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Winter Storm

Part 5

Part 5

The women had concocted a second play scene in which they were sisters who were caught cheating at school. The pair sat in my home office as I played the school principal. The ‘house call’ left my bottom nicely tender and I was eager to return the favor as I briefly scolded the ‘girls’ for their violation of school honor code. “You know what violation of the honor code has earned you, right?” I asked.

They both nodded and answered in unison, “A paddling.”

“That’s right,” I confirmed, standing and picking up the paddle that lay across my desk. “Carla, you’ll go first. Bend over the desk, panties down and skirt up,” I instructed. She adopted the position and I adjusted the skirt to fully bare her bottom. “Forearms flat on the desktop,” I added. “Leave this position and the swat does not count. Understood?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered softly. I tapped the paddle against her round cheeks and looked back at Sarah who while perhaps anxious about her own paddling was eager to watch her friend’s ass get spanked. I had made the paddle from half-inch-thick oak. It was eighteen inches long and four inches wide. I had bored a pattern of holes in the contact zone. I knew from personal experience that even a moderate swing imparted significant discomfort. I drew back and gave Carla’s bottom a heavy swat. She groaned and rocked forward slightly before settling again. I paused for a quiet ten count before giving her the second. It took nearly a minute to deliver all six, leaving her lower cheeks very red and slightly bruised.

“Sarah, your turn,” I commanded and the two women exchanged places. Sarah presented a widen stance that I expected was intended to be provocative and distract me. She received her six swats noisily, yelping and moaning as the pain increased with each impact. Her bottom showed even a bit redder and more initial bruising than Carla’s and at the conclusion she danced and rubbed her sore bottom almost comically. “Ok, you two are free to go,” I said and then added, “If you are caught cheating again, you’ll be getting ten strokes of the cane.” The two nodded and left my office. I heard them go out the front door for a walk around the block intended to give their bottoms a chance to cool down on the ‘way home from school’ where ‘dad’ would be waiting.

They returned about five minutes later. Now in my ‘dad’ persona, I scolded, “I just got a call from school saying you’d been caught cheating and had both been paddled. Is this true?”

“Yes, daddy,” Carla responded. “We’re really sorry.”

“I’m sure you are,” I replied. “What happens when you get in trouble at school?” I asked.

“You give us a spanking,” Sarah answered.

“Bingo,” I replied. “Go fetch the brush!”

“No! Please, daddy!” Sarah whined. “Not the brush!”

“Young lady, fetch that brush immediately our you’ll both earn another minute over my knee,” I chided. Carla bolted out of the living room to my bedroom where the brush resided in a drawer of spanking implements and other naughty toys. She returned a few moments later and handed me the brush. I took it and sat on the sofa. “Sarah, you’re first,” I announced and prompted her to approach my right side. I laid the brush in my lap and reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, then had her step out of them. I guided her over my knee and then flipped up the back of her skirt. I set a two minute timer and began to spank. The paddle contact had mostly been limited to the lower cheeks but I made sure the entirety of Sarah’s bottom received contact of the brush. As the timer sounded, her bottom resembled two pink orbs with dark shading in the lower section of the oval. I repeated the process with Carla and about a minute into the process, I felt her left hand reach back and grab hold of my erection through my pants. I concluded the two minutes and noted, “I’m not sure whether that deserves a reward or some additional spanking.”

“I think a reward and know exactly what I want,” she responded, sliding of my lap to kneel in front of me and unzipped my pants.

“Can I help,” Sarah asked, kneeling aside her friend and aiding the with manual and oral stimulus until I emptied onto their faces.