An Afternoon at Mistress Anne's

While we all rested Anthony suddenly entered the room and told Michelle , Anita and I Michael we would

be in for a very busy afternoon . Since Anita had already been cleaned out that morning Michelle and I

were in store for a good colon cleaning followed by our satisfying Mistress Anne , Mary and Anthony's sexual

needs .

Mary then entered the room carrying 2 full large enema bags hanging them near the enema benches then

Michelle and I were positioned on the benches for our enemas. Mary then went to the enema supply table

grabbing 2 large double balloon nozzles and a jar of adult glycerin suppositories. She attached the nozzles

to our enema hoses then inserted 2 suppositories deep in both Michelle's and my assholes. Lubing the nozzles

she inserted mine first pumping my balloons to their fullest then to Michelle's waiting asshole and releasing our

hose clamps we started our fillings. Anthony then placed Anita on a special chair raising her butt for an easy

insertion of her vagina or asshole, then Anthony put on some exam gloves and lubricated Anita's waiting asshole

with his fingers placing his enormous penis at her anal opening putting pressure against it and Anita pushed

back and his whole penis then entered stretching and filling her asshole. Anthony went slow at first then

increased his thrusting in Anita's asshole causing Anita to moan and push back with increasing force. Michelle

and I were just a few feet away watching her asshole being stretched to its fullest. Finally Anthony slowed and

his whole body started to shudder and spasm as his orgasm took hold and filled Anita's colon with his full load

of sperm eventually we could see his sperm leaking from Anita's asshole coating his penis. Anthony then went

to Anita's front pushing his penis towards her mouth and Anita licked and sucked his penis clean. Our enema

bags emptied and Mary shut the clamps then we positioned ourselves over the waiting buckets and Mary

removed our nozzles and we expelled while being watched. We were allowed to clean ourselves up and we

were again positioned on our enema benches for a further clean out .

Next Mary and Anthony left the room coming back with fresh containers of very warm water and filling our

enema bags. Mary put on fresh exam gloves went to the supply table and choose 2 large colon tubes and attached them to our hoses then lubricated our assholes first inserting Michelle's colon tube and opened her

clamp while slowly pushing her colon tube into her asshole till the whole length was inside her. Then Mary

started the colon tube up my asshole opening the hose clamp then fed the colon tube till it was fully inside

me. Mary then positioned Anita in front of me and I had to clean her asshole with my mouth and tongue. It seemed forever and our enema bags emptied Michelle and I were positioned to expel our enemas in front

of everyone and Mary and Anita removed our colon tubes and watched the effluent expel from our assholes.

After expelling we were cleaned up and brought over to the water spigots that were turned on and the

hoses were inserted in Michelle and I and we were filled for a few minutes then expelling then filled again

and again till all clean water came out of our assholes. Anita was brought over after and was filled over and over expelling long streams from her asshole .

We were all lined up on benches after with Mary , Mistress Anne and Anthony behind each of us . Mary and Mistress Anne had strap on dildo harnesses on and they went over to the wall and picked out some hefty dildos and placed them in their harnesses. Next they all put on exam gloves then started lubricating our assholes inserting one then more fingers in our waiting rectums. Anthony presented his huge prick to Michelle's mouth and she licked and sucked his dick and balls then rimmed his asshole with her experienced tongue making my penis come to attention and Mistress Anne inserted her long dildo in my rectum slowly stretching my asshole with its fullness while stroking my erect penis with her hands. Mary was behind Anita lovingly fingering Anita's asshole then placed her dildo at her anal opening and we watched Anita push back impaling her asshole with it . Mary just stood there and Anita moved back and forth on that huge dildo swallowing then expelling it from her asshole first slowly then faster and faster with Mary fingering Anita's clitoris and vagina. Anthony then went behind Michelle and slowly inserted his prick in her inviting asshole with Michelle pushing back to accept his penis filling and stretching her asshole. This brought a smile to Anthony's face having his penis stroked by Michelle's assholes sphincter muscle going in and out. We all had terrific orgasms and we all collapsed in a heap of naked flesh. It was a fun day had for all being pleasured with anal

escapades . I am definitely looking forward to more anal pleasures at the hands of Mistress Anne , Mary and Anthony.


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