Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 6

I go out for a walk latter that day again feeling kind of funny being out wearing nothing but johnnies. Thursday I will finally get to talk to the doctor, it’s Monday so that’s in three more days.

After walk we have another group.

During group my nurse interrupts me and says she needs to see me for a minute.

We both go into my room as she explains the shock device’s battery is getting low so she needs to replace it.

“Already?” I ask.

She explains they may not have changed the battery before they first put it on me. The batteries are rechargeable but they swap them out to charge. The remote has an indicator to let them know when the battery needs replacing.

At my room I let her remove the device from my leg. She replaces the battery and replaces the device onto my upper leg where it was.

Then she says, “I have to test it now to make sure it’s working, so I have to give you a shock.”

“OK. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!” the electric shock surges through my leg right after I say OK. This is my fourth time getting shocked with this device since I’ve been here.

She then leads me back to the group and I sit back down with them where I was.

My wife Jena asks what that was about, and I tell her.

I then ask my wife Jena, “How many times have they shocked you?”

She responds, “They haven’t shocked me at all. Well they shocked me once when they first put the device on me, but that’s it. What about you?”

“I got shocked four times since I’ve been here. I’ve been here since Friday.”

After group we have some free time and then an art group.

Everyone is very impressed by my wife Jena’s painting that she does in the group. Not surprising since that’s how she makes a living. She has been making a living selling her paintings even before I met her.


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