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Winter Storm

Part 4

About a month later, Carla was visiting Sarah for the weekend and the two had concocted a scene they new played to my predilections. I would play a teen boy with difficult attitude and Sarah would be my governess. I would fake being sick to play hooky from school. Carla would be a nurse friend of my governess called to treat my ‘illness’. Sarah arrived at my place fairly early on Saturday morning and I unlocked the door from bed with my phone. I stayed in bed, in my usual sleep attire - a t-shirt and boxers. Sarah strode in and scolded, “Why aren’t you up and getting ready for school?”

“I’m not feeling well…gonna stay home,” I replied.

She came over and felt my forehead, “You don’t have a fever. What’s wrong?”

“I dunno. I just don’t feel good,” I answered.

“Well, I’m going to call my friend, Carla, the nurse,” Sarah announced and left the room. Moments later the doorbell rang and I could hear Sarah explain, “He says he’s not feeling well but doesn’t seem to have a fever.”

The two women entered my room and Carla looked at me and smiled, “Perhaps he has a case of spring fever. It’s going around,” she quipped. “Ok, young man, I need you to lay facedown and lower your boxers.”

“No!” I protested emphatically.

“Mister, you’d better obey the nurse. You’re really trying my patience and you know what happens then,” Sarah chided. I nodded I knew. “What happens?” she repeated.

“You give me a spanking,” I replied. I had rolled onto my back to try and protect the target both women seemed drawn to.

“That’s right,” Sarah continued, “I have my hairbrush ready.” She wagged the wicked tool at me to emphasize her point.

“Ok,” Carla resumed, “Roll-over, please. I need to take your temperature.”

“No!,” I objected. “I don’t want you to take my temperature that way.”

“Oh, the thermometer is not the only thing going into your bottom,” Carla announced. “You’re gonna get two shots, as well. Now, please roll-over and lower your boxers.” I laid there uncooperative.

“Ok,” Sarah interjected. “You need to be taught a lesson in cooperation…seems like the only way you learn is if it involved my hairbrush giving you a very sore bottom.”

“No! Please! I’ll cooperate,” I whined.

“Too late,” Sarah replied, pulling up and out of bed. She jerked down my boxers and pulled me over her knee. She spanked me hard and fast until it felt like my ass had been attacked by a swarm of angry hornets. “Are you going to behave now?” she asked.

“Yes, miss,” I replied, rubbing my throbbing ass.

I then noticed that Carla had picked-up my belt from the dresser. “I think he needs just a bit more persuasion,” she stated, then added, “Lay down on the bed.” I complied and she tapped the heavy leather strap against my already well-spanked bottom. She drew back and gave me a hard stroke, then another and then a third. “That should do for now but if you give me any more resistance, I will not hesitate to whoop your butt some more. Understand?” I nodded wordlessly.

She added a dollop of lube to the thermometer, parted my cheeks and pushed the instrument deep into my rectum. She set to filling two syringes. “I’m going to give you two vitamin shots that should get you feeling better in a hurry,” she announced. She set the syringes on bed beside me and withdrew the thermometer. I felt the cool alcohol swab my left cheek and then the paint of the needle against my skin. She pressed slowly until the needle broke through and sank to the hilt. I felt the building warm pressure deep in my glute as the vitamin serum flowed in. She repeated the process on the other side leaving me with a wonder ache deep in each cheek while the whole surface throbbed from the spankings.

“Roll over,” Carla instructed and I quickly complied. As much as I loved being spanked by these two women, I was at my limit and did not want to provoke any further punishment for a while. “I need a semen sample, can you stroke while I hold the specimen cup,” she asked Sarah, who smiled broadly in response. Sarah began to slowly stroke me and it did not take long to bring me to apex.

“He’s gonna cum,” Sarah predicted and Carla positioned the cup to catch the outcome. The first jet was energetic and a portion missed the cup completely landing on Carla’s hand and my shirt, while the remaining spurts were fully captured. Carla licked her hand clean and took a swig from the cup. “Can I have a taste?” Sarah asked.