A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 3 - "Please take off your panties, too!"

It was a warm summer day, which is why Ida had decided to put on a breezy summer dress that day. She definitely didn't want to come to Dr Koch's practice all sweaty for the examination if she had to get naked again today. At home, Ida had gone to the toilet before the last lesson and had wiped her vagina and bottom with a wet wipe to make sure that everything in the genital area was clean when she went to see her gynaecologist. Very briefly, she had also thought about trying to poop again...but it quickly became clear that it was not that easy, no matter how hard she pushed on the toilet. The 18-year-old had her fixed rhythm in this matter and so the bowel movement the evening before was to remain her last for the time being.

Having arrived at the entrance to the gynaecologist's office, Ida headed straight for the registration desk. The friendly receptionist from last time was sitting there and greeted the excited high school graduate, who pushed her chip card across the counter with somewhat shaky fingers: "Hello, I have an appointment here today at 2:30 p.m....so yes, right now, so to speak". The receptionist took Ida's chip card and looked at her kindly: "Ah yes, Ida exactly. You're here today for your rectal examination, since you recently turned 18. Well then, the doctor will examine your bottom thoroughly today. But you don't have to go to the gynaecological chair again today, as you were only examined there last time. The rectal examination will therefore take place in another room. But it will take a little while, so please sit in the waiting room until I call you.

When the doctor's assistant spoke of "thorough examination", her head turned fiery red without her being able to do anything about it. She took a seat in the waiting room for a moment longer and tried to distract herself by looking at a magazine. But after only five minutes, the receptionist stood in the doorway and made it clear to Ida that it was now her turn and that she should please follow her to examination room 3. She took a last deep breath and walked the few metres into the examination room, which was still completely unknown to her, while the friendly receptionist closed the door from the outside.

Inside the room, another doctor's assistant, whom she already knew from her very first visit to the gynaecologist, was already waiting for her. However, Ida did not find her quite as congenial as the lady at the registration desk - her name was Marie and she was somewhat gruffer and more determined than her colleague. Marie was the one who had assisted Dr Koch when Ida lay on the brightly lit gynaecologist's chair with her legs spread wide apart for the first time and had various vaginal swabs taken with brushes, which she found unpleasant the first time.

The examination room was relatively sparsely furnished: Instead of the large gynaecological chair in the other room, there was only a normal doctor's examination table in here, as well as various cupboards, mobile drawers, two tables, two mobile stools, a screen and a washbasin. Marie greeted Ida in a friendly manner and told her that she would be assisting Dr Koch today - this time with the rectal examination. "So, let's not waste any unnecessary time and get started right away, Ida. You know that you are due for a detailed rectal examination today and that we have to carry it out as a preventive examination shortly after your 18th birthday," Marie explained, while handing Ida an examination shirt that has to be tied up at the back: "Now please go behind the screen and get naked. The only things you may keep on are your bra and socks, please put everything else on the stool and then put on this examination shirt. Don't forget: The panties come off! Some girls forget that and I have to say it twice. But I know you're good at it and we don't have to discuss it here".


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