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Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway - Part 2

The drive up was uneventful, they mostly chatted, listened to the radio or just enjoyed the scenery change as they got further from "civilization". They had stopped for gas and snacks along the way along with a couple additional supplies they had realized they had forgotten. She was wondering when he was going to say something about what he had planned or something. She was certain he didn't just invite her out for an entire weekend and not want to play with her. He always wanted to play with her, she always wanted to play with him too so that was a good thing.

When they arrived, she was glad she had decided to come. The place was beautiful. A log style cabin with a big front porch. A thick lush forest all around. She could see the lake through the trees, easy walking distance from the cabin. There was a small dock with a row boat tethered to it. All she could hear was the leaves rustling in the wind and a few birds. Looking around she couldn't help but think he could literally do anything he wanted with her and no one would be able to hear her scream. She also couldn't help smiling a little and getting a little wet at that thought.

Once they brought their luggage and supplies in, she looked around getting familiar with the place. The kitchen, bathroom, the bedroom, a locked door.

"Do you know whats in here?" she asked.

"Its a play room, for special clients." he answered.

"Special clients?" she asked. Her curiosity peaked. "Do you have the key?" she asked, already guessing the answer.

"Yes I do" he answered.

"Why didn't you tell me about the room when you told me about the cabin" she asked.

"I didn't want you to think the only reason I was bringing you up here was because I had plans to play with you." he replied.

"Uh huh" she said, "well open it up, let me see"

As he opened the door and let her in, she couldn't help but smile and get a little wet again. Inside was a kinky medfet dream. "Special clients indeed" she said taking it all in. To one side of the room there was a gynecological exam table complete with stirrups that had clearly been modified. It was wider for one and had multiple tie down point. The stirrups were more robust and well padded. There was a spreader bar hanging from the ceiling right where the "patients" legs would be. There was the typical stainless steel cabinet for supplies, a stainless steel rolling cart for implements, a large stainless steel sink with over sized faucet, a couple of IV stands, blood pressure cuff mounted to the wall, etc. The other side of the room had a cross, a whipping bench and various pulleys and cables hanging from the ceiling and mounted on the side wall. To the left of the doorway on the front wall was a large screen TV with a video camera mounted underneath. The center back wall had two supply cabinets each well stocked with all kinds of kinky toys, medical supplies, dildos, enema bags and nozzles, restraints, paddles, floggers, etc. all brand new in their original packaging. She had to laugh, it reminded her of the courtesy bar in hotel room with the small over priced drinks. Idly running her hands along the exam table she said "Looks like fun" with a mischievous grin and a glint in her eyes.

He crossed the room to where she stood, grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. Looking into her eyes he said, "I know what you like" smiling "You know what I like too, if you want to play you have to ask nicely and tell me what you want."

"So what do you want,....." he asked her waiting for an answer.