can keep your bra and socks on". The 18-year-old rolled her eyes for a moment, but then realized that the receptionist was right and took off her protective shirt. She lay bare-bottomed on the leather of the examination couch while she saw that both Dr. Koch and Marie were putting on fresh white rubber gloves. The doctor had also placed another small tube on the side table next to the couch.

"So, slide forward a bit more and then bend your legs nicely, feel free to pull your knees in toward your chest," Dr. Koch let slip. Ida obeyed and pulled her legs close, in this position they were involuntarily spread - with horror she realized that her buttocks opened quite automatically and also her vagina lay in front of them as if on a plate. "Marie, point the lamp at our patient's anus, please," the gynecologist said. In this awkward position, Ida could see exactly how Dr. Koch was going to tamper with her bottom, in contrast to the previous bent-over position above the exam couch.

The doctor showed Ida how she prepared the index finger of her right hand with lubricant and spoke: "Your anus is still very tight, I'll put some lubricant on my finger so that it will slide nicely and you won't have any pain. That it is an unfamiliar and strange feeling to get something stuck in your butt, but unfortunately I can not spare you. I'll count to three now and then I'll push my finger into your butt hole". At that moment Ida panicked a bit as she saw the latex gloved finger coming closer and closer to her butt hole. The teenager put her legs back down a bit and said excitedly and somewhat pleadingly, "Please doctor, go slowly and carefully, I've never had a finger stuck in my butt before." Dr. Koch reassured Ida again, but at the same time instructed Marie to push Ida's again bent legs back up towards her chest and hold them in the required position, "Our young patient is a bit nervous during her first rectal examination, that is normal. Marie will help you and push your legs up so that you keep nice and still."

For Ida, the whole thing just felt strange. At the same time, with her eyes closed, she was now waiting to have a finger shoved up her butt for the first time in her life. "Just keep your butt loose and relaxed, please don't tighten the little butt hole - one, two, three," it sounded and when the last number was spoken, the gynecologist's right index finger was already sticking into Ida's anus with the first finger limb. The 18-year-old's bottom twitched noticeably as the finger continued to bore its way through her anus: "Ohhhh...aaahhhh...auaaa, my butt hole." Ida's anus sucked tightly around the doctor's finger, which stretched it noticeably for Ida. At the same time, Dr. Koch began to grope around in Ida's butt with her finger, moving it in all directions. The teen acknowledged this unusual sensation with a startled squeak and asked in an exasperated voice: “Doctor, may I please go to the bathroom, I think I really need to go, it's so tight in my butt.”

But the doctor was not deterred and pushed her finger a few millimeters further into Ida's intestine until it had completely disappeared through her virgin rosette inside her: "No Ida, you can't go to the toilet now. But the feeling you describe is quite normal. I also feel that your rectum is filled with quite a lot of stool. From the consistency that I can feel at the moment, I would say your stool feels quite normal. But we will take a closer look at your butt later. I can't feel any abnormalities in your anus or on the intestinal walls, everything is smooth and as it should be in a young woman. The palpation examination has only made me notice more how tight you are in the back. For the coming examinations, a little stretching will probably be necessary so that it won't be too painful for you later." For Ida, the feeling of the still groping, twisting finger in her most intimate body opening was terribly uncomfortable. At the same time, she was ashamed that the doctor was poking around deep inside her with her finger in her poop and had to tolerate that without any propriety.

Not exactly motivating at this moment was the next bad news from the gynecologist: "Don't be alarmed, I will now take a second finger with me. Just try to keep your butt hole loose and not to tense up, then it's half as bad. The stretching will be helpful for the upcoming examinations. Maybe it will also help you to press against it a little, then I can get in a little easier." Since Ida had no other choice in her awkward position with her legs bent wide on her back and her anal area brightly illuminated, she took the doctor's advice without further ado and tried to press a little against the doctor's finger, which was already stuck in her bottom.

At that moment she felt the base of the second finger against her rosette. Fearing the impending second intruder, Ida abruptly pressed on, not noticing at first how some air audibly escaped from her bottom. "Oh man, this is embarrassing, now I've also farted in front of the doctor on the examination couch," Ida thought and wanted to sink into the floor. Dr. Koch heard the fart, but said nothing, but also pushed the second finger deep into Ida's butt and now rotated with both fingers in the rear exit of the 18-year-old which was now stretched a bit further. Ida's butt had become a little more restless again and her voice a little more whiny: "Ouch! The two fingers press so in the back. It hurts...oh...ouch. Please hurry up." "Almost there, Ida," Dr. Koch said as she again pushed her two fingers all the way down to the base of Ida's bowels and rotated them another 180-degrees inside her tight teen butt. "As far as I can feel with my two fingers, everything is fine back there for now. But as I said, it's not clean, at least I couldn't find anything conspicuous now. But I will get a more detailed picture of what it looks like in your butt later. But don't worry, I will explain everything to you step by step," Dr. Koch said at the end of the rectal palpation and slowly pulled her two fingers out of Ida's bottom again.

As she did so, pulling them out felt more like "pooping" to Ida than inserting them. As the two fingers left her anus, another loud and much more intense fart could be heard in the exam room by all involved...how embarrassing for the teenager, who apologized shortly thereafter, "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to...I mean, it was unintentional, the fart just came out with it." Dr. Koch reassured her patient again, "Don't worry about it, Ida. It's normal - a full butt, then the nervousness of your first rectal exam, plus the stretching of your tight butt hole, it's no wonder something escapes unintentionally."

The previously white rubber glove of the doctor was now after the "trip" in the buttocks of the 18-year-old on the index and middle finger covered with a brown layer. Between the two fingers even small brown excrement chunks stuck, which the gynecologist had transported with to the "outside". Thus Ida had to watch again with her own eyes how something that had previously disappeared in her full bottom reappeared after being pulled out. Meanwhile, Marie let go of her legs, which were pulled to her chest and bent, so that Ida could lie on her back again with her legs closed for the time being. Her butt hole felt strangely "open" and stretched even after the two fingers were pulled out, although the young patient was convinced that her anus had closed tightly again. She tried to completely block out the embarrassment surrounding the farting and the "brown" in order to keep going at all.