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Motorcycle accident

Part 5

Eventually John asked, “When can I finish” in a quivering voice Anna smiled Replied, “Soon” Doctor Stevens said okay this time we will finish but do not tense up I want you to completely relax just allow me to take the sperm from you without any effort on your part. This time Anna opened the magazine again and Doctor Stevens opened the cup and with one hand started a faster pace under the head and glans. Each time John tensed some she would slow and say in a soft voice “Relax”. John gazed into Anna’s eyes as the first jet of Semen shot from his penis Doctor Stevens continued the same pace not letting up several spurts continued to contract below his penis. She noted to the intern how she could see the pulsing reflex of the prostate, and anus as each time John ejaculated. Doctor Stevens continued even past the last pulse of semen and John became sensitive. She paid no attention to him and showed her intern how a male will buck the hips involuntary to cause the penis to drive deeper into the virginal canal. She could time the stimulation with this movement cause his prostate to contract even after it was dry. The continued stimulation will become somewhat painful for the male it was not harmful. John grunted cried out Doctor Stevens continued for 10 more seconds. John tensed several times gripping Anna’s hand Doctor Stevens just said she was sorry she needed to get every drop might be little painful. Eventually she slowed and it was over she put the lid on, and half cup was filled they were all pleased. Later that day nurse came in and said John was being released test came back all is good.

Years later John after he was married fantasized about it would have his wife dress up in nurse outfit recreate the experience. He always wanted to know what those women were thinking most of all he wished he had tried to find Nurse Anna she was so professional and must have been very good pleasing a man he thought the man who married her was lucky man. John quit riding motorcycles and never had any medical trouble again.


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