Committed - A Crazy Inpatient Hospitalization Story

Chapter 5

That night I dream that I am outside near our house going for a walk by myself. Then as I am walking I suddenly notice that I am only wearing a johnny. I am suddenly very embarrassed not knowing how I ended up going outside in my neighborhood like this.

That morning the nurse wakes us up and brings us fresh johnnies and slipper socks to change into, along with some soap and shampoo.

She takes us to the shower rooms, we both go into a separate shower room. She instructs us to take our shock devices off and put them some place away from the water, and make sure we are completely dry before we put them back on. She explains that the shock devices have a sensor that can detect whether or not they are being worn. She tells us that the remote beeps when the patient removes the shock device to warn the nurse that they took it off.

So I go close the door, get completely undressed and put my dirty johnnies and socks into the hamper. Then I go under the nice warm shower. I wash up really thoroughly and dry off all the way. There is two fresh clean johnnies and a clean pair of slipper socks for me to change into. So I do that and then reattach the shock device. And walk out of the shower room, feeling fresh and clean.

The nurse inspects my shock device quickly to be sure it’s on right. She asks before lifting up my johnnies a little and takes a quick peek at the device.

I wait out there for a while, waiting for my wife Jena to come out. After a while she finally comes out with her hair a bit wet. She of course has the fresh johnnies and socks they gave her on. The nurse inspects her shock device too.

We talk to each other and the fellow patients for a while as we wait for breakfast.

Breakfast is Belgian waffles with strawberries. I sit across from my wife as usual.

After breakfast we have a religious service because it is Sunday. The reverend explains that going to church services can be spiritually uplifting no matter what religion you are. He talks about prayer and meditation and how that all connects us to our “higher power” however we may see this “higher power”. He also reads the scene in the bible where Jesus recites The Lord’s Prayer Pray in response to his disciples asking him how to pray.

He then emphasizes the golden rule “Do onto others as you would have others do on to you.” And he explains that it is included in some form or the other in most religions.

After this my wife asks me to play a game. And we wind up playing a few rounds of connect four. She wins 2 out of 3.

I then I go and call my boss again, I don’t know who else to call for help. I ask him if there is anything that can be done or if he knows anyone who he can call about me getting out of here.

He tells me he will try to do all he can but in the meantime just make the best of it in here.

We have some free time before lunch. After lunch the patients line up again to go outside. My nurse tells me that I am allowed to go out with them. I tell her that I don’t think I’ll go.

My wife convinces me to go out with them “Come on John, come out with us, you need to get out of here and get some air. It’s only in the hospital grounds. No one will care or notice what you are wearing.”

I go out with them and the whole time I am really self-conscious, but the fresh air feels good and smells so nice. The grounds are decorated exceptionally well with lots of flowers.

I stay close to my wife and the staff lead us on a trail through the hospital grounds and back inside the building and then back up into the ward.

Because it is Sunday there are no groups which is a bit of a disappointment, however most of the day I find things to keep myself occupied. I am grateful I get to be with my wife. I really love her and missed her terribly that time in the past she had to go into inpatient hospitalization. I keep close to my wife most of my time here.

That night I am given my medication again, the pill to help me sleep, of course I don’t have the right to refuse, so I just take it without argument.

My wife cuddles up in bed with me and I squeeze her tight. She reaches her hand under the covers and lifts up my johnnies. She starts playing with my genitals. I just lay there relaxed and let her play with them for a while. My penis quickly gets hard, and I start kissing her. Then we start French kissing.

After a while of this she asks me to “fuck” her. I go on top of her (we are both under the covers) and I lift her johnnies up and slip it in. I am now fully inside of her. I start humping her, thrusting up and down and then start going fast.

“Checks” the nurse peaks in with the flashlight and I freeze solid. The nurse makes no comment and she removed the flashlight after just 2 seconds, apparently not caring we were on top of each other. I continue humping her starting back slowly again and oscillating slow to fast. At the same time I am kissing her aggressively and even nibbling on her ear some.

She has several orgasms as I hump her and after I ejaculate I feel fresh, relaxed, pleasant and in ecstasy. Right after that I sink right into sleep.

That morning I feel pleasant and the ecstasy had not completely wore off. I notice my johnny feels wet in the front but I feel so pleasant I don’t even worry about it.

That is until a bit latter when it is time to get up. This female nurse comes in and I am embarrassed to get out of bed because of the wet spot. But I had to. Jena my wife gets out of bed too and we are exposed.

She looks at us, kindly smiles and says, “You two had a good time last night, huh?”

To which Jena my wife standing right beside me immediately responds, “He fucked my brains out.”

The nurse then asks us to come to the shower room, and I was like, “like this?”

The nurse responds, “Don’t worry you’re covered up fine.”

My wife doesn’t seem embarrassed or fazed at all.

We walk to the shower rooms with me hoping no one will notice. After I finish the walk to the shower room and step inside, I am relieved that no one had seemed to notice. I take my johnnies off and the one in the front has cum all over it.

After the shower the nurse brings fresh johnnies, she helps me into them as I am standing in just a towel. Then she attaches my shock device. “There you are” she says in a sweet voice.

I reply, “Thank you.”

After Jena, my wife, is all ready we decide to go onto our bed and relax some more before breakfast.

We lay on my bed, hold each other and I tell her, “I love you more than anything. You know what? I’m glad I’m here with you. I would be with you anywhere.”

She sighs in happiness, “Awwww”