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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 4

Very good Ms. Jones, Now if you would, please disrobe, including your bra and panties. I will need complete access during your evaluation. I've placed a robe on the exam table for you should you desire it. She hesitated for a moment then slowly started to remove her clothing. He watched her intently and she removed her clothes, only averting his eyes once or twice to write something on his clipboard. This made her both blush and tingle a little. "Pervert" she thought, "I bet he really enjoys his job!"

The robe was ridiculously short, it didn't even fully cover her ass. But it was soft and warm and comforting. He pulled a large terry cloth towel from one of the supply drawers and draped it over the exam table. If you would Ms. Jones please lie down on the exam table. He helped her onto the exam table and once she was situated he pulled a pillow from another supply drawer, asking her to lift her head he placed it on the table for her to rest her head on.

I see on your chart you "like to be comfortable when you're being worked over", I completely understand, you want to be able to focus on the sensations and not a back or neck ache. He then pulled two more towels from the supply drawer and placed them over the padded stirrups. Now please place your legs in the stirrups Ms. Jones he instructed, helping her situate each leg he strapped each one in firmly. The straps are to help you relax Ms. Jones you can relax your muscles and let the straps hold your legs up. With that he adjusted the stirrups as high and as wide they would go. Is that comfortable Ms. Jones "Yes" she replied, thinking "And embarrassing as hell" her legs now spread wide open, the ridiculously short robe covered nothing. Her pussy was on fully display. Positioning himself between her legs he removed the small flash light from his shirt pocket, turning it on he leaned in a little. Stroking her pussy from her taint to her clit her commented. "You have a very lovely pussy Ms. Jones and I see you are already a little excited" adding to her embarrassment and excitement even more.

He then walked over to the big screen TV and turned in on. There on the big screen was her pussy in vibrant HD color, she could clearly see the wetness of her excitement. The camera was zoomed in just right to capture her from her head to her ass and not much outside of that. OMG she thought. "How mortifying, did it have to be zoomed is so much and did she need to see in HD how wet she was?"

Walking back over to her, he traced his fingers up along her leg, inner thigh to her pussy as he came to stand beside her. "For the rest of your evaluation I will be addressing you as Slut, Dirty Slut or Dirty Little Slut, you will refer to your self and your body parts in the same manner and you will address me a Sir. is that understood?", "Yes Sir" was all she could manage at that moment.

Opening her robe and exposing her breasts he said, "As you are nipple erotic, I will start with them." pinching them softly, circling them and rubbing them he made notes on his clip board as he proceeded. Each pinch, flick and stroke sent tingles straight to her pussy and she could feel herself getting wetter. She could see it too on that @#$% TV, the embarrassment making her even wetter. Did the TV have to be so big, it was bigger than the one she had at home and that one was 60 inches!

Pausing for a moment from her nipples, his fingers traced their way down to her pussy. Stroking her folds up and down either side and over her clit a couple times, he commented, "You truly are a Dirty Little Slut aren't you? Just a little bit of nipple play and your already very wet, your pussy is practically begging to be fucked!", taking her hand he placed it on his crotch, she could feel a bulging erection in his pants. "Just playing with your nipples and watching your reaction has gotten me rather excited as well" he said smiling, "We may get to me fucking you soon enough if you consent, my Dirty Little Slut, but we have only just started your evaluation."

For the next 30 minutes or so he continued the evaluation, he cropped her ass, her pussy and clit, her breasts and nipples. He stroked and rubbed her pussy and clit, the lips and folds, the entrance to her vagina, making notes on his clipboard as she responded to each new sensation. He rubbing and poked her anus, pushing a finger just barely up her ass causing her to thrust her ass at him wanting more. He laughed, "You like that don't you my Dirty Little Slut? You chart said you were anal erotic as well. I bet you want more don't you."

"Yes" she moaned as he fucked her ass with just the tip of his finger. Unzipping his pants he pulled out his cock, placing her hand on it. "See the effect you are having on me" he said. "You like being a Slut and knowing what your actions cause don't you, stroke it a little, feel it in your hand, enjoy being the Dirty Little Slut that you are." he let her stroke him for a few seconds poking her anus as she did before pulling away from her with a little groan, he put his cock back in his pants then scribbled on his clipboard again. "Not there yet my Dirty Little Slut, I may fuck you soon enough." Next he used a violet wand on her, the attachment looked like a little dildo. He touched her anus with it, her pussy and clit, he spread her lips and touched the opening of her vagina, he teased each of her nipples with it circling them with the tip, he circle her breasts, he ran it down her belly across her clit and down her thigh, back up her thigh across her pussy and clit again then down the other thigh.

Putting the violet wand away, he resumed stimulating her nipples and rubbing her anus pressing the tip of his fingers in and out of her ass. "Now before we continue, I am going to need your enthusiastic consent, I can have you masturbate to climax for me with one of the toys in your Slut pussy concluding todays evaluation, or I can proceed with an internal evaluation. In order to do the internal evaluation I will need to administer two enemas. You will have to void these into a bucket while you remain on the exam table, this is for evaluation purposes. I will need enthusiastic consent to proceed either way." still playing with her ass and nipples he waited for an answer,....

She looked at him, then that @#$% big screen TV with the camera capturing every humiliating moment of her "evaluation". She so wanted to cum right now, but she didn't want the evaluation to stop either. Either way that #$%@ camera was going to capture every humiliating second in HD. She closed her eyes and whimpered a little.

A sharp pinch to her nipple brought her back. "Remember, there is no judgment here. I am here to help you explore your kink as far as you want to explore it, to allow you to be the dirtiest nastiest slut you can be, or not to be quite so slutty. I will support and assist you either way without judgment." he said, his finger still in her ass, his thumb resting just below her clit, her had bumped her clit and ass each time he said the word "Slut", a soft smile on his face, his touch softened just a bit releasing her nipple he caressed her breasts tracing his fingers in a figure eight around them both, "How slutty are you going to be today?, Remember I need enthusiastic consent to continue"....


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