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Michael's Torment from Mary and Michelle

Mary strapped me into the enema bench then left the room coming back with a huge soapsuds enema filled bag. She then picked out a huge double balloon nozzle and attached it to the bags hose and retrieved a syringe from the table and filled it with glycerin coming back gave the syringe to Michelle who injected it into my asshole . Then Michelle inserted the balloon nozzle in me and pumped it up and released the hose clamp and while it filled me placed her butt in my face so I could clean her asshole from my invasion of it. I was made to lick all of my sperm oozing out of her rectum and tongue fuck her asshole while cramping seriously from the soapsuds enema and the glycerin injection. It seemed to take forever but finally the bag emptied and I was allowed to expel that huge soapsuds enema in front of Mary and Michelle.

Strapped down again Mary entered the room with my next huge enema then picked out a large colon tube attaching it to the hose and injected lubricant into my waiting asshole then started slowly inserting the colon tube in my rectum while opening the clamp on the enema hose. Inserting that colon tube fully into my asshole I could feel the enema expanding my colon and completely fill me till the bag was empty. Released from the bench Michelle began removing the colon tube and I again expelled that giant enema in front of everyone into the huge bucket.

Mary told me for my next enema she would use a large circumference penis shaped nozzle and would allow Michelle the pleasure of the insertion and my filling and I would have the pleasure of pleasing her vagina and asshole. A huge 6 quart bag was brought in and filled with very warm water and Michelle attached the penis nozzle to the hose then slipped on exam gloves and started lubricating my asshole with her fingers stretching my asshole wide . Placing the nozzle against me, my asshole gladly accepted the large nozzle and took the whole 10 inch nozzle inside me while my mouth and tongue pleasured Mary the clamp was released and that huge enema started filling me. Michelle then took her lubricated fingers and started pumping my huge erection.

I could feel Mary's body start to convulse and shudder and I soon was rewarded with a gush of vaginal fluid from her orgasm flooding my mouth as I tried to swallow every drop. The enema bag was almost empty and I was cramping terribly from the filling when I soon ejaculated all over Michelle's gloved hands that kept pumping me , draining every last bit of fluid from me. Finally the clamp on the hose was shut and my straps were released and I was allowed to expel that huge enema in front of them.

After expelling and cleaned up I was made to kneel on the end of a bench and strapped down again. Soon Michelle entered the room with a harness on with a huge dildo attached and Mary told me Michelle would use

my asshole for her pleasure while I would pleasure her. Michelle got behind me and put long exam gloves on that went almost to her elbows , she lubricated them then started fingering my asshole putting one two three and then all her fingers in me and eventually her whole hand was in me then she slowly started fucking my asshole with her whole hand going in and out. Meanwhile I was pleasuring Mary's asshole again with my mouth and tongue. Soon Michelle took her hand from my ass and replaced it with that huge long dildo sliding it in and out until the whole thing was in me stretching me to my limits. Michelle finally removed that dildo from her harness leaving it in me fully then going to the wall she took a few canes from it then proceeded to cane my bottom vigorously . Both Mary and Michelle reveled in using my body and that cane kept lashing me over

and over. Mary gripped that long dildo in me and slowly then faster used me for her pleasure. Finally I was cleaned up and my bonds were released . My ass was on fire from my caning and my asshole was finally released from that huge dong in me. Mary told me I could relax but soon my torment or Michelle's could start again but at Mistress Anne's hand.


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