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Motorcycle accident

Part 4

Doctor said there would be no lubrication used as it would contaminate the sample, she donned gloves and sat in a stool between Johns legs. Nurse Anna pulled Johns gown up so it blocked his view of Doctor stevens and he could only feel his penis moving it was being cleaned some with wipes. The foreskin was being pulled back and wiped under the skin John winced as it was overly sensitive the cleaning continued. Anna then moved up held John’s hand some said just relax get this over with soon. John still was not sure what was going to happen he had an idea. Doctor Stevens asked for the cup Anna gave it to her she broke the seal opened it some set it to the side. She went on to explain that the damaged area of Johns Testicles was the back part to get a good sample from that area she would need to take her time doing this. Anna turned around and retrieved a magazine what turned out to be a penthouse she opened it with a smile to some nude woman held it next to John’s face just smiled. About that time John felt a noticeably light tickling of the head of his penis. Doctor Stevens started to talk softly about the stages of human sexual response John noted the intern was watching between his legs and taking notes.

It was noted that we must stimulate slowly to get a large amount of sperm from the back of the testicles. She also said his Cowper's glands and prostate would produce some lubrication could be used. John felt good as drops of clear liquid started to ooze out Doctor Stevens confirmed, “see this clear liquid is from the Cowper glands which are located here she said notice the slight contraction of the prostate and Cowper glands. She continued with the tips of her fingers said ”Notice how I can use this for lubrication and always use light touch under the foreskin". The intern noted how to stimulate under the head and glans. John started to feel like he was getting close his hips would rise Doctor Stevens told him to relax as Anna held his hand while holding the magazine in her other hand. Then Doctor Stevens stopped and said, “We need to pause I don't want to ejaculate too quickly” She noted to her intern that John’s testacies were small and hard the girl nodded. She told John to relax and try not to tense up just let her tease the semen out of him. Anna turned the page and noted the girl was incredibly attractive asked John if he was attracted to her in a soft voice Anna's lips were pursed with a tiny grin John could only nod to her. After what seemed like an hour but was only a few minutes Doctor Stevens continued. Each time she paused after that she would nod to Anna who would take the magazine away to help John resist ejaculating the pausing would last longer each time John was getting frustrated all he could think about was ejaculating.