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Motorcycle accident

Part 1

This is the story of John his experience from bad motorcycle accident. John was only 19 years old just moved out of his parent’s home to his first apartment. Due to lack of money his only transportation was a motorcycle. He had been riding for about 3 months when it happened, he was crossing an intersection at about 45-50 mph and another driver turned left in front of him claimed that he did not see the motorcycle. John struck the right front side of heavy Buick was thrown over the bars he slid 50-75 feet before coming to rest he remembers some people looking at him yelling into his face of his helmet “Are you okay”. John was far from okay both arms were broken in 4 places bones was sticking out of one. His crotch area was bleeding there was part of the motorcycle laying on top of him he felt lot of pain passed out. The next thing he remembers waking up in ambience and someone talking to him he had a face mask on paramedic saying to hang in there they would fix him up. John passed out again as they gave him some pain meds. He woke again in the ER trauma center several people doctor’s nurses so many he could not keep track of them. He looked down saw his pants and shirt were gone he had a big bandage between his legs like a diaper.

John woke up again as they were wheeling him to the OR, and he remembers seeing a blue tile room with lots of lights and many people. They transferred him to the OR table and a doctor was over his face with an intubation tube next thing he remembers was waking up in recovery. His arms were casted and between his legs was a smaller bandage over his testicles. Nurse came in and spoke asked how he was doing with pain he nodded okay she motioned to a doctor who came in. He introduced himself as Doctor Jenson attending Surgical for the ER. He told John that both of his arms were pinned, and his testicles had been lacerated and a urological surgeon repaired the damage, but it was unknown what the long-term prognosis was. Looking down he noticed his penis had a rubber hose going into it he never felt that he had to pee. The nurse came in said that is a catheter stay in for a while not to mess with it.