Sarah & Alex: Divorce & Regression

Part 3

Becca wondered whether Alex had finally started behaving. Sarah’s sigh told her that it is never that easy.

The truth is, you have to go through waves of actions and reactions before you succeed!

Do you remember how I caught him masturbating? Something worse happened a few days later! I left my room around late in the evening to find some midnight snacks. Do you know what I found instead? Alex, smoking! Just like his dad. I detest smoking and both he and his dad knew that very well. Seeing him with the cigarette in his mouth convinced me to go even harder… to be even more ruthless than I was before.

I spanked him straight away – of course. I threw away his cigarettes and made sure I hit him once for each he had in the pack and twice for each he smoked. However, I got uncertain about my methods. The spanking did not seem to work that well anymore. You see: it happens that you doubt yourself, but you have to trust your instincts.

I had to focus more on his diet and digestion control. So the next days, I only let him out of his room when I was at home. Why, you ask? Because I wanted him to show me what he produced in the toilet. I took notes on everything that went in and came out of him so that I understand how he is faring.

Was this easy? Hell no! He flushed the toilet twice and told me it was an accident. I called bullshit and disabled the toilet flush with a pair of scissors and a small lock. I was the only one who could flush it. He thought he was clever and he disposed a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet bowl to cover everything. So I took the toilet paper out of the bathroom and only handed him a few sheets once I inspected his results.

As a response, he has done one of the craziest things! One evening, he wiped his butt with the shower curtain. Yeah, disgusting. I got even angrier than before when I caught him smoking. But I did not react straight away, I sent him back to his room. He thought he won. He thought he got me.

When the next day he wanted to visit the toilet, he was up for a surprise: I locked the door. He cried, but I did not yield. Instead, I gave him a nicely wrapped gift. He found a potty inside. He got so upset he threw the potty at me. I remained calm, picked up the potty, and placed it in the kitchen. For the first time, I saw him genuinely scared. This poor man-let knew I had the upper hand and he couldn’t get me to yield.

We had a stalemate for another two days. He pissed in the sink and once on the floor to annoy me. I was a strong woman and I did not care. At the end of the second day, he had a bad tummy ache. He was badly constipated. I knew he won’t use the potty, so I had to help him. I forced him on his belly and gave him two suppositories. He screamed and begged me to unlock the toilet. I told him that as his mother, I command him to use the potty. I held him down enough to start seeing small pieces of poop coming out of him. I let him stand up, only to force him on the potty I placed next to his bed. He relieved himself whimpering.

I still remember every second of watching him hold onto the little pink potty as he fills it up.

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