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Motorcycle accident

Part 3

John didn’t really understand this, but it seemed to him that they were going to take a needle or some way to remove the sperm from him. Doctor Norton said no what we usually do for paraplegics or quadriplegics is use a special medical vibrator on the penis or use electric stimulation on the prostate. Doctor Norton said didn’t want any vibrations near recent surgery area and the electric can pe painful for anyone who has feeling down there. He said the way we will do it is we will use hand stimulation. John really confused but he wanted to go home he agreed didn’t ask anymore questions. The next day john saw someone talking outside his door taller dark hair woman extremely attractive at his doorway. She eventually came in and introduced herself as Doctor Susan Stevens she was a urological resident in her last year. She came in and closed the door sat down said, so Doctor Norton has asked me to assist with getting a sample of sperm, or semen to be more accurate. John’s eyes were wide as saucers kind of mumbled. Doctor Stevens said this is very unusual situation Doctor Norton felt you would feel more comfortable with me a woman then a man doing this. John did not know what to say he was still thinking that maybe she will use a needle or something painful. John asked will this be painful. She responded with a smile no what did you think we were doing?? John was still confused, so Doctor Stevens what she was saying, “I’m going to do is stimulate your penis with gloved hands until you produce a sample in a sterile cup”. John was starting to get the idea but cannot really believe it Doctor Stevens said her nurse will be assisting she will bring some magazines to help from their office.

John could not believe what was going to happen Doctor Stevens left the room said her nurse will come by there be some release forms since this is nonstandard. Nurse came by her name was Anna she was about 23 very slim but seemed little busty for her petite body like she must have had breast implants. The release form said something about what they were doing John just signed and dated Anna left the room said they be back in a few days.

John could not wait to see her again and wondered when they come back again after a few days again he saw a few women at the door talking and eventually they came in it was Doctor Stevens, and Anna the nurse along with her was what they said was an intern who was observing she looked like she was 17. John was asked if she could stay, he was fine with it.

Doctor Stevens had the nurse put a sign on the door do not enter procedure taking place for 1 hour. With that the door was closed the bed had stirrups the kind that go under the knees she advised John to put each leg in them as she expertly adjusted them. Anna the nurse sat down, and the intern looked on seemed to not know what they were doing. John turned his head looked at them as they gazed back at him with smile on their face but not laughing almost intently watching what Doctor Stevens was doing.