A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 4 - A brown-smeared clinical thermometer

Ida accepted the receptionist's direct order without argument and quickly disappeared behind the screen. How much the 18-year-old had dreaded this moment again...the time had come, the moment of "getting naked" had arrived. Undressing was now the order of the day. Everything except her bra and socks. The young lady didn't waste any unnecessary thoughts on the upcoming examination, stripped off her top and trousers. When she finally removed her panties, she paused again briefly and closed her eyes before removing the last protective piece of fabric around her private parts as well. She shuddered as cool air rushed past her vagina and buttocks.

Now quickly put on the examination shirt - at least this way you don't feel quite so naked anymore. Ida fastened the examination shirt behind her back with two knots, and it felt strange that there was now nothing between this fabric and her bare buttocks. She now stepped out to Marie, who was already waiting for her next to the examination table. "So Ida, it will take a little while until Dr Koch arrives. In the meantime, the two of us will take care of something. I'm going to take your temperature now - in your bottom!", the medical assistant announced to the still excited teenager. Ida was surprised at this announcement and stammered: "Wha...what...take your temperature in my bottom...well, I mean, can't you do that in your mouth or ear?". But Marie did not allow herself to be argued with: “Ida, it is standard for us to take the temperature in our young patients' bottoms. There is no discussion. Come on, open the back of your pretty little shirt and lie flat on your stomach on the couch so that I can push the thermometer far into your bottom.”

Ida could hardly believe her ears...just starting her rectal examination was humiliation par excellence. She would never have imagined in her worst dreams that she would have to let the doctor shove something up her bottom for once. Wordlessly, she lay down on her stomach on the white leather-covered examination couch and nervously fiddled with her fingers on her examination shirt, trying to undo the knots she had made only two minutes ago. But Marie didn't want to wait and didn't hesitate, "Let me help you, Ida," and opened the back of the young patient's examination shirt so that her back and bottom were completely exposed. Ida was already ashamed and the medical assistant pushed her legs a little further apart in the prone position so that her plump buttocks inevitably opened a little and revealed her clean anus.

"Well, everything looks very clean on the outside of our young patient. I don't even see the smallest stubble on your buttocks. Don't be alarmed, I'm going to quickly smear the thermometer with some lubricant and then push it deep into your bottom. A clinical thermometer like this is still pretty thin, so unfortunately your anus will have to withstand a bit more afterwards," Marie explained while she prepared the thermometer shaft with lubricant. Meanwhile, the 18-year-old had come to terms with her awkward position and buried her face in the cool leather of the exam table, which smelled faintly of disinfectant. She didn't want to say anything more than "mhhh" when she felt the metal probe at her buttocks, which made its way into her anus within seconds.

Out of reflex, the teen lifted her bottom briefly, but Marie immediately pushed it down again with a flat hand. Ida could clearly feel the thin thermometer in her tight anus. It was a rather strange feeling to have an object stuck in her bottom...inevitably the thought came to her mind what might be coming if Marie thought that her anus "unfortunately has to endure more"? Her tight buttocks clung tightly to the thermometer stuck several centimetres into her anus, only the tip of the digital display protruding from her shapely buttocks. She had to hold out in this uncomfortable position for three minutes, the doctor's assistant ordered, and only then could the thermometer be pulled out of her intestine again.

The three minutes seemed like an eternity to Ida, when after a while the door of the examination room opened and a familiar voice sounded. "Ah, I see the preparations for the examination are already in full swing, it's going very quickly, very nice," her gynaecologist Dr Koch announced as she approached the examination couch and examined Ida's slightly opened buttocks. It was a perfect view for the doctor from this position, especially as the clinical thermometer protruded like an antenna from Ida's most intimate body opening and at the same time still covered the view of her buttocks. When it beeped shortly afterwards, Dr Koch pulled the rectal thermometer out with a quick movement, leaving Ida with only a very brief, though no less strange, feeling in her anus.

"36.9 degrees, well that's perfectly within the norm," Dr Koch said looking at the reading, "however, the thermometer is a little smudged, indicating that your rectum is still filled with faeces. But don't worry, this is not a bad thing for the coming examinations." Ida's heart was now pounding higher again, mainly out of shame and embarrassment. Face down, she didn't even get a chance to say hello to her gynaecologist. The greeting was virtually to take a look directly between her buttocks and pull a foreign object out of her virgin bottom. Ida was particularly embarrassed when the doctor mentioned that the thermometer was smudged...when she turned around again, she only saw Dr Koch wiping the thermometer, which was soiled with a few brown spots, with a medical cloth. "Oh, what else is this going to do in the coming examinations, if only I had gone to the toilet properly again, damn it," the 18-year-old fretted inwardly. Few things were more important to her than having her most intimate body parts clean. Her rear exit was the one part of her body that she herself found most sensitive, which was why she never let her boyfriend touch that dainty little hole.

But now it was too late...Ida was practically trapped in the examination room and had to undergo the complete rectal exam...even with a full bottom. Dr Koch noted down the result of the measurement and turned to Ida, who had sat upright on the couch in the meantime. Her naked bottom touched the white leather of the examination table, while the examination shirt closed at the front covered her vagina. A tremendous feeling of being at the mercy of the high school graduate spread inside her...even though she knew that this examination was in principle not much different from her vaginal examinations on the gynaecologist's chair, even though she was a thousand times more embarrassed about what was going on with her bottom right here.

Meanwhile, her gynaecologist announced the next part and thus the actual start of the rectal examination. She stressed again that it was not a problem that Ida was "still full in the back" and that they could still start with the necessary examinations or that this "little problem" would be solved in the course of the examinations. At the moment, the teenager cannot imagine what is meant by this. Shyly she asks: "And what happens now?". "Next we will take a stool sample from you, Ida. That's nothing bad and it won't hurt, I'll just insert a long cotton swab deep into your bottom. Would you please stand in front of the examination table, support yourself with your hands and stick your bottom out?


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