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Looking for a girlfriend

The third day

On the third day, Gigi wakes up and is surprised that the mistress is in the room with him and brought him the little boy. The mistress tells him that she has a little surprise in the next room for him. Gigi is surprised. When I go to the other room, there was a table with a white sheet in the middle and he sees several devices next to it. Some of the devices were dildos, massage oils, wax, gloves. Gigi asks:

- Who is all this for?

- I'm a boy for you! Answers the mistress in a raised tone.

- Now get on the table and you will enjoy this massage or suffer the consequences.

Gigi sits down with her head down. He cannot see anything but the feet of the mistress.

- Lift your head a little from the armrest! The mistress ordered.

He puts a dildo in her mouth so she can't scream. They tie him by the legs and hands.

- You will feel what we feel when you men fuck us.

Someone appears in the room and speaks to the mistress in a whisper.

Gigi will be cut on the back and we will add salt and pepper. After cutting his back, the mistress puts a dildo in his anus and Gigi starts moaning with pleasure. The second half of the day Gigi is whipped as he likes, beaten on the bottom, on the soles. He also gave her a fisting which she liked for the first experience.


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