A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 5 - Fidgeting anal swab

When Ida heard Dr. Koch's instruction, she nervously dangled her slender legs. Meanwhile, her bare bottom was still touching the leather of the examination couch, while the doctor took a sterile cotton swab, about ten centimeters long, from a box stowed in a drawer without further ado. "So now I'm going to have a huge thing like that shoved up my butt," Ida thought, trying hard not to show any signs of fear or resignation toward the doctor or the doctor's assistant. Marie noticed Ida's hesitation in getting up from the examination couch and said in a firm tone, “If you cooperate nicely, it will go very quickly. Stick it in, twist it once hard, and then take it out again. Then the cotton head will at least give us a rough idea of what it looks like in the back of your head.”

Ida gulped, but didn't want to hesitate any further, so as not to try their patience right from the start. She stood up and just before she turned around, her eyes fell on the cotton head, which was rather thick by her standards, at the end of the rod that her gynecologist was holding in her right hand. She cringed inwardly at the thought that this dry thing was about to be pushed through her tight butt hole. But she had no other choice. At that moment Ida realized that her examination shirt was still open at the back, exposing her bare bottom as soon as she was supposed to stick her butt out. "So just bend forward and...and well...stick my butt out?" the 18-year-old then asked again in a shaky voice when she had already turned her backside to Dr. Koch. "That's right, prop yourself up with your arms on the couch and then stretch your butt out towards me," the gynecologist answered kindly.

At that moment, Ida no longer saw what was happening behind her - she only heard the snapping sound of rubber gloves and concluded that her doctor had now put them on. Ida took another deep breath before bending her upper body forward over the couch and at the same time, albeit somewhat hesitantly, sticking her bottom out a bit. "Please spread your legs a little wider so that I can get to your anus easily, and feel free to stick your butt out a little further, you don't have to be afraid," she heard her doctor call out. The teenager also followed this instruction and thus got into what Dr. Koch thought was the perfect position for the upcoming stool sample. The doctor also instructed Marie to roll another small mobile lamp over and point it at Ida's bottom. "Now the doctor will see my tight butt hole in perfect illumination, it's so embarrassing...like being on display," thought Ida, who could only stare down at the examination table, anxiously waiting to see what happened next.

She felt Dr. Koch suddenly take a firm grip on her plump buttocks, pulling them unusually wide apart for her liking and seemingly inspecting every millimeter of her anal area. She shared the impressions of the visual inspection of Ida's anus with the girl, while she carefully stroked her closed butt hole with her gloved index finger: “Well then, it looks good already! All shaved smooth and your tender anus is clean as a whistle from the outside. If you stick out your butt, spread your legs and bend down your upper body, your buttocks will divide by themselves and I can get to where I want to go.” Ida listened intently, although she found the feeling of a stranger touching her anal area just terribly unfamiliar.

"Now we want to take a quick swab from the depths of your ass, Ida. It will briefly pinch something when I insert the rod immediately with a jerk through your anus. Don't be alarmed, I'll twist it a few times before pulling it out again. Ready?" spoke Dr. Koch. Ida replied only a soft "Mhh" as she already felt the not small cotton head against her butt hole. With a jerk, the gynecologist overcame the resistance of her virgin sphincter before the rod was rapidly pushed further through her anus towards her rectum. The 18-year-old accompanied this very unpleasant and humiliating procedure with a short squeak - she acknowledged the overcoming of her sphincter muscle with a wriggling of her buttocks, which Dr. Koch, however, stopped somewhat with her free hand: "Take it easy, Ida. We have to push the rod deep into your intestine for the sample."

After about ten centimeters, the advancement of the chopstick stopped, which Ida could clearly feel in her anus. The subsequent turning of the cotton head then turned out to be unpleasant in another way: the scratchy and unprecedented feeling deep in her bottom was accompanied by the embarrassing sensation that the turning stick was poking around "in something" deep inside her. For Ida, in a flash, the embarrassing fact that Dr. Koch was just poking around in her ass in her poop became a humiliating certainty. After a little more than ten seconds, however, the procedure of taking a stool sample was over and the gynecologist pulled her chopstick out of Ida's butt in one go, which left the girl with a strange feeling that she usually only knew from going to the toilet.

"Well, that's it, it's not so bad with the butt swab," said Dr. Koch almost elatedly, while Ida was already trying to stand up again, "oh, please stay in this position for a moment, I've already pulled out a very small bit of feces with the chopstick. I'll quickly wipe it off your butt hole with a paper towel, it's not too bad". The 18-year-old could have sunk back into the floor at that alone.

Dr. Koch then made her understand that she could stand up again. Then the high school graduate was supposed to turn around - so she saw the doctor holding the long cotton swab in her hand, which was hardly recognizable. Both the strong cotton head and the shaft of the swab had turned completely brown after the "trip" into Ida's butt. Ida felt insanely ashamed, especially since she could not only see her own poop with her own eyes right now, but also smell it. Dr. Koch noticed the endless shame of her young patient and reassured her: "As you can see, your fecal sample was successful, the stick is completely brown and there is also some feces stuck to the top of the cotton head. But that's not bad at all, Ida. We will carry out the next examinations as planned - even with a full butt. We will clean you up properly later. Tell me, when was the last time you went to the toilet? If I look at this, I'm sure it wasn't today, was it?".

The gynecologist turned the chopstick a few more times and showed it to Ida before passing it on to Marie, who properly stowed it in a bag labeled "LABOR." Still perplexed by the events of the last few minutes, the young lady replied, "Well, I was really big on the toilet last night before bed...I tried again earlier, but...it...nothing came. I notice it now, how full my bottom is". But Dr. Koch reassured Ida that this was not bad at all and that she had nothing to be ashamed of.

"So, we'll get right on with it, I'd say. You've already had a clinical thermometer and a chopstick in your bottom. Now I would like to palpate your bottom digitally, that is, first with one or two fingers, in the back. With the palpation examination, I can check the condition of your anus or your intestinal walls and thus work my way up to your rectum. Palpation is an integral part of every rectal examination and is absolutely indispensable. Every 18-year-old girl gets one or two fingers stuck deep into her buttocks here on this exam table, and now you have to go through it too," Dr. Koch winked at Ida in her relaxed, yet determined way.


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