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Michelle Invites Michael for Enema Pleasures

In the last session with Mistress Anne on our way out her door Michelle passed me a note . I put

it in my pocket and after arriving home pulled it out and looked and saw a phone number on it with call

me please. So I called it and Michelle answered and asked if I was alone and I said of course I am alone.

Michelle then told me she really enjoyed our sessions and was wondering if I could come over to her place

for a very private session together . I told her I would love to help her satisfy her anal needs and mine any time.

She gave me her address and expected me to be there this coming Friday night and to expect to be there till

Saturday night and I said I would be there.

Working all week seemed tedious but finally Friday arrived. I dressed casually that night when I arrived at

Michelle's address and after knocking was greeted by Michelle stark naked who said she could not wait for me

to get there. Turning before me Michelle showed me her rear and sticking out between her butt cheeks was a

small butt plug inserted in her rectum. Seeing her naked with that butt plug immediately turned me on and I

undressed on the spot bending her over started playing by removing and inserting that butt plug over and over.

Michelle started moaning from my ministrations and taking her butt plug out I sniffed her asshole breathing

in her anal muskiness then licked and tongue fucked her rectum making her whole body spasm and shudder

from an explosive orgasm. We then kissed each other and tongue fucked each others mouths while exploring

each others sexual parts with our hands and fingers.

Michelle then asked what I had brought with me in my bag and I had to show her my enema equipment I

brought with me along with numerous accessories for our mutual pleasures. I slipped on some exam gloves

then turned her over parted her ass cheeks inserting a long finger in her asshole which made her coo with

delight pushing it in and out then inserting more fingers stretching her asshole then grabbed and lubricated a

favorite long dildo of mine and started slowly inserting it in her asshole. Michelle said she really liked the feel

of that dildo so I picked out another which was longer with increased girth replacing the one I used and her

asshole sucked it in her and while I fucked her asshole I started licking her vagina. It did not take long and

Michelle had another monstrous orgasm spewing vaginal secretions all over my face while I tried to swallow

everything I could. Michelle then told me her asshole loved the feel of everything inserted into it and the bigger

the better for her. We then went into her bedroom and she collapsed into her bed with me along side her.

It was then I noticed her IV pole with different enema bags hanging off it along with a table showing numerous enema rectal nozzles from small to extra large including some very large colon tubes for really

deep enema cleanings. She said she had a few female nurse friends that have used those colon tubes in

her and if I wanted one could come over tomorrow and show me the proper insertion techniques . Michelle then brought me to her dining room where she had set out a few tasty treats for us to indulge in. After eating

we then returned to her bedroom where she had me lie on my back then positioned herself on top of me in a

69 position where we mutually orally satisfied each other . Later I told her I would be excited to have a nurse

friend of hers to come over and show me how to use the large colon tubes especially on me. So she called a

friend and made a date for her to come over tomorrow afternoon . It was late at night now so we decided to pleasure ourselves with a good enema clean out in the morning so I brought out an DVD to watch before we went to sleep.

The next morning we both woke early looking forward to being given numerous enemas from each other.

Michelle said that I would be the first to receive a 4 quart soapsuds enema with a huge nozzle that I brought

with me. Michelle was impressed with the girth and length of this nozzle and could not wait to insert it in my asshole. Michelle laid a large bath towel on her bed then went to the bathroom with the bag coming back out with a full soapsuds enema for me . Putting on exam gloves she had me kneel on the edge of the bed and attached that huge nozzle to the hose lubed it then slowly lubed my asshole for its insertion. Placing the nozzle against my asshole I pushed back and that huge nozzle slowly disappeared inside me filling my rectum to its fullest . Michelle then released the hose clamp while fingering my penis then stroking it with her lubed glove while my colon was being filled . Finally the bag emptied and Michelle brought in this huge bucket and I squatted over it expelling that huge enema with her watching my fecal matter being pushed out by all that soapsuds brownish water. That enema was followed by a large clear rinse enema which filled me up very fast and expelled this one again in the bucket. Michelle then brought me into the bathroom and an aluminum hose was attached to the shower rod and it had a shiny aluminum nozzle that when she turned the shower on a steady stream of water flowed out of it. I was bent over in the shower and this nozzle was inserted in my asshole filling my insides very quickly then pulled out and a huge gush of water escaped from my asshole against the shower wall. It was reinserted over and over cleaning my colon till clear water came out. Michelle then turned to me and said now its my turn.

What a lovely site looking at Michelle's asshole while she was bent over and putting on exam gloves I slipped a lubed finger in her ass getting it ready for her nozzle insertion. For Michelle's first enema I choose a 3 quart enema bag just filled with a soapsuds solution but first i filled a syringe with glycerin and squirted it up her asshole then inserted the first balloon of a double balloon nozzle then pumped both balloons to their fullest for a tight fit that would not leak. I released the hose clamp starting her fill then slowly fingered her vagina putting a finger up her pussy I felt the inflated balloon in her rectum alongside her pussy. The reason for the glycerin was to enhance the expelling of her fecal matter along with making her cramp more from her enema. while filling Michelle I raised the bag height to fill her faster . In a short while the bag emptied but I made her hold this enema for a little increasing her cramping. Making her squat over the bucket I removed the balloon nozzle then watched her fecal matter expelling from her asshole being pushed out by the glycerin and soapsuds water. Michelle finished expelling and I cleaned her butt then proceeded to fill a new bag with 4 quarts of very warm rinse water. Kneeling on the edge of the bed I fingered her asshole with lube then placed a large Penis shaped nozzle on the hose placing it against her asshole slowly inserting and stretching her asshole to the fullest and releasing the clamp started her filling again. Hopefully this large enema will do the trick cleaning her out . It did not take long before the bag fully emptied into her then made her squat over that bucket again removing that large nozzle and watching her puckered anus expelling her huge enema. To make sure she was fully cleaned out off we went to her bathroom and using the shower nozzle I filled her over and over again till clear water was all that came out of that beautiful puckered anus.

It was lunchtime so we went to her kitchen and prepared a simple light meal then went to her bedroom and found ourselves in bed in a 69 position orally satisfying our sexual needs while we waited for her nurse friend to come and demonstrate the high colon tubes for our afternoon enemas.