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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 2

Sally couldn’t get Nurse Lana off her mind. Every day since it happened three weeks ago, she thought about receiving those bulb enemas - - the perfectly administered six squeezes, slow nozzle fuck, and vibrating hand that took her over the edge. From a woman! - - a nurse with uncanny insight into Sally’s libido, who had exquisitely pumped those warm bulbfuls that induced the biggest orgasm of Sally’s life.

Plus, Sally had been thinking about women in general since then. Well, women and enemas. There was that neighbor gal Jen, single, in her thirties who Sally had chatted with a few times when they were both outside, usually on Tuesdays when Jen didn’t work. She had a demanding job that produced a lot of stress and once mentioned she had tummy problems at times as a result. Sally let her own mind run wild with fantasy. Could she somehow talk Jen into accepting stomach “help” on Tuesday afternoons?

But it was Nurse Lana who most occupied Sally’s naughty consciousness. The initial meeting was so wondrous, and Lana had promised a “big girl enema” next time. But there was a dilemma: the fee the nurse charged for her services was surely reasonable, however money was tight and insurance didn’t cover such therapy. Sally was determined to save as much as possible as quickly as possible to afford another visit. And she finally did it!

Nurse Lana immediately recognized Sally’s voice on the phone, “Oh honey, I was wondering about you. How have you been? Such pleasantries continued for a moment, and Sally then spoke, “I’d like to make another appointment, as soon as it’s convenient for you.” Nurse Lana was more than happy to oblige and said there was an opening 11 a.m. on Friday which was ideal for Sally. “Now, don’t eat too much that morning honey.” The “e” word wasn’t mentioned, but clearly understood. Sally was so excited after hanging up that she slipped under the covers, lubed and inserted a butt plug, and masturbated to climax.

When Sally arrived at Nurse Lana’s office, she was not nervous this time - - simply excited. Within minutes she was back in the exam room, although the lighting seemed dimmer than before. There was the exam table with stirrups where Sally’s first experience had taken place, and the nearby single bed raised a bit higher than normal. On the IV pole hung two enema bags, red and black in color. Both had a long hose with a distinctive nozzle; a thick rubbery one with the red bag; and an amber double balloon type with the black bag.

Nurse Lana instructed Sally to sit on the edge of the bed as she wheeled her medical stool next to her patient.

Her white nurse’s uniform was unbuttoned to where her the tops of her ample breasts were quite obvious. Sally loved the way Lana smelled too, and the way she gently stroked Sally’s hair as she spoke. It was almost a magic spell that had Sally thinking she was falling in love with Nurse Lana. Or something like it. “I really liked taking care of you last time Sally. You were so responsive. You’re anal-centric sexually, aren’t you?” Sally blushed a bit, then quietly said, “yes.” “Let’s get those pants of yours down honey, I want to make you feel so good today.”

Sally left her top on, but was soon naked from the waist down. She felt very sexual already even though Nurse Lana had yet to touch any erogenous zones. Two big pillows were placed on the middle of the bed, and Sally was instructed to lie over them, head down, bottom in the air.

“Snap,” Nurse Lana put on a latex glove and slowly parted Sally’s cheeks. She soon felt cool lube as the nurse tenderly applied it to Sally’s hot spot. A finger then entered very slowly with a twist and soon was very deep. Sally started panting, as Lana expertly slowly probed her asshole. It was divine. And Sally was getting wet, fast.

Nurse Lana’s investigative finger was slowly withdrawn, only to be quickly replaced by a slick rubbery object that soon began inflating. It was a special butt plug, and Lana told her it would remain inside while that big red enema bag was filled. “And, oh yes honey, you can touch yourself while I prepare things.” She handed her patient a small vibrator. Sally had never openly masturbated in front of another woman, but now she welcomed the opportunity. She wondered if lesbians did this sort of thing all the time. She liked it.

Nurse Lana was so perceptive about Sally’s fetish that she knew hanging the swollen red bag in a location her patient could see it during her enema would add to the erotic atmosphere.

Sally felt the butt plug deflating and withdrawing, soon replaced by shooter of KY jelly that Nurse Lana injected into Sally’s rectum. It was a lot of lube, but necessary for the fat rubber nozzle that now pressed against her anus which was stretching to accommodate the intrusion.

With great skill, Lana inched the nozzle deep inside, as Sally once again started panting involuntarily. “Honey, I just love giving you your enemas,” and with that Sally heard “click” as the valve opened and warm enema water entered her ass. It was heavenly.

Nurse Lana had an improbable ability to adjust the flow to induce the optimal stimulation for Sally to ravish. “That’s my girl, you’ve taken about half your big enema,” Lana intoned, “are you feeling as sexy as you look?” “Oh yes, I love this,” replied Sally who, all this while, was pressing the humming vibrator against her labia and clit. She looked over and saw Nurse Lana rubbing her own crotch, hand inside her uniform.

The filling continued and both women were now highly aroused. A gurgling sound was heard as Sally accepted the last drop of her enema. The enema pressure was strong, both women were masturbating, and Nurse Lana withdrew her hand and placed two wet fingers under Sally’s nose. The female fragrance overwhelmed Sally with lust and a powerful orgasm broke within her as she held her “big girl enema.” She almost fainted with carnal bliss as the erotic waves continued before gradually subsiding

-the end- chapter 2



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