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Winter Storm

Part 2

A few weeks after the winter storm had led to few fun-filled days with both Sarah and Carla, Sarah came over on a Friday evening. She brought a pizza and we sat down to catch-up on a Netflix series that we were both addicted to. After the pizza was gone and we had watched one episode, I asked, “How was your week?”

“It kinda sucked,” Sarah replied. “I kinda was hoping you might warm my bottom before we watch the next episode.”

“I can certainly do that,” I offered.

“…and maybe a quick fuck, too,” Sarah added.

I was taken aback. We had spanked each other multiple times. I had seen her naked, fingered her enthusiastically a few times and she had given me an exception blowjob after she spanked me for losing my temper with a subordinate. Given our history of only playful foreplay, her proposition took me off-guard but recovered quickly from my surprise, “Your wish is my command.” She was already sitting on my right side, so pulled her legs up and knelt, then pealed-down her jeans and panties before going over my lap. I spanked her for a few minutes with my bare hand before she reached over the coffee table, pulled open a drawer and removed the small cheek-to-cheek paddle I had made.

She handed it to me and advised, “I need maybe a good minute with this,” and resumed her position. I whacked her cheeks with the oak implement until both glowed. I let her catch her breath and caressed her warm bottom and then let my hand wander lower and tested her pussy. She was very wet and pushed aggressively against my hand. “I need something a bit bigger than your finger,” she announced. I prompted her to kneel on the sofa and positioned myself behind her. Her pink bottom looked spectacular and her parted legs presented an ample target as I quickly undid my own pants and teased her with the head of my erection. She suddenly pushed back and enveloped me. I began to thrust and feeling how tight she was, knew I would not last long. Perhaps she sensed my short fuse and asked, “Cum on my butt?” When I felt myself on the verge of orgasm, I withdrew and a few moments later a generous spurt of semem shot onto her butt and lower back. Subsequent, more minor jets fell onto her cheeks and into her crack. She reached back and spread the jizz all over her cheeks and looked over her shoulder, “Thanks. I needed that.”

“Happy to help! Perhaps after the next episode you want warm my tush,” I replied.

“Why wait,” she replied, prompting me to turn and kneel facing the back of the couch. She picked up the paddle and gave me a lengthy - maybe five minute - spanking keeping the intensity light enough to not wear-out my butt but yet maintain a high level of sting. She reached around with her left hand and grasped my revived erection and slowly stroked while adding lighter swats to my bum. After a bit of that she had me sit down - bare butt on the sofa and resumed the Netflix series on the next episode. She gently stroked me, bending over occasionally to suck and provide a little saliva for lubrication. She brought me to near-climax several times and then as the episode concluded, she pushed me to fruition. The output was less that the first round but still enough to create quite a mess mostly falling on my stomach and abdomen. She licked a rivulet of semen from her fingers and the pulled my head down and gave me a long, deep and very salty kiss.

“Let’s go take a shower,” she suggested. “I have some ideas on how to use your bath brush.”