Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 7

Time goes by slowly as I’m locked in here.

Tuesday morning I start to feel anxious to get back into the real world. I keep myself occupied with groups, playing games like air hockey and table tennis and watching TV. But I just so miss being in the real world. And no one will give me any clue as to why I’m in here. I also spend time talking with the other patients and writing in my journal they gave me.

Tuesday night I cuddle up in bed with my wife, I love when we hold each other at night. I’ve managed to get through the day without getting shocked.

Wednesday is also kind of minuteness. It is kind of fun in here and the food is really delicious. But I am tired of being in here and I want to get back to work and get out of here. I still have no clue why I was put here, or who it was that decided I needed to be locked up here.

I talk to the patient that is very angry to be here again.

He tells me his name is Tom. He is just as clueless as to why he is here as I am. He tells me he is finally going to be able to see the psychiatrist today and he will give him a piece of his mind.

I tell him that I have to wait till tomorrow, and maybe we will finally find out why we were put here.

He responds, “I don’t care why they decided to put me in here, I just want to get out! I don’t belong here!”

Later that day after Tom talks to the psychiatrist, I ask him what’s up.

He tells me the psychiatrist explained that his wife put him in there because she thinks he needs help learning to relax and staying “cool”.

Tom continues by saying, “I told that psychiatrist to stuff it, and I’m not a danger to anyone so let me out of this place. He finally agreed to let me go because in his words I was not agreeing to go on with the treatment and if I am not going to let them help me there is nothing they can do. Well to that I say fine. I’ve had it with this crap!”

I respond by telling him, “Yea, I see how you feel. So you’re going home pretty soon.”

“Yea, tomorrow. Not soon enough.”