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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 3

"Excellent" he said in his best creepy, sinister exaggerated voice while wringing his hands.

This made her giggle,"OK Mr. Mad Doctor, what do you have planned for me?"

he laughed, dropping the voice. "You'll just have to wait and see won't you, let me get the gear from the car."

"No plans to play with my huh." she said smiling.

"I don't plan on getting a flat tire, but I still keep a spare." he said as he headed to the car.

While he was getting the gear from the car she wondered the room a bit, idly touching and inspecting some of the items and equipment. She could feel herself dampening again at the anticipation.

He soon returned carrying two duffel bags. Setting them down he pulled out a flashlight, a clipboard and what looked like a gown or robe. He draped the robe across the exam table then placing the flashlight in his shirt pocket and pulling a pen from the clip board he addressed her. Ms. Jones I am Dr. Harold, I will be your Support Counselor today, as you know here at the clinic we cater to clients wanting to explore their kinks and fetishes in a Safe, Sane, Consensual and Supportive environment. There is no judgment here, that's why we post complete dossier on all of our staff including their own kinks and fetishes. We find it makes our clients more comfortable in discussing and exploring. Many of our clients are single and in need of a trust worthy partner to play with, although we do get some couples as well. I'm sure you have already read my dossier. I see on your chart this is your first time here and we have you scheduled for an Evaluation and Training session. As this is your first time here I will be evaluating your response to certain physical stimulation. Spanking, pinching, cropping, stroking, electrical stimulation, etc. I may also do an internal evaluation as well as evaluate the extent of your interests. You will be asked throughout the evaluation if you would like to stop or proceed. The evaluation will be recorded for review by any future Support Counselors you may have should you decide to return to us. Not to worry, all of our client files are stored on a triple encrypted secure server with no outside access and no copies can be made without three supervisors access codes. It's a very tedious process for us, if you want a video copy of any of your sessions but we take client confidentiality and security very seriously. Your training for todays session will simply be informational. Once we have a baseline from todays evaluation we will suggest additional training for future visits should you choose to return to us.

I see on your chart that you are a "Dirty Little Slut" that likes to be used for your partners pleasure. You enjoy being humiliated and made to perform dirty slutty humiliating acts both sexual and non-sexual. She blushed a little as he read that off her chart, looking down at the floor to avoid looking at him.

Remember Ms. Jones there is no judgment here. He had a soft gentle tone to his voice. Only support. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the things that "get us off" so to speak, That's why the clinic is here, to help you explore and enjoy any kinks and fetishes you may have in a supportive non judgmental environment. I see here you are very nipple erotic, I enjoy playing with women's nipples. You will receive lots of nipple stimulation as part of your evaluation today. His tone soft and reassuring. This made her blush a little more and her pussy to dampen at the mention and thought of him playing with her nipples. She dared to glance up at him for just a second, he was smiling and looking right at her, she thought she caught a bit of a wicked glint in his eyes, this caused her clit to throb a little.

Support Counselors are paired with perspective clients based on mutual interests to best suite the client and their individual kinks and fetishes, here at the clinic we find it makes for a more "personal" experience.

I see here you have listed limits as scat, being punched, face slapping, and eating out of a dog bowl. I see we do not have an email address listed for you and that you haven't filled out our likes and limits form. I do have some of your likes and limits on your initial intake form as well as some curiosities and hesitations, we may explore those today with your consent, but you should really consider providing an email address so we can send you the form..... It is fairly extensive and will help us better to serve your needs here at the clinic.

On your intake pamphlet you should have read we have three different types of consent here at the clinic.

Simple affirmation: Yes, Yes you may, Yes please etc.

Active affirmation: Yes(), Yes you may(), Yes please (touch my arm)

Enthusiastic affirmation: OMG touch my arm, I need/want it.

You will be asked to provide these based on the situation.

Now before we proceed, I must ask you do I have your consent. A simple affirmation will do for now.

Also as our activities may include sexual activity, I must ask, do you find me to your liking or would you prefer another Support Counselor? I won't be offended if you choose someone else. We all find different types attractive, I personally prefer older brunettes.

Do I have your consent to proceed Ms. Jones