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Sally's Feminine Fulfillment

Sally's Feminine Fulfillment Chapter 1

It was a busy day, but an unscheduled hour in Sally’s mid-afternoon work provided an opportunity for her to spend just surfing the Internet. Unexpectedly, she came across a local ad from a semi-retired local nurse offering services for women only, to include general physical check-ups, various massage techniques, and enema therapy. Not colonic therapy, but enema therapy. Soon Sally’s nervous fingers were punching in a new phone number. There was something about that word “enema” that had always affected her.

Sally scheduled an appointment for Wednesday at 2 p.m., and by Tuesday evening she was beside herself with erotic anticipation. It would take considerable control not to insert something in her rectum and masturbate that night before.

Arriving right on time, Sally was greeted by personable buxom older woman named Lana, a R.N., who recently opened this part-time practice because she enjoyed interacting with women and helping them with their needs. Sitting across from her modest desk for an interview, Sally observed behind her a clinic room with exam table, large sink, and a nearby hospital bed. There was an IV stand near the bed with what looked to be some type of rubber equipment hung upon it. Off that area, was a bathroom glowing in amber light.

Nurse Lana asked what help could she provide for Sally today, and the somewhat hesitant response was, " Well, just a general physical check-up I guess, and maybe some enema therapy that you advertised." Sally was clearly embarrassed in saying that second part, but with a twinkle in her eye Lana said, "Yes, I understand honey."

The nurse took her new patient to the clinic room and, after noting her weight on a scale, instructed Sally to sit on the end of the exam table. Soon her blood pressure was measured (normal) and her pulse recorded (high at the moment!), and then Nurse Lana spoke, “it’s time to take your temperature honey, and I like to do it the most accurate way, so please take off everything from your waist down and lie down on your tummy.

Sally was a little embarrassed, but promptly obeyed her nurse’s request. Lying passively on the sheet of medical paper somehow felt exciting, Soon, a warm hand spread Sally’s cheeks while a gloved finger anointed her anus with cool lubricant, A cold glass thermometer then glided in, prompting a genuine wave of sexual pleasure in Sally’s bottom that she feared Nurse Lana could sense (but that was exciting too!).

While the thermometer recorded her temp, the nurse asked about Sally’s diet, exercise habits, and any current issues Sally felt needed attention. The new patient answered appropriately, but her mind was revolving around the erotic feeling the thermometer had induced. And…she was getting wet.

So far, Sally really liked Lana’s friendly intimate style that complemented her air of experienced authority, a combination that worked to make Sally feel comfortable…and quite submissive.

The withdrawal of the narrow glass tube sent another shiver of excitement through Sally, and the reading was normal and reassuring. The newbie patient then began contemplating the medical procedure to come - - the one that had enticed Sally to make the appointment to begin with.

It was as if Nurse Lana was a mind-reader, she said, “ And now Sally, let’s get started on your enema treatment.”

Sally was expecting to be asked to lie on her left side in the Sims position but, to her great surprise, Nurse Lana had another idea. The patient was instructed to turn over on her back, arch up so an absorbent pad could be slipped under her, and then Nurse Lana deployed metal stirrups at the end of the exam table, high and wide so that when Sally’s feet were put in place, her crotch and her anus below were readily accessible. This was radically different from Sally’s expectations… and thrilling!

Standing between Sally’s legs, the matronly woman snapped on new gloves and squeezed ample cool lubricant onto fingers of her right hand plus onto the very needy butt hole before her. A single finger then slowly twisted its way inside, eliciting exquisitely sexual feelings for Sally. "We must lube you well for your first enema honey." Those words electrified Sally - - apparently, she was going to receive more than one enema this glorious afternoon!

A faucet flowed filling a black latex tub with warm water, and soon a large red rubber bulb with a thick flexible black nozzle appeared. Gurgling sounds came next as Lana filled the enema syringe, purged air, and then held the bulb vertically so Sally could clearly see when a generous amount of lube was slathered on the impressive nozzle.

Nurse Lana returned between her patient’s legs, and carefully inserted the nozzle while slowly squeezing the first bulb enema into Sally’s rectum. This very first injection provoked quiet panting from the patient that Nurse Lana immediately recognized. "Yes dear, there's nothing like enema for a girl like you, is there?"

Sally wanted that nozzle to stay inside her forever, but it was slowly withdrawn completely. Burbling sounds were heard as the nurse refilled the bulb, again lubricated the nozzle, and guided it back deep into Sally’s bottom. Another squeeze, and more involuntary panting from Sally. The cycle continued at a relaxed rate with three more bulb enema injections, with stronger squeezes each time.

Nurse Lana herself was breathing somewhat heavily now, and she strapped a strange vibrator to the back of her left hand. Another insertion, another squeeze, and then the nozzle began a slow back and forth motion. That vibrating hand moved to Sally’s now-soaked pussy and rested a finger on her stiff clit. A wave welled up inside Sally, moved closer, and finally crashed over her in a cathartic convulsion of erotic ecstasy, an enema orgasm unlike any Sally ever had experienced.

The nurse was pleased, while Sally was engulfed in pleasurable endorphins, physically spent and virtually unable to move.

Now it was Nurse Lana who was panting, as she stroked Sally’s hair and forehead while telling her patient how happy she had made her. Sally struggled to find adequate words, but could only exclaim, "Thank you. That was incredible."

After a few restful minutes, Lana helped Sally off the exam table, and led her to the bathroom. "Take your time expelling honey, enjoy a nice warm shower, and then return and lie down comfortably on the bed. Next will be your Big Girl enema…"

+++ end—chapter one+++


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