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Motorcycle accident

Part 2

After a few days John was moved off the ICU floor into a regular room and Doctor said it would be some weeks before he could leave due to the damage. John’s family and friends came by frequently left balloons and flowers. After a few weeks, the nurse came in and said time to remove the catheter asked if John wanted it to be pulled quick more pain shorter time, or slow less pain but little, longer John chose slowly. The nurse donned gloves and prepped the area she cut the end off water flowed out she said the balloon was deflating she let go of the catheter it slowly started to come out. She would pinch it on and off to slow it down as it came out, she seemed to enjoy what she saw maybe John was exaggerating. John was not circumcised he really had little experience with woman had a few Girl Friends in High school his family was raised catholic he was still a virgin. He never had anyone else really touch his penis before this much. The nurse said it would burn for a few days John asked how he goes to the bathroom nurse said just ring the bell.

John had to go in a few hours his IV was pumping in saline he rang the button a different nurse came in her name was Sara. She had long blond hair tied back. She picked up a bottle had a lid with an offset neck like John thought she was going to help him to the bathroom. With one swipe she pulled back the covers and gown his penis was in her hand holding it into the cup. John watching her and he was having a tough time on top of that being 19 years old started to get an erection. Sara said well unable to pee with that going on John stated to go little and it burned from the catheter which instantly made him soft again. Sara pursed her lips and said oh you just got your cath out that will burn little for a few days.

More days went by and John was really bored hoping to get out of the hospital everything was healing up but the casts on his arms were going to be there for a few months maybe 6. The nurse said Doctor Norton urological surgeon needs to talk to him. John didn’t think much of it but eventually Doctor Norton came in and closed the door sat down. He explained to John that his testicles had been opened and cords were cut he did re-connect them much like a vasectomy reversal. He said they really needed to have a semen sample to verify before he left the hospital went home in case he needed to go back in again. John had no idea what any of this meant. Doctor Norton said what is usually done patent would come to his office and he has a room setup to produce the sample, but Johns arms were in casts. He went on to say some cases we ask for the wife to assist but John was not married didn’t even have a steady Girl Friend. Doctor Norton said we will need to assist to produce the sample for you since you have no use of your arms.