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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 4

Sally had always believed in magic, and her new relationship with Nurse Lana certainly seemed to support that conviction. It had come out of nowhere and was so powerful that only magic could explain it. She was thinking about it this morning when her cell phone vibrated, and the number displayed belonged to you-know-who. Sally’s excitement meter swung wildly, but she waited a few seconds to answer. Soon the familiar voice spoke, “How’s my new girlfriend doing this morning?”

The notion of being an intimate new girlfriend of a woman positively thrilled Sally and greatly enhanced her self-esteem - - never too late in life for new adventures! Yes, many years ago, Sally had had a few experimental times with other women, but nothing as erotic as the three off-the-charts visits at Nurse Lana’s clinic.

Lana said she had a cabin in the mountains where she often spent weekends alone, and she’d love to have Sally join her there sometime, at least for an overnight stay. Lana’s voice was deep and lusty, and Sally immediately said yes, although she realized she’d have to devise some explanation for her husband - - something like just an overnight stay with a gal friend who enjoyed exploring nature as much as Sally did - - leaving unsaid what part of nature was to be explored.

The alibi did indeed work, and in the five days prior to the Saturday rendezvous Sally’s mind was preoccupied with fantasies of what might happen soon. While they had been beyond intimate at the clinic, Sally and Lana had never laid down together, kissed passionately, engaged in normal foreplay or made love in any conventional lesbian way - - like tribbing which had surprisingly greatly aroused Sally the one time she saw it in a porn video.

And then, of course, there was that rare taboo interest responsible for their meeting in the first place. Just the thought of Nurse Lana snapping on latex gloves, spreading Sally’s cheeks, applying cool lubricant, and gently penetrating her patient’s needy bottom immediately accelerated Sally’s pulse. Oh, that twisting motion Lana had perfected while adding another finger was simply divine.

Sally allowed herself such thoughts only in the privacy of the bathroom, lest her visceral reaction alert her husband. And only when she ran the water creating a sonic background did she dare think of the main attraction that Nurse Lana provided. She even quietly whispered the word to herself: “enema,” triggering excitement while she sat on the toilet. Her pussy was damp with desire, but she mightily resisted the urge to insert something up her ass and masturbate to orgasm since she knew her climax cry would alarm her husband. “Oh God, Saturday can’t come soon enough…”

-the end-Chapter 4

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