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Gyno Exam Clit Play

Session One Simple

„Please undress completely and sit down on the chair, the doctor will be here soon.” The lady said and left the room. I looked around the room as I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I undressed quickly and sat down. “Hello, I’m Doctor Brenson, and I’m going to do the stimulus procedure on you today. Are you completely informed?” the doctor came in and asked “not really” I said. “Ok,” He started “we are going to get you to climax with certain, stimulus.” He said and while he was talking a nurse came in and brought a tray with all sorts of medical equipment on them. He took the tray and placed it next to him. “Will it hurt?” I asked. “Well yes, I need to do all sorts of things, but it is necessary and you will have to do it eventually.” He said. “Will you please lay back and put your legs in the stirrups?” he said and I did as he said. I was a little scared. I didn’t knew what he was going to do and how much it would hurt. “I’m going to need to tie you, I don’t want you to get in my way when I do what I have to do.” He said and I looked at him scared. “Is that really necessary?” I said as he was already tying my legs. “Yes,” he said strictly and walked up and took my left arm and tied it. “I don’t want you to move too much.” He continued and tied my right arm. He was placing the tray that the nurse brought in earlier and placed it right next to the chair. I could look at it. A speculum, lots of clamps, a little device, and a needle! I looked away, there was some more stuff on it, but I couldn’t see it. “Don’t worry, we’ll start simple.” He said and took the speculum from the tray. With one hand he pushed my legs open a little further. He put the speculum in me. “I’m going to have to open it as wide as I can, for what I have to do later.” He said and opened it slowly, it didn’t hurt, but was just a little uncomfortable, it felt very full. The next thing he took from the tray was a pad. “This is going to numb your clit a little, I’m going to do a lot on your clit today, and by numbing it a little we can do more.” He said “So it will hurt less?” I asked. “No, it will still hurt, the clamps I will put on your clit are very tight, but your skin will be less sensitive. There is a small part in your clit that I want to stimulate, and in order to get to that, I need to use some really strong clamps.” He said which really didn’t console me. I felt the cold from the pad on my clit. I liked the feeling of the pad, but I was afraid what he was going to do to me, although, the goal was to get me to cum after all. “Ok. That should do it.” He said and moved on. He took something from the tray and then I felt his hands on me. “I’m going to put this on your labias, it will spread them apart nicely so I have space to work with.” And he already placed it when he was done talking. I felt really open and full. “So, to test how good the anaesthetic is working and to stimulate the bloodflow…“ he just said and than hit my clit with two fingers. “Ah” I just wimpered. It hurt, but not much. “That’s good.” He said “I’m going to start with just one clamp” he continued ‘just one??’ I thought while he looked at his tray. He took a long clamp with some little indents. “I’m sorry but” I felt the tips of the clamp just around my clit. “I’m going to have to put the clamp on its tightest setting.” He said and did so. “Ah!” I yelled and felt how I cramped inside and pushed the speculum out a bit. It really hurt, and because I coulnd’t feel the skin of my clit, it was just like a needle. “Oh! We can’t have that!” he said as he noticed that I was able to push the speculum out a bit. He pushed it back in and opened it a little further. This time it hurt a bit when he opened it further. I felt the constant pinch of the clamp on my clit. “Your reaction is very good.” He seemed happy. “I think we can go with a second clamp already.” He looked to his tray. “A second one?!” I asked a little scared. “Oh don’t worry, today we wont do more than two.” He said, which really didn’t help. “This will do.” He said and took a little clamp. This one doesn’t look too bad, I thought. “This one is small, but it is really strong, so I hope I can get to the part I want to.” He said. I felt his fingers on my clit. “I have to pull back the other clamp a little so there is enough space on top of your clit” His two fingers carefully touched my clit and pushed back the clamp he just put on, it hurt, but as it was already on, it was managebel. In his other hand, he already had the other clamp. I looked up and tried to think about something else. Then, I felt it. The sharp pain of the clamps pushing my clit together. I pulled on the restraints on my hands and tried to breathe through the pain. “It really hurts.” I cried out. “That’s too bad, because I have to do this.” He said and without any further warning, he started twisting the clamp he just put on. “Please!” I yelled in pain. “Almost done.” He said and I felt a vibration on my clit. It felt good but was very painful at the same time. The second clamp had an inbuilt vibrator. I cried out “Please, make it hurt less.” “You’re doing great, we’re almost done. Keep breathing.” He said, and I tried. Then I came. My body bend upwards and my legs started to shake. “Good job.” He said and carefully removed the first clamp. I tried to catch my breath. I could barely feel anything between my legs. He pulled of the second clamp with one hand and with the other removed the speculum. “This is it. You did your first session. We are going to repeat this in one week.” He said and came to me to untie me. I immediately put one hand to my clit to try and feel if it was still there. It was of course, I could just barely feel it. “Will it be just the same next week?” I asked. He smiled slightly and shook his head. “No.”


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