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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 6

Sally generally considered herself a cautious woman but recognized she had an undeniable adventurous streak as well. A few months ago, that later trait was responsible for her impetuous decision to respond to that ad that mentioned enemas which in turn led to her developing and now deepening relationship with Nurse Lana.

Lana was attractive to Sally in multiple ways: she was warm, affectionate, a good listener, with a perceptive insight into Sally’s atypical erotic desires: a focus on all things anal, particularly sexual enemas. Now, after five meetings together, Sally accepted that her infatuation with Nurse Lana had evolved to thrilling love with this remarkable woman. And, quite naturally, Sally’s latent lesbian lust was unleashed as never before.

The overnight at Lana’s cabin sealed the deal. The touching and caressing with the soft-skinned nurse soon spiraled into deep kisses with breasts pressed against each other. Sally wanted to kiss Lana all over and worked her way down to between her mentor’s legs. The idea of licking a woman’s labia region never appealed much to Sally, but now she was inflamed as her tongue enjoyed the little stiff clitoris and sweet taste of this older woman. The entire evening was dreamlike, with the lovers intertwined in unabashed sexual fulfillment. And of course, before the night was over, Lana administered both bag and bulb enemas to Sally, triggering powerful climaxes in her oh-so needy and appreciative patient.

But now, over a week had passed, and a new image kept invading Sally’s consciousness: a naked Lana lying on her tummy, with a thick black nozzle embedded between her gorgeous bottom cheeks. Sally recalled that early episode when they showered together, how Lana had bent over and Sally impulsively inserted a soapy finger up Lana’s ass. Almost immediately, Lana started orgasming, tightening waves of contractions gripped Sally’s digit. That was completely new – and unbelievably exciting. And it confirmed what was strongly suspected: Lana was an incredibly hot, anal-erotic woman herself. Now Sally started fantasizing about giving enemas to Lana.

Near the end of the cabin lustfest, the two women devised a plan whereby Lana would close her clinic every other Wednesday afternoon so Sally could attend her regular “therapy sessions” to get help with her bad back (well, that was the reason given to her husband). A visit only twice a month wasn’t ideal, but it did have built-in anticipatory excitement for both women as appointment time grew near.

Sally was thrilled driving to her first visit with Lana following the torrid time at the cabin, and she wondered how she could turn the tables on Lana at some point and give her special nurse erotic enemas for the first time. Well that might happen, but Lana had some new plans herself.

Since she had never seen Lana with other clients, Sally sometimes forgot Lana had a business with unknown women visiting for special care. Although Lana didn’t fall for anyone else like she had for Sally, she did have a few regular women who visited and even, on rare occasions, a male. Most of the patients were seeking enemas purely for health reasons, and Lana was quite professional in addressing their needs. But a few were enticed to make appointments for reasons similar to Sally’s.

Lana greeted Sally at the clinic with the usual warm hug and endearing kiss, as she locked the door and led Sally to her office, not one of the clinic rooms. She explained to Sally that once in a while she’d liked to take a picture or short video of a particular patient receiving anal attention and/or enemas. Of course, it was only with the patient’s permission, but a few of them gladly complied. Would Sally like to view a few of these Lana asked. “Of course,” said Sally although she was a tad jealous that other women too had special treatments from Nurse Lana.

The very first image she saw was a young woman on her tummy, a bulging black bag above, and a red hose ending with a silver nozzle invading her ass; it was indeed an exciting sight. Next a middle-age gal on her back with knees drawn up receiving a white bulb enema from her nurse - - an incredibly hot shot! And finally, a shocking close-up of a man on the exam table, legs in stirrups, receiving a bag enema while sporting a fully erect penis! Sally’s breathing quickened markedly seeing that one.

“ And now Sally, I want you to see a short video,” Lana intoned. The silent film began with a scene of a simple wooden chair with a full JBL enema bag placed on its seat. Sally had heard of such a device with its vertical nozzle jutting up from the swollen horizontal dark red bag, but she had never seen one in use.

Into the video’s frame walked an attractive older woman wearing only a purple top and a black masquerade mask. She looked down at the JBL whose thick black nozzle glistened with lubricant. The woman turned toward the camera and slowly sat down on the nozzle, as her weight propelled the enema water up into her bottom. The woman seemed to be enthralled by the process and began rubbing her pussy. Within a few minutes, the bag was flat, and the woman was bent over apparently climaxing in ecstasy. It was one of the oddest things Sally had ever seen, and she had somewhat mixed feelings about it.

Lana’s multi-media presentation was over, and there was no denying Sally’s panties were wet. “Honey, I just wanted to warm you up a bit before your first enema today,” said the sultry Nurse Lana.

Taking Sally by the hand, the nurse led her patient to red-lit exam room. Sally liked the way Lana helped shed her jeans and particularly how carefully she peeled down those damp panties. “Up on the table young lady,” ordered the nurse, and soon the naked Sally was draped over a pillow, head down, ass in air, as Lana remarked, “ You know Sally, I could easily spent a whole afternoon just fingering your bottom…I can’t think of anything that’s more exciting except, of course, giving you multiple enemas.” “Oh yes,” panted Sally.

Sally loved being used anally by her horny nurse. This time, what started with a single slippery gloved finger gradually expanded to successive rectal dilators, the last of which stretched Sally’s anal ring quite wide, but with minimal discomfort to the appreciative recipient. The final invasion: a warm inflatable rubber plug, pumped up just right to stay in as Lana left the room to prepare Sally’s first enema.

The loving and lustful care Lana showered on Sally was dreamy and surreal.. Now, fixed in the most receptive of positions, Sally felt so sexy and horny. When she heard the slosh of water in a tub coming down the hallway, she knew her favorite type of enema was imminent. Nurse Lana stroked Sally hair, leaned over and whispered in her ear, “you’re going to get several bulbs honey. I just love to give them to you and how you take them. It makes me so damn hot.”

Sally adored the gurgling sound of the bulb being filled in the tub, In the mirror ahead, she could then see the bulb held vertically, purged of air, and being slathered with thick lubricant. Lana was so creative in setting scenes that she knew would drive Sally crazy with anal desire. A slow, circular application of additional lube to Sally’s anus came next, and then a twisting finger entered her rectum.

Sally moaned as the tip of the nozzle began its heavenly insertion, injecting warm enema deep inside. Lana always let this first bulb linger inside for a while, before the nozzle was slowly withdrawn. Lana spoke with a husky voice, “Now you have my enema inside you Sally…you are my anal submissive all this afternoon.”

The babbling of the bulb being refilled always excited Sally, for it meant another nozzle invasion, more pumped water, and deeper enema feelings. The process was repeated several (6?) times and Sally, her head bowed down, enjoyed each successive bulbful.

She looked up and, in the mirror, Nurse Lana had opened her white uniform and one hand was inside her white panties. When, for the first time, the deep nozzle began a shallow fucking motion, Sally knew something really big was approaching. Lana withdrew her hand from her panties, and placed two fingers under Sally’s nose. That was it: Lana’s scent set off fireworks as powerful waves coursed through Sally’s body with the most intense contractions occurred in her rectum. She leaked a little water, but it was worth it …and Lana was rubbing herself and orgasming too! That was a first for the two enema lovers.

Lana tenderly kissed Sally, and said simply, “ I love you,” and a somewhat delirious Sally replied the same. It was a beautiful thing to cum together, and they lingered in love and lust for a few minutes until Sally felt the urge to evacuate.

As Sally expelled her enema on the toilet, she was still horny and remembered she wanted to give Lana at least one enema during the visit. But now that might have to wait until another appointment since Lana had suggested Sally needed a few enemas today and time was limited,

As Sally lingered in the bathroom, a particular scene kept replaying in her mind: a half-naked woman in a black mask staring down at a plump JBL enema bag. It was somewhat disturbing, but Sally couldn’t shake the image. And then the realization struck: Sally desperately wanted to be that woman.

-the end -


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