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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 5

Very good my Dirty Little Slut, I am glad you decided to proceed. Remember, there is no judgment, I am here to support and assist you in being the dirtiest nastiest slut you want to be. I will begin by washing out your nasty slut ass with a 1 quart soapy enema. Stepping over to the sink he turned on the faucet. "I'll just give that a minute to warm up", he said and he began to pinch and stimulate her nipples. After about a minute of stimulating her nipples he returned to the sink, checking the temperature he filled an enema bag he pulled from the supply drawer. Adding some liquid soap he hung it on one of the IV stands and wheeled it closer to her, draping the hose and nozzle over her leg. He lubricated his gloved finger and slowly inserted it into her rectum. "Now relax my little slut, you know you want your ass cleaned and played with" he slowly removed and re-inserted his finger several times twisting and wiggling it as it slid in and out. Once she was relaxed and well lubed he took the nozzle and inserted it slowly into her ass and opened the clamp on the hose. She could feel the warm enema begin to slowly fill her rectum. As the bag emptied he used the crop on her breasts and nipples, pussy and ass. Once the bag was empty and her rectum was full, he retrieved a 5 gallon buck from the supply closet, along with a large tray about three foot square from behind the cabinet she hadn't seen. The tray was concave with a hole in the middle which fit into the bucket. Positioning the large tray at the end of the exam table, "You may void your bowels at any time my Little Slut", he said to her, "Or you can hold it, you're choice. You will only delay our fun and cause yourself more cramping." She looked at him then the TV, her asshole wet and already leaking a little. She whimpered, closed her eyes as she saw him turn his attention to the screen and voided her bowels. She could hear the stream hitting the stainless steel tray along with the solid waste from inside her. She whimpered all the more, her face turning crimson red. "You did very good my Little Slut, how do you feel he asked her?" while wiping her ass with one hand and stroking her pussy with the other once she had finished voiding. He waited for her to answer, continuing to clean her and stroking her pussy and play with her nipples. He administered a second warm enema, plain water with a little bit of salt this time, following the same procedure as the first. The second enema finished and her thorough cleaned up he placed a large thick towel over her body. "You look a little cold, would you like me to turn up the heat? Can't have my Little Slut getting uncomfortable while I'm using her ass" he said to her. "No Sir, I think the towel is enough" she answered. He leaned over and kissed and licked her pussy and clit for a few minutes, sticking his tongue inside her hole, licking up one side of her labia and down the other. Licking further down, he teased her ass with his tongue, circling her anus, thrusting it inside her dark hole while rubbing her clit with his thumb causing her to whimper and moan. "I guessed a Dirty Slut like you would enjoy that" he said, making notes on his clipboard. Applying some lube, he inserted a finger in her anus, pushing it in slowly twisting and wiggling it as it penetrated her. He took his time slowly working one then two then three fingers into her ass, adding more and more lube. He commented on what a Dirty Slut she was and how well her ass was opening up for him. Once he had three fingers shoved fully up her ass he started to fuck her ass with them, opening them as he pulled out and closing them as the shoved them it, rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples with his other hand. He did this for several minutes before inserting a plastic speculum and opening it as far as her ass would allow. Taking the small flashlight from his pocket he proceeded to inspect her ass and rectum. Poking a finger and a probe into her ass he commented "You have a lovely healthy ass, perfectly suited to being used and fucked." Taking the violet wand he stuck it up her ass zapping the inside of her rectum, causing her to jump and yelp. He chuckled a little and did this a couple more times. "Yes indeed a perfectly lovely usable asshole" he said, scribbling notes on his clipboard again. Done with her ass for now he turned his attention to her pussy. He changed his gloves and shoved two fingers inside her. "Just as I thought, dirty little slut like you is so wet I didn't even need to add lube" he said as he started to fuck her pussy with his fingers. He performed basically the same procedure on her pussy as he had her ass, he did add more lube as well, sucking and licking her clit a couple times as he fingered and stretched her pussy. Finishing with the plastic speculum and violet wand with a new clean attachment on it.

"I think we are mostly finished with the physical stimulation portion of your evaluation? he said, "Now I would like to evaluate how you respond to being used for your partners pleasure while being humiliated at the same time. I'm going to fill your nice clean ass with chocolate pudding then make you suck my cock while I watch you expel it. Then I'm going to add more pudding and fuck your pudding filled ass and add my cum to the mess. I'll bet my Dirty Slut will cum hard having her ass used like that won't you. Would you like that Slut? Do you want me to fuck and cum in your pudding filled ass?"

Again his tone softened a bit, "Remember, there is no judgment here. I am here to help you explore your kink as far as you want to explore it, to allow you to be the dirtiest nastiest slut you can be, or to be not quite so slutty. I will support and assist you either way without judgment." he said, "I can fuck and cum in your pudding filled ass or I can have you masturbate with a toy in your pussy and conclude your evaluation." his fingers slipping into her pussy as he asked her, gently curling in a come here motion.

"How slutty are you going to be today?, Remember I need enthusiastic consent to continue"....


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