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Michael And Michelle Meet Anita

Mistress Anne entered the room accompanied with a cute older naked woman. She was a little plump and chunky but well proportioned and extremely attractive. Mistress Anne said her name was Anita and this was not her first time in her chambers but the first time with other members involved. Mistress Anne positioned her on the enema bench and motioned us over putting Michael behind Anita telling him to service her vagina and asshole with his experienced mouth and tongue and had Michelle put her private parts in Anita's face so Anita could satisfy Michelle. Anthony then entered the room carrying a huge enema bag filled with a fresh soapsuds enema for Anita. The bag was hung above Anita then Mistress Anne put on exam gloves went to the nozzle bench and picked out this huge nozzle that was long and thick attaching it to the bags hose. She had Michael and Michelle both bend over lubricated the nozzle then inserted it in Michael's asshole first then Michelle's asshole next explaining she wanted them to feel the fullness of it. She then lubricated Anita's asshole placing the nozzle there and we watched Anita's asshole open and take the huge intruder in her asshole as Mistress Anne opened the clamp Anthony placed his penis at Anita's mouth her mouth opening she started licking and sucking feverishly . Then Mistress Anne had Michael and Michelle get in a 69 position where they greedily sucked and tongued each other while Mistress Anne fingered Michelle's asshole. Anita started moaning from the invasion of her enema but kept her mouth and tongue busy on Anthony's large dick and soon Anthony's body went ridged and pumped his sperm down Anita's throat. Finally Anita's enema bag emptied while she cleaned Anthony's penis off with her tongue and the hose clamp was shut off . In a few minutes Anita was unstrapped from the bench and the large bucket was brought in and Michelle slowly removed her large nozzle and we all watched Anita expel her enema the fecal matter forced out from the brown soapsuds water gushing from her puckered asshole opening. Finally expelling all Michelle cleaned Anita's backside and Anita was again positioned on the enema bench awaiting her next cleaning.

Anthony left the room and came back with a container of very warm water and refilled Anita's enema bag then Mistress Anne picked out a large colon tube so Anita could be thoroughly irrigated high in her colon. Mistress Anne also picked out a large syringe and filled it with lubricant then inserted the syringe in Anita's asshole injecting it in her . The colon tube was inserted in Anita's rectum then Mistress Anne released the hose clamp and slowly pushed the tube inside Anita till it finally was fully inside her filling her upper colon with her 4 quart enema. Anita started showing distress from her extreme cramping but her enema kept filling her till the whole 4 quarts were inside her then Mistress Anne closed the clamp unstrapped her from the bench . Anita was helped up and positioned sitting above the large bucket and Michael slowly removed the colon tube from her anal opening and immediately her enema gushed from her. We all could see her anus pucker and open expelling that huge enema from her with a continuous flow of brown effluent.

Seeing that Anita was not fully cleaned out Mistress Anne positioned her again on her enema bench then decided another huge enema would help her and going to the equipment table picked out a huge double balloon nozzle for insertion. Mary then entered the room with a container of hot enema water then filled Anita's huge enema bag and took the nozzle from Mistress Anne put on exam gloves lubricated Anita's waiting asshole and inserted the huge nozzle in Anita's waiting hole and released the hose clamp. Mistress Anne then had Michelle and Michael kneel behind her and Mary and they both spread their ass cheeks for them to service their waiting assholes . Michelle and Michael both licked and fucked their recipients assholes to please their Mistresses while Anita took her immense 4 quart enema and in no time Anita's bag emptied. Anita again was helped from the enema bench and Mary removed the double balloon nozzle from her asshole and we all again watched her puckered asshole expel that huge enema into the bucket.

Finishing her expelling Anita was brought to the bench by the water spigots and the water was turned on the hose was inserted into Anita's anus and she was flushed out many times with it till the water was clear coming from her asshole. Anita was allowed to lie down her enemas having depleted her and Michelle and I were told to service her vagina and asshole bringing her to satisfying orgasms with our mouths and tongues.

Michelle and I both waited for our next service to our Mistresses taking a break we all needed.