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Micheal Meets MIchelle at Mistress Anne's

Its been 2 weeks since my session with Mistress Anne and calling her today I have a date for this coming Saturday and Mistress told me I will have an unexpected encounter that surely will please me. Saturday morning came quickly and soon I was greeted at the door by Mistress Anne who led me to

her chambers where suspended in the air was a beautiful brunette who had this double balloon nozzle impaled in her asshole with the hose leading to a huge enema bag filled to the brim with 4 quarts of soapsuds liquid. Mistress Anne released the clamp and while it was filling this lady Mistress Anne placed her vagina to the girls mouth to service her to an orgasm. After about 15 minutes I saw Mistress Anne's body shudder and spasm and that girls face become soaked with cum as she tried to swallow all the cum oozing out of Mistress Anne's pussy. In a few more minutes that huge enema bag completely emptied into the girl's rectum and you could see the distress the girl was in. Mistress Anne said Michelle you will have to hold that enema another 15 minutes to completely clean you out. In due time a large bucket was put under the girl and she was put in a more upright position and I was told to remove her nozzle which I relished doing seeing it come out of her asshole and she expelled that huge enema into the bucket. It was truly amazing watching the large fecal matter coming out of that girl with all the peppermint smelling foul brown water helping it. Soon Michelle was done expelling and Mary came in and cleaned her up. Mary left the room and came back in with a huge container of very warm water then refilled that huge enema bag that Michelle was going to take again.

Mary went to the bench at the far corner of the room and came back with this large colon tube and a syringe filled with lubrication that Mary placed in the girl's rectum and plunged into her waiting asshole. Mary then attached and lubricated the colon tube pushing it into Michelle's waiting asshole releasing the clamp started filling her again while slowly feeding the tube into her. In a few minutes the 3 foot section of colon tube was fully inserted into Michelle's asshole and while the enema filled her Mary placed her asshole at Michelle's mouth where Michelle serviced it with her mouth and tongue. Mary then went to a bench came back and attached a large strap on dildo to Michelle's head then with Michelle's help inserted it into Mary's waiting pussy. Mary rode that dildo in and out of her pussy till finally she climaxed and squirted all over Michelle's head. The enema bag finally emptied and again Michelle had to hold this enema till finally that large bucket was brought back in and I was told I could remove that colon tube and we again watched as Michelle expelled that whole enema into the bucket.

Michelle was let down from the swing and brought to a bench that she knelt on with her ass in the air and a hose attached to a spigot was turned on and inserted into Michelle's asshole filling her very quickly. In a minute or 2 the hose was withdrawn and Michelle let out a clear stream of water from her asshole. Immediately the hose was placed back into Michelle's asshole again filling her then she expelled again. This was repeated a few more times until finally they knew Michelle's asshole and colon were completely clean.

Mary then put on exam gloves lubricating them and started fingering Michelle's asshole. Then Michelle was

again put in the swing hanging from the ceiling and Mary slowly started putting her fingers into Michelle's asshole eventually slipping her whole hand inside her. Then Mary motioned me towards her whispering in my ear then unbuckling my pants Mary let them fall with my underwear when she took hold of my throbbing penis stroking it up and down with her greased hands and holding it against Michelle's puckered asshole I pushed forward impaling myself in Michelle's anus. I was so horny I immediately withdrew and thrust inside Michelle again and again reveling in her tightness that was caressing my penis. Finally my whole body shuddered and my throbbing penis emptied itself into Michelle. Mary then helped me out of my other clothes telling me it was now going to be my turn . I could not imagine what might be in store for me but would surely know in a little while.