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Looking for a girlfriend

When they got home, the action begins

When they got home, the master action begins, Maria shows them the rooms and takes them to his room. In the room he sees that there is only one bed that is covered with a red rubber sheet and a robe on the bed for Gigi. Mistress Maria tells Gabi to take off all her clothes and put on her robe. Maria lets Gigi change and manage the room for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, Mistress Maria appears again dressed in a surgical gown and tells her that she needs to do a check on her whole body so that she will like it in the coming days. He does not comment and obeys, knowing that she is the girl he needed as a future girlfriend. Mistress Maria brings a cart with several objects. Gigi notices on the trolley that there is a ball gag, a dental gag, a catheter, several needles, syringes, thermometers of all kinds, rubber and surgical gloves, masks of all kinds and restraints.

Gigi takes off his robe because Mrs. Maria has to hold him by the hands and feet, tying him to the bed. Maria thanks Gigi for realizing that he must be tied up. The mistress takes out the instruments from under the cart where the boy could not see because it was covered with a white sheet.

-Gigi, now before the control I have to epilate and cut your hair. Maria said.

- Good, Mistress Maria. Gigi said

The mistress ties him to the bed, puts the ball gag in his mouth and plugs in the device for heating the wax. Until the wax heats up, the mistress takes the clipper and starts to shave his head, beard and eyebrows.

- The wax has heated up! says Maria. Now comes the painful part. Ggi knows that he has not been waxed before and realizes that it is painful when he pulls the wax after him. The mistress puts gloves on her hands and begins epilation. Gigi starts to move in pain but Maria ignores him. Maria tells him to calm down or she will stick needles in his penis. When Gigi hears, he calms down. The control follows after it has been epilated. When he reaches the needles, the mistress tells Gigi to untie his legs. He puts his hand on Gigi's testicles and pulls out a needle, which he sticks into the testicles. That was on the first day. The other parts will follow