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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 5

Saturday afternoon had finally arrived, but as Sally drove the winding road up to Nurse Lana’s mountain cabin a tinge of nervousness entered her thoughts. Although she had packed extra clothes and dressed in an outfit that was quietly provocative (highlighting her shapely bottom), what if Lana had second thoughts about her staying overnight.

Sally couldn’t have been more wrong.

No sooner had she parked her car when Lana emerged from the cabin with a delighted smile. “Oh, my gorgeous girlfriend has arrived,” Lana gushed. Sally blushed as Nurse Lana enveloped her in a warm hug sending Sally into her submissive mode right off the bat. “Thank you for the wonderful invitation. I’m so happy to see my special nurse and her beautiful cabin in the woods. I feel like I’m in a fairy tale.”

Instead of her white uniform, Lana wore a long, flowing floral dress and judging from how she felt during the prolonged hug, Sally sensed there was no underwear beneath. But Lana’s large breasts more than filled out the dress’s upper front, and when she turned around her curvy ass was amply accentuated. Sally suppressed an urge to pant with excitement.

The cabin was deceptively larger inside than it appeared next to the towering trees, now swaying slightly as a storm approached. Immediately inside there was a comfortable living area, an adjacent modest-sized kitchen and down the hall two bedrooms, the bigger of which had a good-sized bathroom connected to it.

A quick glance into the bath revealed a rubber-covered table festooned with an eclectic display of sex toys, many of which were anal-oriented including a black bulb syringe and a larger red one. Although the shower curtain was closed, Sally could detect the outline of two enema bags hanging from the rod.

The delighted host had prepared a simple snack of salad, cheese, chips and salsa as well as pouring a glass of wine for each of them. “Come, let’s sit on the couch in the living room,” Lana suggested just as a rumble of thunder slightly shook the cabin. The darkening skies prompted Lana to light two candles on the living room table.

Waves of rain began to run down the front windows and, amid the candle glow, the two new friends talked about how wonderful it was that they had found each other. Soon, the snacks finished, the wine consumed, Lana moved closer to Sally on the couch reached up and gently stroked her hair. “You’re so pretty Sally, I find it hard to keep my hands off you,” said the older nurse as she pulled Sally’s face closer and kissed her on the lips. It may have been the most divinely warm kiss of Sally’s life, and it was from a woman - - a woman who sexually excited her like none ever had. Lana gently touched Sally’s smooth face, neck, and ears, and soon the nurse unbuttoned the top of Sally’s blouse and slid her warm hand inside. Deep kissing quickly developed.

A short time later, the pair had repaired to the bedroom, now also candle-lit, and the dream-like mood continued. While standing, Lana’s dropped her dress revealing a pleasingly plump but quite shapely body, remarkable for a woman her age. As Sally also stood, Lana finished unbuttoning her girlfriend’s blouse, unhooked her sexy bra, and gazed longingly at her new lover’s perfect breasts, whose nipples were now fully erect. Sally’s pants, now damp in the crotch, were promptly shed.

They tumbled onto the bed, entwined in lesbian lust as they kissed, and explored each other’s physical charms. Sally adored being embraced by Lana, her warm breasts pressed against Sally’s own, smooth bodies gliding together amid Lana’s intoxicating scent. The nurse moved one leg between Sally’s two and soon their pussies were in contact; Lana’s was on fire and dripping with natural lubrication. Oh God, this feels so good, thought Sally.

Sally wanted to kiss Lana all over, and she slowly worked her way down to between her mentor’s legs. The idea of licking a woman’s labia region never appealed much to Sally, but now she was inflamed as her tongue and lips went to work in Lana’s crotch. The sweet erotic taste of this older woman surprised and delighted Sally. Though inexperienced, Sally apparently had an instinctual ability performing oral sex on a very aroused female. Her tongue stroked along Lana’s labia, flicking the clit on occasion, and then she deliberately began gently sucking the engorged nub.

As she was consuming Lana’s stiff little penis, Sally reached her right hand under her nurse’s buttocks, delved into the crack, and rested the pad of a finger directly atop Lana’s hot back hole. She pressed a bit, and Lana shuddered and moaned as orgasm overwhelmed her. Her erotic convulsion electrified Sally who felt close to climax herself… if only there was something in her ass.

Lana, exhausted by her cumming, rolled over on her back and exclaimed, “Oh Sally, you are so deliciously sexy.” Soon the nurse leaned over to a bedside table, snapped on a rubber glove, and applied a generous dab of lubricant to two of her fingers. She intoned, “now it’s time for something special for my needy patient. Turn on your side honey.”

With her back towards her nurse, Sally felt Lana’s one hand deftly spread her bottom cheeks as the other hand applied a dollop of cool lubricant around and on top of Sally’s hungry, hot hole. With loving care, a finger slowly entered and soon was inches deep in Sally’s insatiable rectum. Within a short time, a second finger twisted inside as well. Lana sure knew how to finger-fuck a bottom, and Sally began to emit low, involuntary moans. “I want to take a while to prepare you darling, but it won’t be long now before you receive your first enema.” The e word transfixed Sally, for there was absolutely nothing in the world she wanted more than to receive enemas from her matronly nurse.

(For many years now, Sally was aware that she had an enema fetish, and it only seemed to grow stronger over time. She didn’t completely understand it, but there was no doubt that just the sight of red rubber bag or simply the sound of the word provoked an immediate visceral reaction in Sally. She secretly looked forward to the times her husband would be away for several hours, so she could retrieve her own bag, fill it until swollen with warm water, hang it, purge the air from the hose and lie on cushioned bathroom floor where she would insert the wonderful lubricated nozzle up her ass. The first “click” of the valve releasing the enema into her never failed to thrill her.

So, self-administered bag “big girl” enemas were the go-to ones that Sally used to satisfy her taboo fetish at home. But the bulb enema regime Nurse Lana had first used on Sally transported her to new heights of erotic ecstasy, rendering her a fan for life).

The rectal massage continued as did Lana’s sultry voice, “Oh Sally, I wanted you so much to spend the night with me so that I could administer multiple enemas to you both this evening and in the morning. It will be so good for us both. I am so glad you accepted the invitation.”

Sally was now delirious with enema anticipation, surrendering to her deepest desire to totally submit and used as an enema vessel by this horny nurse who revered administering to her special patient, And then Lana said it: “Oh Sally, I want you to be my anal sexpot tonight”

Lana stood and lent a hand helping Sally up off the big bed. “I have a surprise for my submissive,” said the nurse as she led her compliant charge just down the hall to the second bedroom. Though smaller than the first, it contained a single bed/exam table complete with adjustable stirrups and something new: a cylindrical leather tube about 2 feet in diameter. Soon Sally found herself draped over this strange barrel, her ass high in the air as Nurse Lana carefully inserted a warmed metal butt plug into her patient. “Now, you remain in this position while I get your first enema ready.” Sally was now hot, very wet, and totally incapable of not playing with her clit. She was wildly excited by the sounds of water running in the bathroom down the hall.

Nurse Lana soon returned with a rubber tub of warm water which she placed on a nearby table. That big red bulb enema syringe floated on the surface, but soon it was squeezed and submerged to suck in a copious amount of water - - enema for Sally.

Once again, Lana had arranged mirrors in the room so Sally could see what was happening behind her. The butt plug was carefully removed, and replaced by lube shooter that injected thick cool stuff into Sally’s ravenous rectum. In one mirror Lana could be seen adding more lubricant on the glistening black nozzle, and soon its tip touched Sally’s waiting anus.

If there was some other physical feeling that compared to the thrilling sensation of a warm thick rubber nozzle slowly gliding into her bottom, Sally couldn’t even imagine what it would be.

As the nozzle advanced, Lana expertly squeezed just right to induce the tingling sexual feeling only an erotic bulb enema can provide. Soon the nozzle was fully embedded and the largest injection took place. At last, Sally had enema from Nurse Lana inside her! Since it was the first infusion, Lana let the sensation linger a bit, before beginning the slow withdrawal of the warm nozzle.

The gurgling sounds of the bulb being refilled reignited Sally’s enema lust. More lubrication, another nozzle entry, additional warm water pumped up Sally’s naughty butt. She wanted more! Nurse Lana picked up the pace, refilling and injecting more enema deep up Sally’s ass. “Oh Sally, I love to see you masturbate so boldly when your enema passion is unleashed. I’m going to give you more and then fuck your craving ass with this enema nozzle.”

Sally was aflame as Lana squeezed in one last bulbful and began the slow nozzle fuck. A minute later Lana exclaimed, “Oh cum for me, my enema girl,” And with that, deep within Sally an erotic sensation stirred, grew bigger, and finally enveloped her whole being in a mighty climax that surged on and on! Sally leaked just a bit, but neither she nor her nurse cared; Sally had experienced another major enema orgasm!

Now exhausted by the profound climax, Sally lay listless for a couple of minutes during which her angelic nurse gently stroked her hair and told Sally how happy she felt caring for her sexiest patient ever. In time, Lana helped Sally off the special bed and led her into the bathroom.

Still somewhat in an erotic daze as she expelled, it was so disorienting for Sally to realize and actually accept that sex as she had known it all her life was not anything like the kind of sex that thrilled her most. Enema sex from a matronly nurse was the real thing and would likely always be from now on.

And yes, more enemas were to come that long, languorous evening in the fairy tale cabin. So too, more lovemaking and enemas in the morning with the perfect older nurse of Sally’s erotic dreams.

- the end – Chapter 5


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