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Winter Storm

Part 3

A few days after the superb evening of Netflix, spanking and other frivolities, Sarah called. “That conference you’re attending next week? Carla’s gonna be at the hotel just across the street from you for work meetings, too. You two should get together.”

“You’d be ok with that?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?” Sarah replied. “Though if you have sex with her I’m gonna have to spank both of your asses.”

Our call meandered through a few other topics and when it was finished, I texted Carla, ‘Seems we’re both travel to the same destination for work. Wanna meet for drinks and maybe dinner?’ We worked out the details - she was arriving a day ahead of me, so we decided to rendezvous at her room after I landed the following afternoon. I dropped my bag in my own room, grabbed my small satchel of toys and headed over to meet her. She greeted me with a hug and smile. “You ready to grab a drink?” I asked.

“Sure,” Carla replied, “…but I’d enjoy the cocktail and conversation a lot more if my bottom was a little warmer.” She gave me a devilish grin and pulled up her dress to reveal pale pink panties. I tossed the satchel on the table and sat on the small sofa, pulling her over my lap. I tugged down her panties and proceeded to spank her bare bottom until it was uniformly pink and glowing. She was about to get up and I held her in place.0

“One other thing to add before we head to the bar,” I announced and opened the satchel. Her eyes widened at the sight of a black butt plug that I coated with lube and then slowly introduced into her rectum. She moaned as it went in and I pulled-off her panties and stuffed them in my pocket. “You don’t need these right now,” I explained and led her out of the room. In the bar, we ordered drinks and she squirmed a bit in her seat. “Cheeks stinging?” I asked.

“My tush feels great, nice and warm. I’m just not accustomed to sitting with a plug inside. Sometimes while getting a spanking or horizontal but never seated before now,” she explained. A bit later we were back in her room and she announced, “I think I need to return the favor and then we can grab dinner.” She slowly unbuckled my belt and quipped, “Gonna save that for later.” She pulled me over her knee and gave me a long hand spanking that was never too intense but still quite effective in raising the heat in my cheeks to almost my threshold to beg her to back-off or even stop. When she finished, she held me in place and caressed my stinging rump while we discussed dinner options, setting on a seafood place down the street. She prompted me to stand and noted, “I need a bit of appetizer before we go.” She slid to her knees and took me in her mouth, quickly bringing me to climax and a generous release that she full captured, then showed me the milky pool in her mouth and conspicuously swallowed and pronounced, “Yummy!”

After dinner, Carla proposed going back to her room for a night cap. She extracted a bottle of tequila she had purchased the previous evening and gave us each a generous pour. After sipping our drinks and chit-chat about work and such, the broached the subject of more play. “I’m fascinated by your belt. Can I give you, say, six? I’ll offer to take six from you, as well,” she offered. I unbuckled my belt, pulled it free and handed it to her. I lowered my pants and bent over the bed and waited. She doubled the strap and tapped it against my bare cheeks and gave me a ferocious stroke. I cringed at the intensity and barely recovered when the second stroke hit. She finished the half-dozen with a particularly vigorous strike and then handed me the implement. She pulled up her dress and I realized her panties were still in my pocket. I held back from full force but six strokes left a bright red swath on her gorgeous ass. “Get in me! Right now!” she ordered, widening her stance slightly. I was more than ready and entered her without additional prelude. “Mmm,” she cooed as I began to thrust. I reach around and fondled her right breast through her dress. She reached up and I though she was going to block me from fondling her but unbuttoned the front and then pulled her bra down to free her breast. I felt myself close to climax and slowed trying to extend myself. “Don’t stop!” she ordered, “Cum inside me now!” I proceeded to follow her ordered and pressed myself deep, my pelvis pressed tightly against her warm ass as my cock twitched and unloaded.

Moments later we had fallen onto the bed. She was leaking from a particularly copious dose of semen and she asked, “Can you come-by early tomorrow for a wake-up call?”

“Perhaps, I should just stay here and refill you if needed?” I stuck a finger inside her and withdrew to taste our mingled juices. “Yum, indeed.”