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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 3

The unexpected relationship with Nurse Lana had a dreamlike quality to it. Although Sally had only two visits with her so far, she felt incredibly close to this warm woman who somehow had extraordinary insight into Sally’s uncommon libido. There’s no doubt that the orgasms Lana had induced in Sally were no usual climaxes; they were powerful and anal-oriented, very different from the past.

As she drove to her third appointment, Sally was again greatly aroused just envisioning Nurse Lana’s examination room and adjacent special bathroom. She loved the low amber lighting that gave an erotic glow to what was happening between the two women. Lana sure had a knack for setting things up in a way that excited Sally.

It didn't take long after Sally's arrival for another amazing erotic atmosphere to develop between the two women. Lana locked the front door, and within minutes Sally found herself back on the exam table head down, ass up - - and open to anything Nurse Lana might have in store for her that lusty day.

There was something so intriguing about that mirror in front of Sally as she, in her naughty pose, watched Nurse Lana preparing to work from behind her totally-exposed bottom. The mirror confirmed that one of the larger enema bulbs was now missing from the clinic table, and occasionally Lana herself appeared in view with the tops of her ample breasts spilling out over her white bra.

Normally, Sally preferred an enema giver be fully dressed since it emphasized the dominant role, with Sally on the flip side fully surrendering into her natural submissive state. But this time, the reflected image of the scantily clad nurse stimulated those latent lesbian desires that Sally was beginning to experience in recent times. It was so exciting to now feel free to embrace those inclinations.

“I want you to fully relax dear,” intoned Nurse Lana, “there’s no rush, and you have those deep needs that require special attention. And I enjoy fulfilling your desires. It makes me hot.”

That last line sent a bolt of excitement through Sally. Although Lana had clearly masturbated while giving Sally her “big girl enema” last time (and put her wet finger under Sally’s nose sparking her orgasm), this was the first time Lana verbally expressed her own erotic reaction to her patient. Sally began to pant involuntarily.

Nurse Lana took her time lubricating the outside of Sally’s butt hole, never really penetrating much, teasing her charge a bit in the process. Sally was about to plead “Oh, please enter me” when Lana instinctively did just that in a slow, twisting motion. She backed off a bit, applied more lube to her probing gloved finger, and once again penetrated the hot hole, this time all the way.

The anal fingering was divine and rendered Sally completely complicit in what was transpiring. She wanted nothing more than to completely surrender to this dominate woman - - and to be used as her anal sex slave all afternoon long.

Then, the nurse spoke in a low husky voice, “honey, it’s time for your first enema,” Sally was beside herself with rectal desire. “Oh yes,” she heard herself murmur.

Lana withdrew her fingers (yes, there were two now), and inserted a sizable plug into Sally’s insatiable anus. Water ran in the bathroom as Nurse Lana filled a rubber tub which was then placed on a shelf adjacent to the exam table. The big tan enema bulb was squeezed, then submerged into the red tub where it noisily sucked in a copious amount of warm water.

Sally watched in the mirror as Lana slathered lubricating jelly along the shaft of the flexible black nozzle. The tan bulb was larger than any Sally had ever seen in person, and it was a tad intimidating. But Lana, through her prolonged fingering, had relaxed Sally’s rectal muscles sufficiently.

Now as the nozzle slowly made its way inward, Sally felt warm water being injected deep within her rectum. The nozzle was fully inserted, and Sally sensed the bulb's warmth on the inside of her thighs and smooth bottom cheeks. She now had enema water inside her, and it felt heavenly. Sally lusted for more…more enema.

The warm nozzle was slowly withdrawn, but soon the gurgle of the bulb’s refilling induced more excitement as another insertion and enema squeeze was imminent. Somehow, the second entry and pump of the bulb was even more exciting than the first. And more were on their way.

After a few more injections, it was clear Sally was holding a lot of enema. Nurse Lana was careful inserting a subsequent filling, lest there be abnormal discomfort. And now, with the last injection, Lana began a very slow but rhythmic nozzle fucking with only one hand on the bulb. Her other hand moved to Sally’s now dripping pussy and gently began massaging her stiff wet clit.

In time, the in and out movement of the enema nozzle slowly increased its frequency as the massaging of Sally’s clit continued. With one particularly deep stroke of the nozzle, Sally’s nub was tenderly pinched, and Nurse Lana exclaimed, “Oh, cum for me now, my lover,” and with that a mighty force roared within and over Sally as erotic waves of pleasure coursed through her being, far beyond an ordinary orgasm. The powerful climax engulfed her whole body, particularly her clitoral and rectal areas. She leaked a bit of water as the mighty contractions continued for well over a minute.

“Oh, Nurse Lana, I’ve never cum anything like that before. I’m so sorry I leaked.” “Now, now honey,” Nurse Lana said, “don’t worry about that at all. It just means you had a powerful anal orgasm, which was my intention all along. I want you to feel really good and well-taken care of. Besides that’s why we use absorbent pads. Leaking is a small price to pay for a mind-blowing orgasm, wouldn’t you agree?” “Yes, I guess so,” said Sally still basking in the afterglow of her prolonged cumming. All of this was so intimate…and with another woman!

Soon Sally was expelling in the bathroom and feeling ecstatic about what had just happened. She began to feel she was falling in love with Nurse Lana; no woman had ever touched her essence like this; sexually it was simply electrifying.

After evacuating, Sally moved to the shower and within a few minutes she heard Nurse Lana say, “if it’s alright, may I come in there with you?” “Of course,” Sally replied and the pulled backed curtain revealed a naked Nurse Lana about to join her very favorite patient. Seeing her nurse fully nude was breathtaking for Sally; Lana was a somewhat larger woman with beautiful plump breasts, long brown hair, ample round bottom, and a pretty pussy to boot.

The two embraced instinctively in the warm shower water and took turns soaping up and rinsing each other’s bodies. It was so much fun, and soon undeniable sexual longings developed.

Lana turned her back to Sally and bent over slightly. Somehow, Sally had a sudden impulse to take a soapy finger and slowly insert it up her nurse’s bottom. She did it! The finger moved in and out for only a few seconds when Sally began feeling strong contractions starting deep within Lana. Nurse Lana was having an orgasm, anally induced by Sally! Both women were breathing hard, the mighty contractions continued but eventually settled down, and Sally slowly removed her finger.

It was such an incredible surprise to them both, but it was as natural as two anal-oriented women could ever be together.

Nurse Lana held Sally close, “Oh thank you my darling. That felt so good.” It was moment of sheer bliss for them both.

A minute or so later, Lana reached around, caressing Sally’s bottom and whispered, “ Now, I think it’s time for a certain patient to have her next enema, don’t you?”

- the end – Chapter 3


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