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Cote d'Amour

Part 2: Rosi's desire

Lena and I had had an indescribable night of love. My shy deer had turned into a love-hungry leopard in a single sex afternoon by the sea. Manni had "reported sick" with the others for this fifth day of vacation. Lena jokingly said to me that he would have caught the pole fever in the south of France, because when she slipped into his tent to check on him, he was lying bare-chested on the sleeping bag and playing with his balls. "Are you coming to snorkel with us," she asked him briefly, - your snorkel is obviously already ready. "She grabbed his tail and jerked it briefly with her hand. Then she asked him:" Come on now, the day is yes for a long time "." He's fine again, "she said to me, grabbed her beach bag, put on her open pumps and ran ahead to the campsite parking lot.

Arrived at "our" love rock, Lena lost no time to strip naked, spread out her beach mat and lie on her back to sunbathe. Manni and I first went on an extended dive again, like the day before. The cooling was good for our heated minds, the day was finally long enough and it was only noon. I had fetched a particularly beautiful shell from the depths and put it in my swimming trunks to give it to Lena.

When we swam back to the rock after about an hour, we heard and saw immediately that Lena was not alone. The woman from yesterday, to whom we had "saved" her air mattress, was sitting with her, chatting animatedly. "There you are at last," Lena called to us and stood up, "we have visitors". We were just missing that, I thought resignedly as I looked longingly at Lena's naked glory. The other woman also got up and went to Lena on the edge of the rock plateau. "I wanted to say thank you for yesterday - with that". She held out two bottles of champagne. "I also brought glasses with me." Although a few years older than Lena, Manni and I, she was an extremely attractive beauty. Her bare bosom was already tanned auburn, and her dark hair, unlike Lena, who always wore her long blonde hair open, was tied in a ponytail that fell down from under her white sun hat. She wore a gold-colored thong, the nails of her well-groomed feet were painted bright green.

"By the way, my name is Roswitha - but you can also call me Rosi", she introduced herself to us while she opened one of the champagne bottles, conjured four glasses out of her pocket and she also set the floor. We sat while she poured. "You - uh, you were in a hurry yesterday", Manni remarked when Rosi put a glass in his hand. "Well, I thought you'd rather be alone - until I ..." "Until you what?" Lena wanted to know. "Well, your lovemaking could hardly be overheard - and also not overlooked". "You have been watching us secretly!", Lena indigned, who was now a little embarrassed. "You didn't mind me, and besides ..." She paused for a long time and sighed. ".... oh man oh man!" "You also have an exceptionally beautiful body," she flattered Lena and touched Lena's left nipple with her index finger. "And you two guys ..... you get an appetite."

Rosi leaned back slightly and began to explore Lena's pretty breasts with the tip of her tongue. At the same time she stretched one of her long legs and slowly ran her toes over Manni's swimming trunks. "Well, how about if we would get to know each other a little better?" She breathed towards us. She took off her thong in one swift movement, spread her legs and pulled the labia of her short, black haired pussy apart with her fingers. It's going to work pretty well, I thought, and Manni's look told me that he was thinking about the same thing. "What is it, guys, don't you want to introduce yourselves a little closer?" In doing so, she never took a look at our swimming trunks, in which huge bumps were now forming.

We both got up and stood in front of Lena and Rosi. We felt like professional man strippers as we slowly dropped our panties in sync with each other. At the same time, two sceptres were already stretching out towards the women, which in terms of size hardly left anything to be desired. "Great," cheered Rosi and licked her upper lip with relish. Lena's blood also boiled at the sight of us, her hand slowly disappeared between her thighs. "And which of you two does this cute mouse belong to?" Rosi asked in our direction and briefly looked at Lena. "This is my Lena," I declared proudly. "Well, take care of her a little then - I'm getting to know your buddy a little better now." I sat down next to my friend and let her lean her back against my chest. We were both much too curious to take one eye of Manni and Rosi. I slowly pushed my right hand between Lena's thighs, which she opened all too readily for me and began gently and emotionally to caress her clitoris and the little door to her vagina. She cupped my hard cock and began to jerk off just as slowly. In this position we could watch the other two making love.

What happened to Manni now would have done any first-class porn film to the credit. Rosi asked him to take a seat on one of the beach mats, he leaned back on his elbows and stretched his legs apart to make space for her between them. Rosi took off her sun hat to give Lena and me a good look, because it was not hidden from her that we wanted to follow the hot events. Then she lay down on her stomach between Manni's legs and began to lick his testicles, taking one of his balls all the way into her mouth. Meanwhile she wanked his thick rod up and down. Finally her acrobatic tongue slowly climbed up his shaft, then down again, and finally to his thick glans, which yesterday had given my Lena a feeling of pride. Arrived here, Rosi circled the pleasure dispenser three or four times with her tongue, then opened her lips as far as she could and almost completely absorbed Manni's cock. Only now did she nestle her full lips against his shaft and began to blow him hard. After a few minutes she lifted her head and said to Manni: "If you want, you are welcome to cum. That takes the first pressure off, because I still have a lot to do with you." No sooner had she sunk the huge penis back into her oral cavity when Manni was hit with such an exploding force that even the experienced Rosi flinched for a moment. Then she continued to fuck him with her mouth while his juice poured down from between her lips on both sides of Manni's shaft.

Lena's hand had gotten so busy at the sight that I could no longer hold on to myself and splashed it over the beach mat. Even Lena couldn't take it anymore, she turned and twisted, my thumb in her vagina and the index finger on her pleasure bud to a gripping climax. While we relaxed a little, Manni and Rosi continued uninterrupted. Rosi let the tail, which was still spitting drops of semen, out of her mouth and licked the running juice cleanly, up to Manni's scrotum covered with cream. Then she lifted his left leg and licked his balls past his asshole, where her nimble tongue was still hunting for the last hot drops. Manni's extensive moaning made us realize that she had stuck the tip of her tongue into his anus, which was well lubricated by his own semen. He enjoyed this absolutely unfamiliar feeling until Rosi raised her head and slowly inserted her right middle finger into his rosette. With her left hand she jerked it back to full size in a few minutes. Then she sat down with her face to him over him and inserted his pleasure dispenser into her pussy as far as it would go.

Lena stared, fascinated, at this union that took place in one go. In order to see every detail clearly, she leaned forward. I took advantage of the moment and put my tip between her pussy lips, which she held out to me so seductively. She noticed immediately what I was up to and pressed her beautiful butt against me so that I penetrated her by myself. In an almost synchronous rhythm, the two women began with skillful fucking movements. Manni, visibly impressed by Rosi's enormous bust, sucked on the tanned nipples, so that Rosi groaned again and again with pleasure.

Our wonderful synchronized ride lasted maybe five minutes, when Rosi turned to Lena and asked: "Well, little one, do we want to swap guys?" Lena nodded, but didn't stop riding me on. Only when Rosi slowly pushed Manni down from her did Lena also get up and dance over to Manni. This time she did not hesitate long, but immediately sat on Manni's huge cock and inserted it deep into her vagina. Then she offered him her wonderful, firm breasts for tongue play and began to fuck him slowly.

Rosi took much more time, examined and stroked my cock. Then she asked Lena: "Do you do it anal too?" Lena stopped in the middle of her movement and looked at Rosi in astonishment. "Doesn't that hurt a lot?" she wanted to know. But Rosi was quite an expert. "Not at all, you only need three things. A little time, the ability to relax and a lover who can be gentle with you. If that's the case ...... Oh man oh man ... wow! If you give me your guy, I'll show you ". Lena wrinkled her nose a little. Rosi seemed to know her thoughts "Don't worry, I'll put a preseer on him - okay?" Lena was undecided, but infinitely curious. She rocked her head back and forth, fucked Manni's cock a few more movements and finally nodded. "But I want to watch," she stated resolutely, stepped off Manni's latte and sat cross-legged in the middle. Rosi fished a hat from her pocket and handed it to Lena. She even spread gel from a tube on her fingers and began to work on her genital area. Lena kissed my glans, then unpacked the preseer and rolled it over my hard-on. I lay down on my right side and shook with excitement and anticipation of the unknown.

Rosi lay down in front of me and pressed her still closed, tight buttocks against my stomach. Then she lifted her left leg and bent it. Lena and Manni, who had taken a seat next to Lena, looked fascinated at the scene when Rosi took my member, which was packed in latex, in her hand and led it between her buttocks. I didn't move so as not to do anything wrong. "You have to help out a little," Rosi reprimanded me for my inaction. I pressed my penis gently against her, and in one flowing movement I slowly slid into her wonderfully narrow anus. Lena's mouth and eyes were wide open, there was absolute stillness for half a minute, then I began to fuck Rosi's bottom very slowly. The wonderful tightness around my shaft brought back the sweetest memories of the first sex with my Lena.

"I have an idea how we can employ the unemployed over there," gasped Rosi and suddenly, without ending our anal union, swung over me so that she was sitting on top of me with her back to me. Then she leaned back and propped herself up with her hands. "Slide your huge cock into my pussy - I want to feel you both at the same time," she asked Manni, who did not have to be told twice. He started between her labia and inserted his member so quickly into Rosi's vagina that I almost got claustrophobia in her bottom. Then he began to pound Rosi's pussy without hesitation. I didn't need to do anything, because Manni's movements were enough to let Rosi's anus fuck me extensively.

I felt sorry for my Lena, who was now only an uninvolved spectator. "Come on over me my darling," I lured her to me. She willingly spread her knees and crouched over my face so that I could sink my tongue deep between her wonderful wet labia and in her vaginal entrance. Her bright moans immediately confirmed the correctness of my lovemaking. Passionately she rubbed her tight nipples on Rosi's back. When Lena came, her heavenly tasting love juice splashed into my open mouth. I sipped the last drops from her twitching vagina with relish.

Manni exploded in Rosi's lap with such a large load that his juice oozed out and dripped over my cock and testicles. When Rosi climaxed shortly afterwards, I said for a moment that I had clamped my cock in a screw clamp, so much Rosi's rosette contracted rhythmically.

"Would you like to vacuum your friend yourself?" Rosi asked Lena, who nodded enthusiastically. Rosi pulled my penis out of her anus with one hand and removed the preseer with the other hand. Then she got off me. Lena bent down to me without taking her pussy from my mouth and took my hard-on in her mouth just in time. I splashed and enjoyed, and splashed and enjoyed, and ...

We sat close together for a long time. Rosi confessed to us that the thing with the air mattress wasn't a coincidence, but that she was often looking for young guys or couples here in the rocky bays. She was a wealthy businesswoman and owned her own villa with a pool in the vineyards high above Saint Gerome. For the next weekend she invited us along with our other three pals whom we had told her about.


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