Gyno Exam Clit Play

Session Three - The injection

The third session – the injection

Two weeks later.

“Have you already had your first and second session?” the nurse asked “Yes.” I nodded. “Have you also had your injection yet?” she asked, “What, like shots?” I was confused. “Okay, follow me, I will explain.” She walked to a different room than last time. This one looked more like an operation room. “The doctor will give you your device today.” She started. “What device?” I asked. “A little chip that measures exactly when you climax. It will be put directly into your clitoris.” She explained and I looked at her a little scared. “Will he take it out again?” “Well directly after yes, but for every next session it will need to be put in again.” She said and pointed towards the chair. “Please undress and lay down.” She said and put on gloves, I was confused what her part was now. “As always, your legs will be tied.” She said and pulled some really tight straps on my ankles, just below the knees and thighs. “I know, the sound of the device might be scary, but it is very small and there will be no permanent damage to your clitoris. It will be on a cable coming out just on top of your clitoris.” She said and I was still scared. “The speculum from last time will be placed.” “Wait no. no.” I immediately said. “Don’t worry, this is not the tear test, it will not be as wide as last time. Imagine about half as wide.” She said. I calmed down a little. “Does half as wide sound managebal to you?” she asked calmly. “Yes.” I sighed reluctantly. She took some green operating sheets and placed them all over me. “This does count as an operation, so don’t be scared about the green sheets. It really is just about that device.” She said and already covered me. “Hello, are we ready?” the doctor came in. “Yes, the patient is informed and we are ready to start.” The nurse said. “Do you have any questions?” he asked while putting on gloves. “No.” I shook my head. “Let’s start then.” He looked at his tray. I felt a cold pad on my clit. Probably the anesthetic, although I don’t ever remember it working. I felt something inside me. “I will be pushing open the speculum now, just tell me when it’s enough.” He said and pushed. The cold metal of the two ends separated and just sprad me further and further open. It felt nice, to the point when it didn’t “Enough.” I said when it just got uncomfortable. “Okay, there it is.” He said and stopped. Which surprised me, because I thought he would just open it more. But this gave me the feeling like he would really be stopping when I said so. “I’m not here to hurt you intentionally, I’m just here to do my job, so if there’s at any point you would rather stop and repeat this, please say so and we will stop.” He said, “Okay” I answered quickly. I felt some slight vibration on my clit. “We have to get you a bit swollen up.” I wondered how he would put the device in. Like with a needle of course, but still. I felt the vibration moving a bit further and some tips around my clit, I remember those tips. And as I felt the sudden pain, a clamp, but I just flinched a bit. My clit was pulled outwards a bit and then the clamp stopped moving. “I just fixated your clit to the right position. When I looked down, I couldn’t really see anything than a string being attached to a hook, and another hook. It didn’t hurt that my clit was being pulled out a little bit, it just felt a little weird. Also, the constant vibration nearby distracted me anyways. I heard that he took something from the tray again. Now the tips on the bottom/down side of my clit. I flinched again. A bit harder than last time. I felt like my clit is being pushed up (towards my head) because of this clit. Now that there were two different clamps on my clit it started to hurt. “Needle please” I just heard. Was this there part where he-. My thoughts were interrupted by the most intense pain I ever had. A sharp sting going right into my clit, a part I had never felt before. My whole body cramped, I started to scream out in pain. “Too much” I yelled and tried to breathe. “Do you want us to stop and repeat this?” he asked while stopping everything and looking at me. I breathed. “No.” I said and they continued. “We just have to push it in a little bit more.” He said and it hurt so much. “Done.” He said and placed the cable from the device over the second hook. “Just try to relax, breathe.” He said and I really tried. He was looking at a monitor. “For some reason, I’m not getting good readings here.” He said and tried to readjust the device in my clit, and with every touch, with every milimeter he moved it, it hurt. I clenched my fists as hard as I could. “Okay,” he stopped and looked at me thinking “I think we have to do some minor surgery here, just a simple cut and some handling where I can see better.” We can do this now, you will get some pain medication through IV, ones that don’t mess with our results, or we will stop this and do it next time, this is up to you.” He said and just looked at him. What will he do? I took a quick breath, it was still very painful and I was trying to breathe through it. “Just do it now.” I said reluctantly.


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