Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 8

That night as I lay there with my wife in bed, us holding each other, I talk about our time here and about seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow.

I tell my wife as we are holding each other that I am so glad I am going to finally see the psychiatrist tomorrow.

“You have a lot to discuss with him.” she responds.

“I still don’t know why I am here, or who made the decision to admit me.” I tell her.

I am so anxious about tomorrow. As I’m thinking about finally getting some answers and getting this all straightened out, my wife reaches under my johnnies and starts rubbing my testicles and stoking my dick. I reach my hand under and rub her hand. Then I move my hand to between her legs and finger her. Then I start kissing her frantically, including French kissing. I nibble on her ear and tug it with my teeth.

She starts moaning as she enjoys the foreplay. After a while she goes down on me with her mouth.

“Checks” nurse peaks in with her flashlight just as she is putting her head under the blanket to approach my cock.

I look over at the nurse, but my wife does not hesitate for a moment. I just stare at the nurse with the flashlight as my wife starts to go down on me. Her mouth goes on my penis just as the nurse leaves.

Checks are every 15 minutes. I know this. They come in two more times during us having sex. Me on top of her, her on top of me. My dick inside her most of the time. Going in and out slow some of the time and fast others.

The sex is so wild I can’t think about tomorrow. Good. I don’t even really mind the checks, and they don’t seem to care that we are having sex.

I fall asleep before I know it during the sex. It is so seamless I don’t even notice myself start to fall asleep.

I dream of being naked on a white cloud. Strangely I don’t feel embarrassed. I feel free, carefree, peaceful and pleasant. The cloud is softer than anything imaginable.

I then see Jena my wife naked on another cloud coming towards me. Are clouds collide suddenly into each other leaving us both right next to each other side by side. We embrace in a hug as my penis goes into her.

She exclaims, “Oh you’re finally here!”

She than rubs the top of my head as she kisses my lips and I cum into her with a major orgasm.

We then lay there looking at each other with big smiles.

I slowly wake up to find I have cum all over my johnnies again.

“Honey, I did it again. There gonna embarrass me by making me walk to the shower room like this. It was worth it.”