Gyno Exam Clit Play

Session Two

The next session.

“Are you here for your second appointment?” she asked. I just nodded. “Please follow me.” She said and walked me to the same room than last time. “What, uhm” I hesitated “will happen today?” “Appointment two is usually the tear test. Don’t worry though, this session is the shortest” She just said and left. The tear that? What could that mean? I wasn’t really left much time for thought because the doctor came right in. “Please undress, we don’t have all day do we?” he said, somewhat nice. I did and sat on the chair. “Today we will do the tear test, I will put a special speculum in and stretch it as wide as it goes and a little bit further, and see how much your muscles contract once you climax.” He said and already put on his gloves and lubed the speculum. “Nurse please tie her her legs to the stirups.” He said and she did quickly. “How much is it going to hurt?” I asked a little scared. “Oh not too much. I will put some anasthetic on your skin.” Just as he said it, I felt the cold of something going around my opening. “Okay now, relax.” I felt the speculum, it went in very smoothly. “Tell me when you think it’s too much.” He said which reassured me a little but. “Okay.” I tried to focus. I felt more and more full. He was gentle with opening it, which was very reassuring. I squinted my face a little bit because he slowly got to the point where it felt painful, but I didn’t say anything. Slowly but surely it started to hurt more and more. “I think- I think” I stuttered and was squinting my face “this is enough. It hurts” I said. “Okay, we going to go a little past that now.” And without any further warning he pushed it open, what felt like a lot more. “NO” I yelled and like a reflex wanted to touch my vagina. “It’s okay, Its okay.” He tried to calm me. “This is it, we’re not going to do more than that.” “This is too much!” I breathed. “Try to focus, it will be okay. We’re going to be quick okay?” I tried to breathe the pain away, and it got better as I focused. I heard him grabbing some things from the tray next to me. “Now there are three steps for the tear test, because you are handling this not as well as expected we’re just going to be quick here okay? It will propably hurt a bit more but, it will be fine.” He said and probably just thought out loud. “What? I-“ I breathed out but before I could finish my sentence I felt a clamp on my clit, my whole vagina was tensing against the speculum. “I think we can even go a 5” I just heard someone mumble. Then he just ripped the clamp off and put another one on. A much stronger one. I cramped again much harder. He was so quick, I couldn’t even react. “For finish let’s try a 5.” I just tried to breathe in between. When he ripped off the stronger one, I was afraid he would rip off my whole clitoris, but of course, that didn’t happen. He seemed like he knew what he was doing. “You’re doing great!” he said and let me rest for a second. “Are we done?” I asked and breathed heavily. “Just one more.” He said and I just nodded “Okay.” I tried to focus again. I felt the tips of a clamp around my clit and then the pain. It started to vibrate. I breathed. Harder and harder. I cramped against the speculum. I yelled out. It almost felt like I was having a baby. And then, just before I came, just before I thought this would finally be over, he pushed the speculum open. I didn’t knew how much but it hurt more than I felt the climax. Before I could even realize what had happened he had closed the speculum slowly and was already pulling it out carefully, and the nurse had took off the clit. “You did a great job. You did manage to take a lot more.” He said and nodded happily. And then I realized. The tear test wasn’t to see if I would tear, rather to see when I tear. “Thanks.” I just said and was just happy I could close my legs and go home. “You teared a little bit down there, so please don’t worry when you notice. It should heal on it’s own within 1-2 weeks. But until then no vaginal sexual activities. Of course, if you want to, you and your partner can practice any other activities.” He said and was just ready to go out of the room. I nodded and put my clothes back on. “What will happen on the next appointment?” I asked tired. “For any questions please go to the head nurse and discuss that there, and schedule your next session.”