A detailed rectal examination for the 18th birthday

PART 2 - Heart palpitations the night before

"So, what did the gynaecologist say, everything good?", Ida's boyfriend greeted her as she got into the car with him. She told him about the routine check-up, just like after the first visit. But she left out the last part about the appointment for her butt examination next week...she first had to come to terms with the idea that her most intimate part would soon be examined, she couldn't share that with her boyfriend yet. She also knew secretly that he had a real fondness for her plump bottom, but the back door was still to be denied him until now. Ida remembers one evening when they both had sex - in the heat of the moment, her boyfriend wanted to stick his finger in her butt hole, but she firmly refused.

So the two of them drove home, but Ida just couldn't get the thoughts from the gynaecologist's office out of her head. But she had no choice, she had to go to that damn appointment next week on Thursday. The uncertainty of what exactly was going to be done to her bottom made Ida's heart beat faster...for her personally, this one body part was even more intimate and vulnerable than her vagina, which had already been deflowered by her boyfriend.

In the following days, the teenager found it hard to banish these thoughts from her everyday life, the words "rectal examination" and "examining through the buttocks" from her gynaecologist were too present. Ida then also wondered how many of her friends had already undergone this examination. But she will never get an answer to this question, because it is probably not a good topic of conversation, even among friends, who has already had something pushed into their buttocks by the doctor. The few days before the examination flew by and Ida had not spoken to anyone about her forthcoming examination until the evening before the examination on Wednesday evening.

After she had taken care of everything on Wednesday evening, she went into the bathroom, made "big" and then got completely naked. She looked in the large mirror and turned slightly so that she could look at her plump, shapely buttocks. She could not and would not imagine what would happen to her back door tomorrow. Her heart began to beat faster again as she slowly pulled her buttocks apart and they revealed a glimpse of her rosy rosette. "Well, after the shower today I have to shave especially the back, there are still a few hairs too many", Ida thought to herself. That's exactly what Ida did after the shower and was well prepared for tomorrow's examination with a thorough shave and freshly emptied bowels. Before she left the bathroom, she ran her index finger through the cleft of her buttocks to make sure that there was no stubble and that her buttocks were completely clean from bowel movements. At the same time, Ida shuddered at the thought that tomorrow the doctor would not only run her index finger through her bottom cleft, but would probably penetrate much deeper through her tight anus. She tried to shake off the shuddering thoughts of tomorrow's examination for the time being and went to bed - it didn't help to drive herself crazy now anyway.

The next day, the time had come: at 2.30 p.m., Ida was finally to go to Dr Koch's gynaecological practice for a rectal check-up. She headed straight for the gynaecological practice, which was only 200 metres away, with her school backpack packed. Shortly before 2:30 p.m. she opened the door - her heart was pounding like crazy and an unfamiliar, excited tingling sensation spread through her abdomen. But there was no turning back now. In a few minutes, the pretty school-leaver saw herself in front of her gynaecologist in one of the examination rooms, her bottom bare and stretched out.


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