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Looking for a girlfriend

The next day

The next day Gigi wakes up, goes to the bathroom to relieve herself and when she comes out of the bathroom she sees the mistress in the room. The mistress had a chastity device in her right hand and a bag hanging next to the bed.

-Gigi get on the bed! Said Mrs. Maria.

- Gigi, do you know what I have in my right hand and the candle next to the bed? Maria asked.

- Yes, I know you have a chastity device with spikes in your hand that you put on my penis and what hangs next to my bed is a bag with water and soap that is used for enemas. Gigi said.

- Congratulations boy, you are informed. Says the mistress!

-Now don't resist or it will be worse! Says the mistress.

When he puts on the spiked chastity device he says to Gigi:

- It's a bit difficult to get in, I'll have to cut the lump out of your foreskin later. Says the mistress.

Gigi asks:

-Do you really need to cut my foreskin?

- Yes, it is needed and it will be very good without him. Maria answers him.

-Okay, Mistress, as you say. Gigi says shyly.

Maria tells him to wait a bit in the room as she brings him some latex clothes!

In ten minutes, the mistress comes in with latex clothes and gives them to Gigi.

-Be on the ground floor in ten minutes! The mistress tells him.

Gigi wonders what he is going to do to her.

He goes downstairs and sees his mistress talking to another lady.

- Slave, bring some coffee to the lady! Maria says.

Gigi brings the coffee to the lady who was sitting next to his mistress.

- Sit on all fours like a dog! ordered Maria.

Maria gives him a kiss in the ass and says:

- You're late, slave.

This happened the first half of the day.

In the second half of the day, the fun begins.

The mistress enters his room and puts him on the stretcher.

-Where are you taking me? Gigi asked.

-In the waxing room and torture! The mistress answers him!

In the room before being put on the hair removal table, Gigi sees the lady who brought her coffee in the morning dressed in a disposable gown, with a surgical mask hanging from her neck and a surgical cap.

- Gigi, she is Dr. Mirela who will operate on you. Says Maria.

Now let's wax you. He puts a gag with a ball in his mouth and begins the torture.

Doctor Mirela takes a knife and scratches it lightly. Mistress applied candle wax over the scratches. He reaches the penis and puts wax over the penis and testicles with two candles. Then the doctor takes the scalpel and cuts his foreskin as Gigi's mistress told him. Maria takes an elastic and gives it to the doctor. Mirela holds both testicles with one hand and applies an elastic band for castration.

Maria cuts the elastic because she still needs Gigi's penis and testicles.

Will follow...